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High Conversion Landing Pages for Real Estate Niches

Easily create landing pages that deliver the right messages to the right people for better conversion.

Create new high conversion Landing Pages for PPC ads, mailers, social media campaigns and more in just a few minutes!

Carrot’s Landing Pages feature has been reinvigorated and refreshed for simplicity, page load speeds and performance.

We’ve made this frustration free, there’s no need to hire this out which means you save money.

Every time you’re ready to launch a new marketing campaign our Landing Pages are here to make it easier. Landing pages are super simple, there are no distractions and only one call-to-action which means they load fast and convert more visitors to leads.

Lead Magnet Page

One of the best decisions I made for my business. I started my website back in 2017 and have only used SEO to generate website leads. This website alone will be over $200k in net profits by the end of this year, this is just from organic leads. Can’t say enough about how well my website and landing pages rank on google.

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Quickly Create New Landing Pages

Choose from 2-3 newly updated Landing Pages templates depending on your needs. Once you decide on your template all you need to do is add your own personal touches, select a form and a campaign tracking link and you’re ready to roll.

Focus on specific locations

Looking to invest in multiple markets or beat out the competition in a larger market? Adding location-specific landing pages for real estate on your Carrot site will help boost your organic search rankings and get your business in front of people looking in a specific neighborhood or city.

Landing Pages
featured property pages

Promote your Niche Authority Pages

Narrowing your scope with landing pages that feature properties that meet specific search parameters makes it easier for people to find what they’re looking for, and to find you. So whether it’s a highly sought after school district or properties with a fenced in yard, you’ll be able to position yourself as the authority in your market across unlimited niches.

Agent Landing Pages

With several landing page and squeeze page templates designed specifically with Agent’s needs in mind. From Home Valuation to Property Search pages, Real Estate Agents in any market can attract — and convert — the right qualified seller and buyer leads to keep their businesses growing.

real estate agent website landing pages

Easily track your marketing campaigns

Have multiple marketing campaigns going for different markets or locations? No problem! Not only can you create as many Landing Pages as you want but you can track for clicks and opt-ins by adding a Tracking Campaign Link to your Landing Page as you go.

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