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Strategies to Rank Your Google Business Profile for Real Estate Investors | PRO TIPS & Optimizations 2024

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Google Business Profile PRO TIPS & Optimization for Real Estate Investors 2023

Want to rank higher on Google EASILY and attract more motivated house seller leads? Today, we delve into the secrets of optimizing your Google Business Profile for real estate investors (FKA Google My Business!)

In this video post, we’re diving into the treasure trove of knowledge shared during an exclusive, previously live-recorded session at Carrot Summit. Join Keith Sant of SEO Meets REI and Brady Winder of as they unveil the secrets to optimizing your Google My Business profile.

Google Business Profile for Real Estate Investors

Unlocking the Power of Google My Business (0:00)

Picture this: You could swiftly ascend the Google rankings and easily attract motivated house sellers. Keith’s insightful session began with the crucial significance of optimizing your Google Business Profile. This optimization, Keith emphasized, is a direct route to achieving top rankings.

Use Tracking Links (0:30)

One of the first optimizations you should do is add a UTM link. With UTMs, you can see how effectively your GBP brings traffic to your website! If you are a Carrot Member, you can use your Campaign Tracking Links to track your conversions by getting the number of clicks and leads from your Google Business Profile.

An image showing Carrot's Campaign Tracking Links as a way. to track conversions from a Google Business Profile.

As Keith mentions in the video, “… this Make Appointment button was getting a lot of leads vs. the website button because I was tracking both of them. Tracking using Carrot’s campaign links is super important and very valuable.”

Carrot members get unlimited Campaign Tracking Links, so don’t be shy about using them to your advantage!

Consistent N.A.P. (1:39)

Consistency is the cornerstone of credibility. Keith advocates maintaining a consistent Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP.) across all online platforms. Why? Because trust begins with uniformity in your brand. Your potential customers and search engines are likelier to perceive you as a reliable and legitimate entity.

Many real estate investors make the mistake of adding keywords to their Google Business Profile name like “XYZ Company – Cash Home Buyers,” but this is a significant mistake. Don’t do that! Your business name is the first and most crucial part of your NAP. So, it needs to be the same everywhere online.

Physical Locations – A Real Address, A Real Advantage (2:20)

The allure of a physical address is undeniable. Keith revealed the magic behind having an authentic address rather than relying on a P.O. box or UPS box. A physical address enhances your visibility on Google Maps and elevates your position in local searches.

TIP: Having an address in a more densely populated area tends to perform better than a town with a lower population, according to Keith Sant.

What should you do if you are new to real estate investing or working at home? You could use Service Areas instead of a physical address, or you could rent an office in a co-working space – just be sure that your office or suite number is added to your address.

While Service Areas prevent using NAP, they can still be successful without a physical address.

County Vs. City – Mastering Your Service Areas (4:47)

Expanding your service areas? Keith’s got you covered. His expert recommendation is to opt for counties over individual cities. This tactical decision broadens your reach, making you a relevant choice for a broader spectrum of potential searches.

How does this work? It’s all about incorporated vs. unincorporated addresses. An unincorporated address falls just outside of city limits. So, one way of telling Google that you buy those unincorporated houses is to use counties as your service areas.

“24/7 Open Hours – Your Gateway to Round-the-Clock Success (7:00)

Want to supercharge your leads and interactions? Keith introduced an unconventional yet powerful strategy: set your business hours 24/7. Doing so signals your unwavering commitment to serving your clients, resulting in increased engagement and leads.

Even if you don’t answer the phone after 5 pm, you can still accept form submissions for leads! If you put yourself in your prospect’s shoes, who would you pick to contact if you were reading about selling your house in probate at 7:45 pm on a Sunday? The company that’s closed until tomorrow or the guy that’s open 24/7?

Posts = Views – Igniting Engagement Through Updates (10:06)

Do you know the secret to higher impressions and views? After getting a steady supply of reviews, it’s consistent updates. Regularly fuel your Google Business Profile by posting once a week. Each update isn’t just an announcement; it’s a spark that ignites engagement and propels your search ranking upwards.

You can use very low-cost tools, like Publer, to schedule these posts weeks in advance. You could also outsource the task to your team!

Optimize “About Us” – Crafting a Compelling Narrative (11:22)

Your “About Us” section is more than a placeholder. Keith’s advice: seize the opportunity. Fill the full 750 characters with impactful content and relevant keywords. This optimization transforms your narrative into a search engine-friendly beacon.

But be careful here; changes to your Google Business Profile need to be approved before they are public, and we have seen several examples of investors who try to stuff too many keywords into their “About Us” section, only to get the edit denied by Google.

Geotag Images – Pioneering Visual Localization (13:49)

Visuals can speak louder than words, especially in local searches. Keith introduced a simple yet potent strategy: geotag your images using this free tool. This geo-infusion aligns your visuals with local relevance, capturing the attention of potential customers near you.

TIP: This tactic doesn’t work for your website images because WordPress strips away geo data from the images, but it does work for GBP posts!

Reviews! – The Pillars of Trust and Credibility (15:00)

Rave reviews aren’t just testimonials; they’re your stairway to success. Keith accentuated the immense value of garnering reviews and striving for a minimum of 10. With reviews in your arsenal, you elevate your search ranking and construct pillars of trust and credibility.

If you’re having difficulty generating reviews, try incentivizing people to leave you honest, detailed reviews by mailing them a pre-paid gift card. Trevor suggested that Keith email his clients requesting a review of his Google Business Profile and a mailing address to send the gift card. To Keith’s surprise, most people who left reviews never sent him a mailing address!

A recent case study by Joy Hawkins and her team suggests that hitting ten reviews on your local listing will result in a ranking boost in Google local results. However, getting more than ten reviews does not help you rank better in Google Maps or the Google Local pack. 

Joy said, “There does appear to be a ranking boost once a listing has ten reviews. So, it is important for a listing to get a minimum of ten reviews. However, continuing to get more reviews does not yield the same ranking boost.” But reviews are still critical as they build trust and help with conversions, Joy explained.

The fact that there is a specific number of any kind, such as 10, is very un-Google-like.

TIP: Be sure to respond to EVERY review your GBP receives promptly – especially negative reviews.

Enable Messaging – Conversations and Google’s Grace (17:59)

A final gem was unveiled as the session ended: enable messaging and chat features on your Google Business Profile for real estate. Keith’s wisdom was clear – embracing this engagement channel opens the door to more interactions and even some love from Google.

While these strategies are helpful, their effectiveness can vary based on individual circumstances and market dynamics.

Get Started with Google Business Profile for Real Estate Investors Today

The secrets are out! Carrot Summit unveils the path to Google prominence with exclusive insights from Keith Sant and Carrot’s Brady Winder. Their combined expertise offers you theories and a concrete roadmap to success.

By implementing these strategies today, you’ll be well-positioned to seize new opportunities, connect with motivated sellers, and dominate the Google Business Profile landscape for Real Estate Investors.

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