Join us on this crazy (but fun) challenge to get more active and healthy in the next 80 days by joining our…

… Around The World In 80 Days “Get Active With Carrot” Challenge! 

Check out the video below to see why we got so fed up w/ our lack of physical activity… we’re “going around the world” in 80 days, and want you to join us on this journey!

Prizes, how to join, + the backstory below.

Step 1: Download the MapMyFitness App +
Join Our Private Group

Step 2: Join the “Around The World” Facebook Group

“Sitting for More Than Three Hours a Day Cuts Years Off Your Life Expectancy…”

… according to a study done and published in the Wall Street Journal.

sittingI’m completely guilty (and apparently it’s literally killing me)

… guilty of putting my own health behind other things in life (business, family, hobbies, bad habits, etc.) and always saying “I’ll get back in the gym someday”. But someday never comes.

Sometimes it takes an outside force and a challenge to shock us into doing the things we already know we should be doing. 

Last week I hit that external force… and her name is Andre.

Andre from the Carrot team and I were in my office and she overheard Chris (our resident techie) and I talking about how we were “intending” on going on a bike ride but we kept putting it off and putting it off.

Chris was doing way better than I… but we still weren’t in the habit of staying active yet.

You see… internally at Carrot we have a channel on our team communication tool that we call “LivingLife” where we post things we’re doing to improve our lives and stay healthy. Some of the team members were always active on there working out but some of us weren’t as active.

Our LivingLife Channel In Slack For Our Carrot Team


So she came up with a wild idea that would shock us all out of our bad sedentary habits and into a more active lifestyle.

It took off from there and ideas went flying and turned into a challenge of epic proportions…

She said… “Around the world in 80 days”.

I said… “What??? Are… you… talking… about????”

“As a team we should get active and put in enough miles doing whatever activity we want to go around the world in 80 days.” she said with unfettered enthusiasm.

So we did the math.

It’s 24,901 miles around the earth.

That’s 311 miles a day. 38 miles PER DAY per Carrot team member. 

And we quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen… at least if we did it alone

So that’s where you come in.

Rather than just having our team taking on this challenge, we really want to live up to our Core Values and be that beacon to our entire Carrot community to take this challenge with us and Go Around The World In 80 Days.

Check out the video below for more details and scroll further down for the rules and details on how to join.

But in the end…

… life isn’t meant to be lived stationary at a desk.

If the science doesn’t scare you into being more physically active (i.e. – you’ll die sooner if you don’t get off your duff every day and go for a walk, run, jog, ride, or workout of some sort), then maybe this challenge and being a part of a community of people all going through that same struggle together over these next 80 days will do it for you.

And for added fun we’ve added some fun but cool prizes that ANYONE can be entered to win just by following the instructions below and logging your miles and workouts on the MapMyRun app (FREE) in our special MapMyRun group. If you hit the mile goals your name is entered to win that prize.

Simple. Fun. Let’s nail this together.

Oh, one last thing…

… Don’t let it stop at you. Inspire your friends, family, and co-workers to join this effort too!

This isn’t about Carrot.

This isn’t about you.

This isn’t about me.

This is about being that beacon of positivity and possibility for yourself and those around you to live an epic life.

And what better way to do that then to give people you care about that gift of motivating their butts to get active, healthy, and live a longer more impactful life?

Let’s do it.

SHARE THIS PAGE on Facebook (link at the bottom of the page) and dive into the rules and video below.

Here’s to “going around the world” with you and getting active and healthy this spring.

– Trevor and the Carrot team

PS – Andre deserves all of the credit for this effort and she was that beacon of positivity and possibility for us internally to start this… so a big shout out to her for leading this and helping us help thousands of people get more active these next 80 days!

How To Join Carrot On The “Around The World In 80 Days” Challenge…


That’s a lot of miles, but we can do it. We are throwing up a big goal and inviting friends, family, and anyone in the Carrot community to join us as we get healthy, fit & happy!

Want to get more active? Need some accountability. You aren’t alone

Track your activity with us and if you place in the top 3 positions by the end of it, win a totally awesome prize. DETAILS BELOW.

How It Works:

Join the MapMyRun Group and log your miles or workouts in the app.

Public workouts are automatically added to the group’s leaderboard, which will be used to calculate the total miles for this challenge.

It’s not just for runners!

All activity types will be considered in the mileage calculations. You can bike, walk, swim, lift weights, practice yoga, play basketball, and more! As long as you’re working your muscles or working in the cardio range for half an hour, you can log that time as miles to contribute to the group.

30 minutes of activity will equal 2 miles, then 1 miles for every 15 minutes thereafter.

How To Log Your Miles: 

  • Download the app on your phone to start and stop workouts and have those automatically uploaded to the group
  • If you are using a fitbit, sync the Fitbit with the MapMyRun application
  • All other activity should be manually recorded as a walk for “x” miles and time
    • If you forget to log a workout, that’s okay! You can manually record your activity to catch up

Chat with folks in the Facebook Group.

  • We will post updates in this group, including challenge milestones and prizes

How To Join:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Join the Around The World In 80 Days Group
  3. Download the Map My Run or Map My Ride App from the App Store and log your workouts.

All workouts with mileage will count toward the leaderboard, and workouts set to “public” will show on the group activity feed.

How To Invite Others:

Send them a link to the group:

Some Incentives And Prizes For Ya :-)

These prizes are open to anyone participating in the challenge through the MapMyRun app. A few notes:

  • Only miles logged in the MapMyRun app count. No exceptions.
  • There is only 1 winner of each prize below. We’ll draw them randomly from the people who reach that goal for that prize period.
  • Prizes will be mailed out to you after the contest is completely over.
  • Be cool. Don’t cheat. You may win a cool prize but you’re cheating yourself by logging miles you’re not putting in. This isn’t about “winning”… it’s about creating healthy patterns in our lives.



20160519_193551April 15 – May 7: Congratulations to Morgan! She won the first Carrot Milestone Challenge.

Morgan completed a whopping 97 MILES during the first 30 days.

Now, she has just enough jerky and protein to keep her going for the next Carrot challenge. :-)



$50 Cabela's Cift Card
$50 Cabela’s Cift Card


May 8 – May 23: Every person who’s posted a picture while being active either with a Carrot Bud doll or a Carrot shirt will be placed in the drawing to win a Cabela’s gift card. Don’t have a Carrot Bud or shirt? Stop by our office in Roseburg :-)

It’s like disney land for the outdoor-loving adults!




Camelbak Classic
Camelbak Classic

May 24 – June 15: The top 5 active people will be placed in a drawing to win this baby.

We know you guys will have been working hard at this point. And with summer just around the corner, hydration will be key to maintaining your activity level.

What better way than carrying a couple liters with you, without toting that clunky bottle. Hikes – here we come!







New Pair of Orange Nike Kicks

June 16 – July 3: Everyone who puts in a minimum of 100 miles of activity will be entered in the drawing to win a new pair of Orange Nike tennis shoes.

We had fun with this, not only because you should replace your tennies after every 100 miles, but because they’re orange!

Who doesn’t love that color?!

P.S: We want a pic of the winner wearing these shoes :-)