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At Carrot we help thousands of real estate investors and agents get a better ROI from their online marketing.
See how we can help you attract and convert all types of real estate leads using a Carrot website.

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With Carrot, you aren’t starting with a blank website like most website creator tools. Instead, you are launching a website with years of conversion proven elements, expert written content, credibility elements, forms and more. Leverage Carrot’s deep industry knowledge comes with your website template on launch. There is a reason more top investors trust Carrot with their website than any other website tool. Join today and get ahead of your competition with the best real estate investor website platform.

Stop losing leads and listings with an under-performing website. See how a Carrot website can help you today.

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Carrot Can Help You Build Websites For…

Motivated Seller site type

Motivated House Sellers

Need more deals? Attract off-market highly motivated sellers with the most effective real estate websites in the industry. Choose the type of lead you’re looking to attract, launch your site in under 8 seconds, customize, then roll!

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site types - cash buyers illustration

Cash Buyers

Sell your properties faster with our simple Property Listing Engine and build a more powerful cash property buyer list. Launch a Cash Buyer Website in your Carrot account, customize and brand it around our high performing framework.

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site types - rent to own illustration

Rent to Own Tenants

Fill your houses faster with our Rent To Own Tenant Buyer websites. Convert more visitors into qualified leads and let our system separate the serious tenant buyers from the tire kickers with our built in “2 step” qualification process.

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site types illustration - company credibility

Company Credibility

According to studies, over 81% of people research online before making a big financial decision. Our Company Credibility websites help give you a proven effective framework to build credibility online and ensure you’re putting your best foot forward every time.

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site types illustration - note sellers

Note Buyer + Seller

A Carrot website is much more than an “investor website” template builder. We create software, training, and amazing client experiences so you can grow your business online, whether you’re flipping houses and need buyers and sellers, a note or land investor, rent to own investor, or money lender.

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site types illustration - land buyers

Land Buyer

Flipping bare land is an effective way to invest in this market without the cutthroat competition that the housing market often has. Leverage our expertise to attract and convert more motivated land sellers and cash buyers for your land flipping business.

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site types illustration - land sellers

Land Seller

Looking to add another lead generation method to your mix to find more off-market land deals? A Carrot website allows you to launch a site to target people looking to sell their land. Launch the website, personalize it, and drive traffic to your new Land Seller website.

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site types illustration - owner finance

Owner Finance

If you sell properties by owner finance and are looking to build a list of potential buyers looking to find local deals, our Owner Finance website system can help you. We’ve crafted a website to help you attract and convert more owner finance buyer leads easily at the push of a button.

site types illustration - mobile home sellers

Mobile Home Seller

If you are looking to buy discounted mobile homes then look no further than our mobile home websites. These sites are designed to attract and convert leads looking to sell their manufactured homes for a discount. You are able to rehab them or flip them as you see fit.

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