43 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas That Will Change The Way You Do Business

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Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

20% of real estate professionals pull in 80% of the sales. At least, that’s what the experts say.

And despite how exact those percentages are, there’s a merit of truth to the 80/20 rule. We’ve all met, for instance, the person that out-profits every other real estate professional in their location. More often, though, we’ve met the real estate professional who generates a measly amount of leads every year — the 80%.

The reality is, some people are better at generating leads than others — but only because they implement the right strategies.

At Carrot, we’ve generated well over a million leads for our members.

Over that time, we’ve learned a thing or two about lead generation in the real estate space… and so have our members.

This is exactly why we want to give you 43 real estate lead generation ideas that will change the way you do business.

43 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas That Will Change Your Business

Real Estate Lead Generation Idea #1: Treat Your Properties Like A Store Front… Kind Of

Our first idea comes from a friend of mine, Paul Docampo — a mobile home house flipper — who responded to an inquiry I made on Facebook asking for real estate lead generation ideas.

Here’s what he said.

Treat your house flips like a storefront almost. Especially in places that have a lot of traffic. Banners, signs, take home boxes during construction, contractors with a stack of your business cards and trained what to say. Make your message/USP known to everyone who walks by and make is as easy possible for them to contact you.

For real estate agents, that’s par for the course. Most agents wouldn’t try to sell a house without putting a sign in the front yard of the property.

For home flippers, though, house-front signage and banners are an oft-missed real estate lead generation opportunity. While you own the property, you might as well use it as free advertising for your real estate business, “especially in places that have a lot of traffic.”

Here’s one example from Coroa Homes doing this.

Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas - Free Advertising

(Image Source)

Here’s the thing about real estate lead generation: you never know where your next deal is going to come from. If you’re like most real estate professionals, you’ve landed deals in random ways — coffee shop conversations and everyday run-ins.

This is just one more advertising method that allows you to get your message in front of more people. And who knows? Maybe you’ll end up making $25,000 extra this year just because you put a sign in a yard.

Real Estate Lead Generation Idea #2: Create Amazing Website Content

Your real estate agent website or real estate investor website can make a big difference in your overall revenue.

And at Carrot, we talk a lot about content marketing on your website.

But that’s intentional. We only do it because content marketing is often an undervalued lead generation strategy — especially in the real estate industry.

Part of the reason for that is because a portion of content marketing’s benefit is long-term. Usually, you’re not going to see many SEO results for at least six months. Still, though, content marketing has some short-term benefits — such as immediate promotional opportunities.

If you don’t have great website content to promote, then talking about your website and what you do can come off a bit trite (to put it lightly).

Content marketing allows you to talk about your business and what you do subtly, without being too heavy-handed.

This is why Nexus Home Buyers creates blog content like this on a regular basis.

real estate blog content

Here’s what Matt had to say when I asked him about real estate lead generation strategies.

One of the lead sources that we like is writing a short guide or shooting a quick video about how to do something or a guide about your city. For example, in real estate, writing a guide about “How To Winterize Your Home” or a YouTube video about “Winterizing Your Home” will target multiple potential clients in your area. Obviously, you create a guide based on your local market. You could even create a guide about the best restaurants you’ve been to in your city. People love learning about their city or how-to guides. If you are genuinely trying to provide helpful information instead of selling to them, people will visit your site, engage with your content, and potentially become a client.

Well, the verdict is in and the stats back him up, whether we’re talking B2B or B2C.

B2B companies that blog 11 or more times every month receive three times the traffic of companies that blog zero to one time per month.

Similarly, B2C businesses that blog 11 or more times every month receive four times as many leads than the companies that only blog four or five times a month.

As it turns out, if you want to drive more traffic and pull more leads, then create more content.

And this doesn’t have to be difficult. Check out the video below for a dead-simple content creation strategy that we use right here at Carrot. Literally, with this strategy, you can create an amazing piece of content in 20 to 30 minutes for about $5.

Content Marketing Strategy for Real Estate: Carrot's # 1 Method

One of the hardest parts, though, about creating a massive amount of content is the ideation phase. How do you know what to talk about? What will interest your audience?

Well, here’s the answer: Go to the FAQ page of your website and create content that answers those questions.

That’s what people are asking, and if you answer, then they might just work with you in the future.

Real Estate Lead Generation Idea #3: Post on Instagram

Hootsuite reports that top brands on Instagram post 4.9 times per week.

That’s about one post for every business day.

But maybe you’ve never thought about using Instagram as a real estate professional. That’s okay – but it’s time to consider it. Because Instagram is the most visual social media platform and if there are three industries that are highly visual, it’s food, clothing, and real estate.

This is probably exactly why some savvy real estate agents and investors have already flocked to the platform with their hashtags ready and their cameras clicking.

Of course, your Instagram content doesn’t need to be complicated. Just consider RealEstateKirby’s post about how he loves the entryway to a home that he’s selling.

Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas - Instagram

(Image Source)

Perhaps the biggest secret behind Aaron and Krista Farr’s success has been their consistent and creative activity on social media and on their website.

On Instagram and Facebook, they post 2-3 times per day.

Krista claims that that consistency, day-in, and day-out, helps them build trust with their market.

Farr group instagram

Real estate lead generation is all about being in the right place at the right time. You never know when someone is going to see your Instagram post, call you, and make you $15,000. It could come from anywhere — including Instagram.

For six months, try posting one photo of a property every single day and see what happens.

Real Estate Lead Generation Idea #4: Join Community Efforts

Real estate professionals are something of community advocates.

When entering the real estate industry, you probably tried to relocate to an area that you thought would be particularly ripe for sales and profitability. Because you know as well as I do that you don’t just sell a home — you sell the neighborhood, the coffee shop across the street, and the city as a whole.

And if even for one second, a prospect thinks that you don’t absolutely love the city you’re operating in, then they won’t give you the time of day.

After all, who wants to live somewhere that the local real estate experts don’t even love?

That’s right. No one.

And perhaps there’s no more sure-fire way to build meaningful relationships, establish local expertise, and show people that you love your town than by supporting community efforts.

Maybe your city is cleaning up its parks, or maybe it’s helping to remove graffiti from local buildings. Whatever the case, make time to go to at least some of these community service events.

You’ll build relationships with local people who might eventually become customers and show people that you’re someone worth working with.

Even Windermere real estate does this.

Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas - Community Involvement

(Image Source)

Plus, one source reports that consumers give more weight to a company’s reputation than to their actual products.

In other words, the house you’re buying or selling matters, but your reputation matters more.

And if you’re going to build a long-term sustainable business, then maintaining your reputation is non-negotiable.

Real Estate Lead Generation Idea #5: Run a Consistent Newsletter

There’s no talking about real estate lead generation ideas without discussing email.

Still, email is one of the best opportunities for real estate agents and investors to reach their prospects and valuable connections. According to Constant Contact, for instance, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $38.

This is probably also why 80% of professionals claim that email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention.

Of course, running a consistent newsletter is easier said than done.

Because you still have this daunting question: What, exactly, should you talk about?

Well, the answer to that question lies in two more questions.

  1. Who are you emailing?
  2. What do you want them to do?

If you are emailing all of your connections and simply want to keep in touch regularly, then you might consider sending something fun as Corinne Bernard does in her email newsletter.

Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas - Newsletters

(Image Source)

In this case, there’s not really anything that you’re asking people to do. You’re simply staying in touch with them so that when they are ready to buy or sell their house, they’ll think of you first.

In fact, that illustrates the primary benefit of running a consistent newsletter — when you’re regularly in touch with people, they’ll think of you first when they’re ready to take action.

I also love this email newsletter by Charity Adams, where she offers several different pieces of content for various audience types and then finishes with a friendly reminder that she’s there to help if people need her.

Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas - Email

(Image Source)

To start your newsletter as soon as possible, just add a form like this to your real estate agent website or your real estate investor website that allows people to sign up.

(Image Source)

MailChimp lets you do this quite easily for free up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.

Then, send your list of valuable content, relevant offers, and interesting updates. They’ll appreciate it and you’ll generate more leads.

Real Estate Lead Generation Idea #6: Ask for Referrals

This tactic is dead simple so I’m not going to belabor it: ask your past customers for referrals.

While people are going through the buying process, focus on them. But once they’re taken care of, gently ask them if there’s anyone else they know who might be interested in your services.

It’s no secret that word-of-mouth is still the most powerful marketing tactic for generating leads — and referrals exploit that very fact.

Interestingly, though, while 83% of consumers are willing to refer someone after a positive experience, only 29% actually do.


Because the salesperson rarely asks.

But the salesperson that does ask reaps massive benefits. For instance, people that are referred by a friend are four times more likely to buy and the average lifetime value for a referred customer is 16% higher than non-referrals.

Said another way, if you’re not asking for referrals, then you’re missing out on potential revenue. Period.

Fortunately, this doesn’t need to be something that takes a lot of extra time. Here’s an email that HubSpot put together that you can steal when asking for a referral.

Hubspot Lead Generation Email Example

(Image Source)

If you’re asking over the phone, then you can say much the same thing. Either way, ask for a referral, whether that be over the phone, on social media, or over email.

Your past customers represent a goldmine of potential for your business. To access it, you just have to ask.

Real Estate Lead Generation Idea #7: Record “Live” Open Houses

Technology is changing the way that real estate investors and agents market themselves.

And live video is changing the way that you can do open houses (for agents) or house walkthroughs (for investors). With a smartphone and a Facebook or Instagram account, you can double, triple, or even quadruple the number of people that you reach when showing off a house.


Live video.

Plus, people love live video.

As of 2018, 80% of the population have reported using either a streaming service or an app to watch online video during an average week and consumers spend almost 83 minutes per day consuming digital video.

And while there are lots of different ways that you can use live video to your advantage as a real estate expert, perhaps showing off properties is the easiest and most effective strategy for your business.

Here’s an example of Zac McHardy running a live video while he manages an open house.

So how does this generate leads?

Simple. When more people see your properties, there’s a higher chance that one of those people will show interest and buy.

Real Estate Lead Generation Idea #8: Wear a Company-branded T-Shirt

What if people just randomly started talking about your real estate business without even knowing your profession?

That’d be pretty cool, huh?

Well, by wearing branded clothing, you might be able to make that happen. Sure, not everyone will ask you about the logo on your T-shirt or about what your business does, but some will.

And when they do, that gives you an easy way to talk about your real estate company. Heck, some of the people you talk to might even be interested in working with you.

Again, you never know where a lead or deal is going to come from. Wearing business branded clothing is another simple avenue for generating that unexpected revenue this year.

As GrowthHouse says,

An often overlooked way to generate leads is to wear your name badge or company wear such as a hat or polo shirt. When people ask, ‘Oh, in you’re in real estate—how’s the market?’ Be prepared with a concise answer about how much inventory is on the market, how much prices are increasing or declining, and offer to send them a free report on their property. Agents can use RPR to gather this data quickly and of course, you need their contact information to send them the report. One woman who worked for Coldwell Banker got a CB t-shirt for her dog.

And in today’s digital world, creating a t-shirt with your logo or brand name on it is quite easy. You can create a logo for free using Canva. And you can design a custom t-shirt using Custom Ink.

The rest of the best…

9. Launch an email campaign
10. Google Ads
11. Start a podcast
12. Affiliate marketing
13. Take advantage of Craigslist
14. Create virtual tours
15. Submit press releases
16. Bandit signs
17. Start a partnership
18. Attend real estate auctions
19. Make “self-help” videos
20. Partner with local handymen
21. Advertise in the local newspapers
22. Throw a party
23. Speak at an event
24. Advertise on the radio
25. Start a direct mail campaign
26. Follow up on old leads
27. Use leaflet drops or inserts
28. Use your business cards
29. Door hangers
30. Attend REIA meetings
31. Cold call expired listing owners
32. Share your testimonial stories
33. Join your local homebuilder association
34. Crash garage sales
35. Optimize your website
36 Attend local networking events
37. Contact “For Sale By Owner” listings
38. Utilize Facebook ads
39. Join a local landlord association
40. Guest post on a local blog
41. Create a LinkedIn brand page
42. Implement text message marketing
43. Interview local businesses for your blog. Here’s how one Real Estate Agent in Santa Cruz does it.


You don’t want to fall into the majority of real estate professionals that make only 20% of the sales. Instead, you want to be one of the 20% that generate 80% of the revenue.

What, though, makes the difference between the many who don’t and the few who do?

At least in part, using the right real estate lead generation tactics.

And while these 43 ideas won’t solve all of your lead generation woes, they offer a great place to start.

What do you think is the best lead generation idea for real estate investors and agents?

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