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Build Authority In Your Marketing

Show up as the leader in your real estate market with expert content strategically linked together.

Save Time Executing An Effective Internal Linking Content Strategy

Condense a 10-step content marketing process into 3 simple steps.

One of the more effective content marketing strategies Carrot members have used over the years is creating a high-quality content page that addresses a specific market or niche problem (for example: probate).

When doing keyword research, you will find dozens of long-tail keywords that a motivated seller will type in when they face a niche challenge (ex: how to sell a house in probate).

Our blog feature has provided thousands of real estate investors with a valuable tool to address those long-tail keywords.

But now – we are making it even easier and saving you more time to create “pillar pages” and blog posts that are related. The benefit to you is increased authority within that niche topic.

Introducing Carrot’s Niche Authority Builder

With a couple of clicks, you can launch a landing page, and our system will automatically create a landing page and 5+ blog posts related to that topic.

The best part?

Our system will link up those blog posts on your landing page AND link back to the landing page from the blog posts.

This is called internal linking and an excellent way for Google to understand the context and intent of the content.

Another benefit is that a motivated seller actively looking for a solution on Google can find your blog post, learn how you can solve their challenge, and be directed to a high-converting landing page to turn from a visitor into a lead.

We Get You Started – But Your Expertise Is Still Required

We save you time creating content and ensuring the important internal linking is done.

However, you must still edit the content and add other credibility elements like case studies and hyper-local market dynamics (like laws, statistics, or other factors) to your content. Our unique content tool will guide you as you rewrite the content to make it stand out and have a better chance to rank within Google.

unique content tool screenshot

It’s great having the content pro articles so I have a framework to go from, then we’ll tweak them up a bit and it’s been very helpful. You don’t have to edit every post but it can be a powerful booster, and saves time and money from writing your own.

From Baltimore MD

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