This Real Estate Agent Doubled Her Closings + Increased Website Traffic By 227%

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Fox Realty Group, Increases Closings by 100%

Shemeika Fox is a real estate agent in Santa Cruz. She’s marketing her business in ways that most real estate agents never even consider, and because of that, she’s cutting through the clutter in her competitive market. Since implementing Carrot and an Inbound methodology, Shemeika’s web page views increased by 227% and their closings have increased 2x.

Recently, she joined us on the CarrotCast to discuss her journey through our 30 Day Challenge, which has helped her take her market authority even further. She is quickly ramping herself up to be the leading real estate expert in all of Santa Cruz!

In 2019, Shemeika Fox doubled her number of closings. But it wasn’t by sheer luck… it was by clear-cut strategy and intentional action.

She’s marketing her business in ways that most real estate agents never even consider, and because of that, she’s cutting through the clutter in her competitive market.

Just before that success, though, Shemeika was tired and frustrated — she was on the hamster wheel of business, sweating for every single lead.

She knew something needed to change.

And that’s when she made these five key shifts in her thinking and her marketing.

1. Mindset Shift: From Hunting To Farming

Entrepreneurs are great at getting up early and working late.

There’s a ceasless motivation that drives entrepreneurs, and while that’s an important quality for success, it’s also not sustainable.

Ask any ex-entrepreneur why they got a day-job and they’ll probably tell you that they worked too hard and too long for too little payback.

That’s because most entrepreneurs hunt for their closings.

They pay for advertisements, ask for referrals, send direct mail, follow-up, and cold call. But here’s the thing: the moment that you stop doing those things… the leads stop flowing. Which means that the only way to generate more leads or to keep generating leads at all it to keep working harder and longer… to keep hunting.

But what about a farmer?

A farmer is different than a hunter. They plant seeds, nurture those seeds, and then reap the benefits of their careful attention.

All of the lines on the left are equal to the length of the line on the right, but more progress is made when focus is put in just one mission-critical direction.

Sure, it takes more time to see the results, but the harvest is much more plentiful and, in terms of ROI, it requires much less work per closing.

Farming strategies include SEO, buliding brand awareness, and content marketing… all strategies that most real estate agents neglect.

Now we’re not saying that you should stop running ads or sending direct mail, but you should be farming and hunting for your leads.

Hunt for leads when your business needs them immediately, and farm when you can allow a bit more time for results.

This was an important mindset shift for Shemieka to make and it’s important for all entrepreneurs.

Harder work is not the only way to generate more leads or grow a bigger business. Like the cliche goes, work smarter, not harder.

For Shemieka, that means consistently running ads and sending direct mail, but also spending plenty of time building her online brand image, posting content to social media, and growing her SEO presence.

2. Simple, Effective Lead-Generation Website

Building an effective website is one of the most difficult parts about building a real estate business.

You need one because everyone else has one… but how do you get that website to actually be useful and generate leads?

And in order to get the functionalities and features you need to get your website generating leads on autopilot, how do you build that without spending thousands of dollars on a custom design?

For Shemeika (and for more than 7,000 real estate pros around the nation), Carrot was the answer.

Before signing up with Carrot, this was Shemeika’s website.

It might look pretty, but the problem is that it wasn’t generating leads for Shmeika’s business, no matter how much traffic she drove to the site.

That’s why she signed up with Carrot.

Here’s her new website.

And guess what?

People don’t just visit that site… they opt-in, they contact her, and those leads turn into closings.

In fact, her website brings in so many leads that, in 2019, she doubled her number of closings.


Well, the genius of our Carrot methodology is in giving your website traffic exactly what they want. First, people tell you whether they want to buy a home or sell their home.

If they want to buy, then they can immediately start browsing through your listings — if they find something they like, they just have to dial the number in the upper right corner of your Carrot site!

If they want to sell their home, then they’ll be taken to this page which is designed to get them in contact with you as soon as possible.

And the conversion rate on Carrot sites is higher than any other website builder in the industry, which means more leads, more often.

This was a fundamental shift for Shameika. In her own words,

“Carrot has impacted my business so positively! I love the property websites, landing pages, the SEO rankings, blog and over all design of the site. I also love the landing pages that i use to drive traffic from ads that I run. And my favorite is to watch the increase on Google rankings with the more relevant content we produce. Really great web host!”

3. Focus On Blog & SEO

One thing we’ve found that separates top-performing real estate agents from everyone else is a focus on search engine optimization.

And that makes sense.

Because if you rank on page one for a search phrase that is getting attention every single month, then you’re going to get a lot more website traffic and lot more leads than your competitors.

And by focussing on SEO, you won’t just get more leads, you’ll also get higher quality leads.

Our members have found SEO leads to be about three times higher quality than leads from paid advertisements, which means it takes about three times less leads to actually close.

The reason for that is simple.

With paid advertisements, you’re interrupting people who may or may not be intersted in your service.

But with SEO, interested people come searching for you.

So the question becomes, how can you build your SEO rankings?

Well, we’ve designed Carrot to help you do just that… and here are some of the features we offer that you’ll definitely want to take advantage of…

Ranking Tracker — Our ranking tracker will keep an eye on how your website is performing for certain keywords in Google. Just enter the keywords that you’re trying to rank for and our ranking tracker will do the rest, giving your regular updates on your website’s SEO performance.

SEO Tool — Whenever you’re designing a page of your website with Carrot, just scroll to the bottom to find our SEO Tool, which will automatically scan your page for search engine optimizations and give you a checklist of what you still need to do. Once the light is green, that means you’re good to go!

Monthly Blog Posts — If you sign up for a Content Pro or Advanced Marketer membership, then we’ll also provide you with blog content for your website every month that is customized for your market and written to rank for a specific high-value keyword in Google. Just publish the content every month and you’ll give your website a better chance of ranking!

VideoPost — One of Shemeika’s favorite things about her Carrot site is the ability to use a feature that we call VideoPost. This tool allows you to upload and trascribe any video into a long-form blog post for your website that can help you rank in Google. But instead of writing the article, you just upload your video and we’ll do the rest. This is a great way to quickly and easily create SEO content for your website.

4. Advertisements & Landing Pages

When we asked Shameika what her favorite thing about Carrot was, she mentioned that she loves being able to quickly and easily create landing pages that she can then drive paid traffic to.

With Carrot, you can create a new landing page with just a few clicks.

You can then customize that page however you want.

You can turn it into a sales page with an opt-in form, testimonials, and even a credibility bar… or you can turn it into a long-form blog post.

The choice is yours.

But one of the best ways to make use of this feature is to create a new landing page for each specific market that you’re advertising to… and then to drive that traffic to that page.

You might, for example, create a page for people who want to buy river-front homes, or a page for people who want to sell a home for over $500,000, or people who just want to learn more about you as a real estate agent.

Remember, the riches are in the niches.

And with a Carrot site, you can easily create a sales page for each niche that you operate in.

Here’s a Facebook ad that Shameika is currently running…

And here is the page that advertisement will take you to if you click.

See how the advertisement seamlessly flows into the landing page?

That’s how it should always be.

It should feel like one cohesive experience rather than two separate experiences.

And by leveraging the versatility of Facebook’s targeting and Carrot’s landing page builder, you can create a seamless experience for buyers and sellers in any niche or market.

Here’s one more example…

And here’s the landing page…

Shameika skillfully attracts her target market with Facebook ads and then gives them what they want most on the landing page.

In return, she gets their contact information and can then add them to her email list.

Or maybe she’ll be able to start working with them right away. Whatever happens, this is a great strategy for generating leads.

Create more landing pages for more niches and markets… and use advertisements to drive targeted traffic.

5. The 30-Day Challenge

What if you could take a system that’s proven to generate high-quality leads — a system that has made hundreds of investors and agents around the nation millions of dollars — and implement it right into your business in just 30-60 minutes per day over a 30-day period?

Sounds too good to be true, yeah?

Well, that’s the exact system that Shameika went through… and it helped to unlock her business’ full potential.

We call it our 30-Day Authority Building Challenge [CLICK HERE TO JOIN].

In it, we walk you through how to brand your real estate business, how to drive traffic, and — most importantly — how to get high-quality leads (and even how to obliterate your best month’s lead-gen record)

At Carrot, we’ve helped countless real estate pros beat their most aggressive market competitors, generate more than one million leads, and build businesses that support themselves and their families.

Over the last few years, we’ve learned a lot about what real estate marketing tactics work… and what doesn’t.

And we thought to ourselves…

“What if we created a tried-and-true, fool-proof lead-gen system for agents and investors — a system that would help our members become the go-to experts in their market, drive leads passively to their website, and build the business of their entrepreneurial dreams?”

This challenge is helping people even more than we could have imagined…

One of our long-standing members, Chris Wojciechowski, said he wishes we would have created this challenge 3 years ago!

Carrot 30 day challenge success


Are you ready to create a marketing system for your real estate business that generates leads like clockwork, that makes your business more predictable and sustainable?

Moreover, are you ready to spend just 30-60 minutes per day over the next month to make it happen?



What are your goals for 2020?

Do you want to generate more leads, do more closings, and grow your revenue?

Do you maybe even want to double the number of closings you do this year?

Well, we can no longer count on one hand the number of Carrot members who have taken their businesses to the next level.

There are many stories just like Shameika’s of agents and investors who have used online marketing, SEO, Carrot, and advertising to beat their competition and build the business of their entrepreneurial dreams.

It is possible for you as well.

You just need the right tools.

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