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EP 230: 7 Quick Video Marketing Hacks + Free List of 19 Content Ideas for Investors w/ Josh Culler

Josh Culler is a marketing pro who leverages video to help real estate investors connect with their target market. As an expert in video content marketing, he has developed several hacks to get the job done easier and with finesse. Don’t let a fear of getting in front of the camera stop you from using video. Josh will share with you his tips to show you exactly how to get out from underneath those fears so you can best connect with your audience.

EP 229: Tired of Tire Kickers? Get This Agent’s Step-by-Step Strategy for Consistent, High Quality Leads w/ Tom Townsend

Tom Townsend is a seasoned real estate agent w/ Keller Williams, who was burnt out on cold calling and struggling to compete with the big guys when it came to SEO. By shifting his strategy, and maxing out his Carrot site, he is completely confident about the next 12 months. Today, we’re looking at what messaging is working best, how Tom is using his Carrot site to convert more leads, and we will even make some tweaks to his site right here on the podcast to make his site perform even better.

EP 227: How to Pivot Your Post COVID Investment Strategies for Auctions, Foreclosures, Commercial, and more w/ Aaron Amuchastegui

As we look ahead to 2021, I am thrilled to be having some leading real estate experts on the CarrotCast to help us anticipate what’s next. We’ll be talking about monetary policy, micro and macroeconomics, multi-family property shifts, and what investors can expect the market to look like going into 2021-2022. Today we are talking to Aaron Amuchastegui to discuss foreclosures, the moratorium, and how to shift your strategy to remain successful during a frenzied market.