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Auto Location Pages

Location pages are an important part of your marketing strategy. You likely service multiple states and cities and when a lead is searching for your services you want to make sure you’re marketing to that lead in their specific city.

We know that creating location pages for several cities is a lot of work and we’ve created a solution for you to set them up quickly and automate your workflow.

Seamless Integration for Effortless Editing

No need to worry about accounting for missing content updates. Auto-Locations mirror the parent page they are created from, eliminating the need to apply any new updates across multiple pages. This saves you valuable time and avoids the need to track which pages have or have not been updated.

Up your SEO Game in Minutes

If you are a real estate investor, your business needs multiple website pages that include the states, counties and cities you do business in. This way your customers can find you no matter how far outside your main location they are. You could do business in 50 cities and we have a way to overcome the overwhelm! Auto Location Pages are duplicates of your home page and will update automagically each time you update your home page. As long as you home page has been edited by you to make it unique to you Google will index your location pages for a potential for increased lead flow. Setting up these pages is easy and fast!

Chris and Roseangla Russo's succes with Carrot's auto locations improving their Google page indexing results.

We’re not SEO Experts but we’ve been on a journey to optimize our online presence, especially after facing challenges with our pages being de-indexed following a Google algorithm update last February. Our experience with Carrot’s new features, particularly the Auto Locations pages, has been nothing short of transformative.

Chris and Rosangela Russo

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