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EP 233: What I Wish I Would’ve Done Differently in 15 Years of Wholesaling and Flipping – The Good, Bad, and the Ugly of Investing w/ Edward Beck

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What I Wish I Would’ve Done Differently - The Good, Bad, and the Ugly of Investing w/ Edward Beck

I never negotiate over the phone. I go to their house, I sit down with them, I have a cup of coffee, and I build rapport.

– Edward Beck

What I Wish I Would’ve Done Differently in 15 Years of Wholesaling & Flipping – The Good, Bad, and the Ugly of Investing w/ Edward Beck

What I like so much about Edward Beck is that he is the kind of guy who tells it like it is. There are so many gurus out there telling people how to get rich quick while they pose in front of cars that aren’t even theirs.

Edward despises this side of the industry, and just like we’re doing at Carrot, Edward is determined to change the way real estate investors are perceived. By leading with his heart and having a true intent to help people, success will inevitably follow. 

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I love it when we have a guest on the podcast who is really out there to help people, it comes from the heart.

Edward isn’t in this to make as much money as possible, (although being so genuine helps him close more deals, rather he is out there to truly help homeowners when they need it.

After 15 years of wholesaling and flipping houses, here is a glimpse into what he has learned. 

Thinking It Would Be Easy

20 years ago, wholesaling was a different ballgame. You could put out 100 signs and get 100 calls. Wholesales were few and far between, and people didn’t really understand what they did. Today, things are much different.

In some places, the market is saturated. You can put out 100 signs today and maybe receive 10 calls if you’re lucky. The old ways of marketing aren’t what they used to be. With so many people in the business, it is more important than ever that you provide high-quality content and truly find ways to help and connect with your audience. 

Thinking He Needed To Do More

Direct mail, cold calling, PPC, SEO, text, door knocking… These are all great ways to get leads, but they aren’t right for everyone. Edward knew he didn’t want to market in this way any longer. He’s been creating great content and letting the leads come to him. He’s building a name for himself as a trusted resource, creating authority in his market. 

Instead of making seven calls to a potential lead, he will meet with them directly. He never does any negotiations over the phone. He likes to sit down with people, get to know them, and have a real conversation.

He is the kind of guy that would rather be having a cup of coffee with someone than sitting behind his computer desk. He’s found out what works for him and ran with it, not giving in and doing all of the things investors assume they should be doing. 

Knowing Your Audience

As an investor, you really need to know and understand your target audience. For Edward, he has an older audience. He works with many people who are downsizing or who have lived in their homes for a long time.

At the moment, a lot of them are scared to move, let alone have strangers come into their house to view it. What Edward and his team do is work to alleviate all of these fears. 

His older clients aren’t always on social media. They get their news from the mainstream media and sometimes have irrational fears about selling. If they are online searching Google for help, they’re likely to click the first result, whether or not it is an ad. Edward aims to hold these top spots so he is able to help these people first. 

He isn’t trying to score one big deal out of this. His goal is to do a few deals each month and make sure everyone comes out ahead. People know when you are trying to take advantage of them.

Edward can sleep well at night because he knows everything was done right. Without this purpose and mission to genuinely help people, you will burn out as an investor. 

Leading From The Heart

Edward is in this business to help people. A couple of years back, he became so frustrated by what he was seeing in the industry, that he wrote a book of his own to help other investors get into the business. As he puts it, the book was written out of pure anger and resentment!

He did not like the phony side of the industry and was tired of seeing the same regurgitated material over and over again. His book is titled “Get Rich, but Not Quick,” and it keeps things real for new investors getting into the business. It is a straightforward, step-by-step guide to help you get started, even offering scripts of the exact things you should be saying to your potential clients. 

Not Being Evergreen Sooner

During COVID, Edward doubled down and has been making a TON of videos. Finding content has been pretty simple. He will take a look at some of the titles from our automated articles, then make a video that dives into a topic even further.

He has also created videos around common seller questions and objections heard when speaking to homeowners about selling. Using his content, he is able to build authority, rapport, and lay any concerns to rest. Now, because of these videos, he is holding the top ranking for many of the best keywords for his market. 

Looking Ahead

As demand for a fast sale goes up and down, it’s important to be prepared, making sure you are out there and in front of your potential clients when the time is right. It isn’t about the number of leads you bring in, but rather finding a way to connect with real people. 

At Carrot, one of our core values is to be a beacon of positivity. One of the ways we do this is by delivering a “wow” through great service. In an industry where there is so much mistrust, I love when investors like Edward act as a force to uplevel our sphere. 

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