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Utilize Carrot’s SEO real estate tools to pinpoint niche keywords relevant to your business. Optimize content to enhance visibility, driving higher organic traffic and leads.


Get Deeper SEO Insights

With Carrot’s Domain Overview Tool, you can quickly analyze your SEO and its effectiveness over time. A large part of your ability to rank keywords comes from the quality backlinks your website has gained. Backlinks, plus high-quality content and other ranking signals, go into your authority score. Carrot allows you to track your authority score over time so you can continue to boost your website’s credibility and your organic profile. The end result? More quality keywords, driving more quality traffic.

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Find More Keywords To Boost Your Website’s Traffic

Discover the vast landscape of keyword possibilities with Carrot’s Keyword Explorer. Whether you’re starting with your domain name or a specific keyword, our intuitive tool dives head first into the world of search, unveiling insights on related keywords ripe for the picking.

Spy on competitor’s rankings and create new keyword ideas for your content marketing strategy.

But that’s not all. With each keyword suggestion, you will get insightful traffic estimates and a competitive ranking score, giving you a clear picture of its potential. It’s like having a digital compass pointing you toward untapped opportunities.

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Keep Tabs On Your Keyword Performance

Stay ahead of the SEO curve with Carrot’s Keyword Rank Tracker. By adding specific keywords to our sophisticated tool, you can watch their performance journey on Google Search unfold. No more second-guessing or manual checks – our feature ensures you’re always in the know. It’s like having a personal diary for your keywords, chronicling their ascent (or descent) in the competitive world of search, empowering you with the insights to strategize effectively.

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Give Your Content The Best Chance To Rank In Search

Need help tweaking your content for better visibility on Google Search? Just feed in your keyword and let our tool do the heavy lifting. Our on-page SEO real estate tool, goes deep, recommending precise adjustments to your meta title, page title, internal linking, meta descriptions, and even page URLs. It’s like having a personal SEO consultant guiding your every step, ensuring that your content doesn’t just exist but is optimized in the crowded space of search engine results.

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We got 2 contracts last month from SEO, and we’re working on our 3rd which could be the biggest deal we’ve ever done.. this could be a game changer for our company

Marco P.
From Florida

Your SEO Roadmap Is Here

With Carrot’s SEO Real Estate Tools, each tool builds off the previous one to give you an all-in-one solution from research to execution to tracking results. See how each tool plays together below.

1. Find The Right Keywords

  • Plug in your domain name to see what keywords you are currently ranking for
  • Type in a competitor’s domain name to see the keywords they are ranking for.
  • Plug in a keyword like “sell my house fast” to get more keyword suggestions and ideas.
  • Receive competitive keyword suggestions, along with their traffic estimates and competitive ranking scores.
  • Understand the keyword opportunities for your market.

2. Track Keywords To Measure Performance

  • Add your promising keywords and set the stage for tracking.
  • View a dynamic visual timeline showcasing their performance over time on Google Search.
  • Adjust and refine your strategies based on real-time data and insights.

3. Optimize Your Content For Search

  • Turn those insights into actionable steps.
  • Get tailored recommendations for crucial on-page elements: meta titles, page titles, subject density, internal linking, meta descriptions, and page URLs.
  • Ensure your content is perfectly poised to rank for your chosen keywords.

Thanks a bunch for helping tweak the SEO for my site! I am back on the first page for at least 3 keyword phrases that I tested.

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