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Find More Keywords To Boost Your Website’s Traffic

This powerful tools helps you analyze your website & the competition’s website to find the right next keyword to target in your SEO strategy.

01. Easily find keywords you are ranking for

With Carrot’s keyword explorer you can find what keywords your website is ranking for in Google search and add them to your Keyword Rank Tracker tool. This allows you to find under optimized keywords and improve them by building backlinks or adjusting their on-page SEO with Carrot’s on-page SEO analysis tool. Find hidden gems and double down on keywords that need some improvement.

carrot keyword explorer url example

02. Create a plan to outperform your competition

Use Google and find the website dominating in your market. Plug their domain name into the keyword explorer tool. You will see the keywords they are ranking for and the difficulty of ranking above them in Google Search. Find keywords they are under-optimized for or markets they aren’t in. It’s a great way to find competitive keywords or understand how the competition is performing in your market.

03. Keyword research has never been easier or more effective

Gone are the days of using 3-4 tools to compile a list of keyword ideas to target. Use the keyword explorer by putting in a common keyword like “sell my house fast” and see all the possibilities for your marketing unfold. Our tool will grab related keywords and show you their traffic estimates and the estimated difficulty of ranking for the keyword. Combine these with other search terms and you have a potent keyword list to build SEO around. From there, add the keywords to your rank tracking tool and get to work building brand authority and credibility with our content tools and training.

Thanks a bunch for helping tweak the SEO for my site! I am back on the first page for at least 3 keyword phrases that I tested.

GBR Home Buyers

I’m obviously ranking better in the less competitive markets but I have moved up in rankings even in the more competitive markets. I tried building a presence through WordPress and Weebly but the time investment to get a complete offering as was provided by Carrot was impossible.

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