Planning An Epic Year: Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet!

My 3 Promises To You: 1) Get insight into the biggest mindset shifts I made in 2019 (one can change your life), 2) You’ll have a clear plan for 2020 w/ my UPDATED planning process, and 3) Access to my NEW & improved goal setting templates…

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trevor mauchHosted by
Trevor Mauch

  • Founder and CEO of Carrot
  • #699 on Inc 5000 list for 2018
  • Fastest growing software company in Oregon 2 years in a row
  • Portland Business Journal 40 Under 40 Winner
  • #8 Most Philanthropic Small Business In Oregon 2019
  • Husband, Father of 3, and Investor
  • Passionate about amplifying leaders and entrepreneurs to make YOUR greatest impact 

Y’all… 2019 was a doosey. And I want to share my “behind the scenes”…

From my desk – 12/12/19:

2019 was an amazing year.

It was the hardest year I’ve ever had as a CEO.

The most rewarding.

The most financial growth.

The most well “balanced” I’ve had in years.

Frankly, I learned a ton about myself, leadership, what it means to grow a REAL business that fuels your passion and makes a REAL impact in the world.

3 years ago I did my first “Epic Planning” call. Hundreds attended live and people later told me how much it changed their outlook on their life, their business, and motivated them to increase their standards for themselves in the next year.

Over the past few years I’ve learned that if you want to keep growing as a person and keep growing your business… you HAVE to keep evolving the way you plan for success in the new year.

Join me LIVE this year on December 26th to kick-off the new year with…

  • Clarity on not just your “what”… but more importantly, your “WHY”
  • A clear plan you can finally follow throughout the year to hold you accountable to the things actually the most important
  • My newly updated processes called my “Annual Strategic Plan” and “Quarterly Focuser” to make a rock solid plan in 2020
  • The “1%” journey mindset shift that changed my life in 2019 and helped me crack through my latest “growth ceiling”, and more…

Get Access To My NEW 3 Key Annual and Quarterly Templates…

Dreams Now And Energy Audit Images

  • My NEW 1 Page Annual Strategic Plan template that helped us add $2M in new revenue to my companies in 2019…
  • My “Habit and Goal Tracker” spreadsheet I use to get alignment monthly, weekly, and daily in under 5 mins per day. This is my KEY accountability piece.
  • My NEW “1% Journey” and “Being vs. Becoming” concept that changed my life this fall and the lives of 4 CarrotCampers
  • And my “Energy Audit” method.

Grab your seat below and we’ll see you on the call live! Share it up with someone you know could benefit from this training. I’m not selling a darn thing on this call, I just LOVE helping entrepreneurs build businesses w/ more FREEDOM, FLEXIBILITY, finances, and greater impact.

See you on the training!

– Trevor

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“Awesome call Trevor! This was my first one and it blew my mind! I am a newbie and became a member this week and so far you and your team have far exceeded my expectations. I feel like I’m not just getting industry leading websites but I am also getting community, mentoring, and coaching…it’s amazing!”

Casey TeVault Casey TeVault

Enjoyed the replay of “Your Best Year Yet“. Learned so much. Monday, my twin sister, Betty and I had a big mindset change. It has made all the difference in the world. Have long ways to go in personal & business organizing but we are getting there. Thanks, for Investor Carrot being a part of our life.

Nancy & Betty Nancy & Betty
Twins Buy Homes