Real Estate Agents: Are You Losing Leads Because Of An Underperforming Website?

“When I switched over to Carrot, my leads doubled just from having a better optimized website.”
Tom Cafarella

Traffic + Conversion = Carrot

At Carrot, we help you get in front of your ideal client online with our industry-leading content marketing tools and convert more of those ideal clients into quality leads.

Most real estate agents become a part of the online “clutter” in this competitive market when they toss up a website that gets lost in the shuffle. Carrot customers cut through that clutter with content marketing and industry expertise.

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Over 1,244,245 real estate leads and counting. Stop losing leads from an underperforming website.

Where else can I put $1 in and get $63 back? Hey, but don’t raise my prices now that I told you that.

Ryan Berry Ryan Berry

How do we do it?

After generating 1,244,245 real estate leads for our customers and running hundreds of tests, we’ve found that the best real estate agent websites do two things really well.

  1. Make it easy for ideal clients to find you online during their most committed moments.
  2. Build trust and credibility with visitors the moment that they land on your website.

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Finally, build lead-generating consistency, financial predictability, & growth-hacking momentum with Carrot

We’ve helped thousands of real estate professionals unearth financial and personal freedom. Here’s how it works.

Drive Traffic To Your Website

We don’t just give you a website. We give you a website that people can find. 93% of online experiences start with a search engine. Our content, coding, design, location-based landing pages, custom keyword tracker, and SEO tool give you the best chance of ranking on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Which means your website drives traffic consistently with just a little bit of work.

Convert Website Traffic

Our high-performing real estate agent website designs and option for IDX integration ensure that people who visit your website have the best chance of converting into quality leads. After thousands of split tests, we’ve created a handful of designs that convert really well. You’ll be able to choose one of our credibility-building designs based on the kind of format that fits your business.
How many leads and deals are you ok with losing this year from under-performance?

Conversion Testing Methodology

Nurture Leads

Our simple lead manager helps you track your leads through the sales lifecycle, collaborate with your team, and if you use an outside CRM, we integrate with dozens of popular CRMs through Zapier. From beginner to top agent, we can help you get a handle on your leads and have the data at your fingertips on what marketing is working to bring them in.

Track Your Progress

It’s not enough to have a website that performs well. You also need to be able to measure just how well your website is performing. With our custom stats dashboard, we’ll show you where your traffic and leads are coming from and even where visitors are going on your website. And no, you don’t have to install any code or dig through a how-to guide. We’ll do it for you the moment that your website goes live.

Reach Out For Assistance

We don’t have a big marketing budget here at Carrot. The main way we’ve grown over the years from a small startup to the leading inbound marketing software for high performing real estate professionals is the way we support our clients. With a Net Promoter Score higher than companies like Apple, Amazon, and Zappos we’ve built a Customer Success culture that is adding humanity to business and helping our clients gain time for the things that matter.

“I really believe in your product. Companies go to Disney for help how to run a company. Companies should be going to you guys on customer service – no one compares!” Tyler Buttleman

Carrot IDX

Our members are helping us develop a seamless IDX integration for all AgentCarrot members. Getting IDX for your website can be a real pain. Fortunately, we’ll do it for you — just let us know that you want that added to your website and we’ll take care of the dirty work, making sure that your website has listings automatically. Don’t worry, though. You can still customize these listings with your own picture and description if you like. Otherwise, you can just leave it as is.

Because of These Features, Carrot Members Generated Over 41,480 Leads just Last Month.

My conversion as compared to before is unbelievable. I wish I would have done it a long time ago.

Steve Londeau Steve Londeau

Closed 10 deals this year with Carrot and the margins are always higher from internet leads.

Josh Justiniano Josh Justiniano

The site is performing awesome. Get lots more leads. Happy with things so far. Thanks for your help.

Tyler Ford Tyler Ford

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