6 Content Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents: Inspiration to Bring Your Strategy to Life

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Content Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agent

It’s painful, grueling, laborious work. Especially when you have so much else on your plate. As a real estate agent, you know you need a content marketing strategy for your real estate agent website

But you also need to schedule house visits, drive homebuyers to potential houses, meet with house sellers, solidify contracts, and do a whole lot more.

When the heck are you going to find the time to (1) come up with content marketing ideas for real estate agents and (2) create the content?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re talking about today: Real examples from real agents who’re using content marketing to catapult themselves to the head of the pack. Because potential customers aren’t just looking online… they’re making decisions based on what they find.

Content marketing is how you dominate search results, build trust, and attract new clients all before they even meet you.

Previously, we walked through a real estate agent content marketing strategy you can actually use.

Why? Because your strategy has to be built on your strengths … and loves:

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This post digs into the details with two top-to-bottom examples of exactly how to execute your content marketing master plan, along with a host of supplemental examples along the way.

So, let me introduce you to our content marketing test case …

Content Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Judy Weiniger runs the Weiniger Group, a seven-person real estate agency in central New Jersey. She’s active on a variety of platforms, from social media to Youtube to her website.

But, Weiniger doesn’t make content marketing just about selling houses; she makes it about what someone buying a house in the area would need and want to know. In other words, the content she provides is not one promotion, listing, or sales pitch after another. It is useful information that helps her audience.

That is the pinnacle of great content.

6 Content Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

1. Real Estate Content Marketing Ideas All Start With The Right Agent Website

Let’s start by looking at her website. To begin, it’s gorgeous. In fact, you should click through to see the video background in the hero section; the following screenshots don’t do it justice.

Visitors are greeted with a friendly hello message — “Welcome to our neighborhood!” — followed by two CTAs directing them exactly where to go next.

While this isn’t connected to content marketing, notice that in the top right there’s a prominent “Let’s Talk” button for anyone wanting to connect directly.

As you scroll down, you’ll start to see the type of content she’s releasing, and it’s just what homebuyers want to see.

First, there are the featured listings.

real estate agent featured listings

If the prospective homebuyer is there to just look at houses, then this section lets them do that … immediately.

Homes By Krista (a Carrot customer) takes a similar approach. It opens with a beautiful hero image and simple problem-solving message: “Sell your house faster and for more money” and “Find and buy the perfect home with less hassle.”

Content Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

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In Weiniger’s case, after taking care of the low-hanging-lead-fruit, she turns her full attention to content.

2. Real Estate Agent Blogging Ideas That Are Way More than Just Listings

Rather than just featuring houses and soliciting sellers, Weiniger caters her blog to people who either don’t know if they want to move to central New Jersey yet or are looking to explore the area.

Want proof?

Scroll a bit further down the homepage, and this is what you’ll see.

real estate marketing for agents

Weiniger doesn’t just play the part of a real estate agent — a home-finder and home-seller — she plays the part of friendly food citric, supermarket expert, school advisor, and more.

And they deliver. Two of Weiniger’s most popular posts at first appears to have nothing to do with real-estate at all: The ULTIMATE Guide to Farmers Markets & Farm Stands in Central New Jersey and 11 Favorite Yoga (& Pilates!) Studios In & Around Warren.

conversation marketing for real estate
content marketing for real estate

But that “appearance” is exactly the point. Both articles answer the kinds of questions someone relocating or settling in would naturally have. When they take to the internet to find answers … guess who they find:

Weiniger occupies the second organic search result on page one of Google (the only result that beats them is an actual yoga studio and they even outrank Yelp). Plus, the posts are more than just words. They include embedded YouTube videos, direct links to all the resources they mention, and interactive maps.

At the end of each post is Weiniger herself, her contact information, and a CTA to “Schedule Now”:

real estate broker marketing

Naturally, once a visitor reaches the end of a post, Weiniger has positioned herself as an advisor. She’s helped them. She’s generated trust. And really… that’s the point.

Feel like that sort of design and technological integration is beyond you? It’s not. Because all those slick elements aren’t necessary.

Cranford & Westfield New Jersey Real Estate’s blog follows a similar topic pattern, without all the visual bells and whistles. And yet, this post — Grilled Cheese Shoppe Opening Celebration TODAY in Westfield NJ — has generated nearly 2k shares on social media and ranks on the first page of Google:

Content Marketing for Real Estate Agents

The point is: every real estate agent can do this with their blog content. After all, real estate agents know the area they live in better than almost anyone else. Why not utilize this knowledge of your town like Weiniger has?

Want even more real estate blogging resources?

Also, check out these two posts for inspiration:

3. Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas Where You Aren’t The Star

If you didn’t notice on their homepage, Weiniger also has a box linked to her YouTube page. One of the reasons you might have missed it is because it’s not titled, “Real Estate Videos.” Instead, it’s enticing: “Explore NJ Community Videos.”

On her YouTube channel, Judy educates viewers about everything from New Jersey’s local pharmacy to great pizza, pasta, and seafood in the area.

She does this with short video clips introducing each industry.

Sight is our most engaging sense, and using video to leverage that fact is a great way to engage potential clients.

But rest assured, these don’t need to be cinematic masterpieces. The one thing all these videos have in common is they’re about serving their audience… not serving the agent.

Need some inspiration?

4. Real Estate Lead-generation Guides Worth Signing Up For

Also on her homepage, Weiniger links to a piece of content that is real estate lead generation gold: a guide. In her case, it’s the “40 Top Tips For Selling Your Home!”

Real Estate Guides Worth Signing Up For

Because this guide goes above and beyond the typical blog post, it’s “gated,” meaning you have to signup for access:

Content Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents Form

Bend’s Station takes the same approach, though they dedicate considerable online real estate to their guide on their homepage:

Real Estate Guides bend oregon

Inside is a beautiful and picturesque overview of the entire Bend area. And it ends with two opportunities to go deeper with Bend Station: (1) an email signup box and (2) a full form to “Get in Touch”:

Both guides major on the needs and wants of either prospective sellers or prospective buyers. They’re helpful and provides genuinely valuable content you can replicate for your local area.

5. Real Estate Agent Infographics Should Make Sense Of The Numbers

Speaking of beautiful and picturesque, also on Weiniger’s blog, you’ll find a series of Warren NJ Market Reports. Each one contains easy-to-understand (and easy-to-create) graphics summarizing the previous month’s real-estate financials:

Real Estate Infographics

Each time they culminate is a powerful, one-two content punch: (1) access to a digital copy of the report and (2) a CTA to “Chat with Judy!”

Keeping Current Matters follows a similar path with their simple, but wildly popular infographic that has been shared nearly 10k times:

Real Estate Infographics rent vs buying

Likewise, 1850 Realty supplies local market trends in a visual form both on their blog and across their social media:

Real Estate Infographics

Raleigh Reality takes a good versus bad approach with their companion infographics:

Real Estate Infographics ROI

Even more simplified (but no less beautiful) are West + Main Homes’ monthly Real Estate Market Reports:

If creating graphics with something like PhotoShop or InDesign intimidates you, check out Canva or Venngage to build your own … easily.

Learn more about how you can create amazing real estate infographics

6. Genuinely “Social” Content Marketing On Your Real Estate Social Media

Not surprisingly, Weiniger’s real estate content is all over social media. So we’ll take each one in turn.


To start, she uses her Twitter account to do much the same thing that she does with her blog and Youtube videos, but with less of a defined reason.

In fact, her reason for creating the content I’m going to show you seem to be because she realizes that creating helpful content for everyone in central New Jersey is a great way to build rapport.

Plus, the more rapport you build, the more clients you’ll receive through word-of-mouth advertising; which no one needs to tell you is the most powerful form of advertising.

This Twitter post that leads to her blog is particularly engaging.

You might think that when you click on the link, it’s going to be featured houses for sale that she’s trying to trick you into purchasing with some well-placed click bait, but that’s not the case.

Click through, and you’ll see a very legitimate list of weekend activities for the everyday New Jersey family.

Social Content Marketing On Your Real Estate Social Media


Social media real estate Content Marketing

She also uses Twitter to cleverly direct traffic to her blog:

Twitter also serves as a way to send “follows” to her other social media platforms, such as Instagram:

The tweet leads you here:

content marketing for real estate strategy

From Instagram, you can then jump to her blog post and webinar on Placester

content marketing strategy for real estate

And what’s the webinar about? Creating exactly the kind of content we’ve worked through above:

“I wanted to always lead with value and lead with trust. A better way for me to do that was providing content that really mattered. Valuable content that people couldn’t find elsewhere. As a local expert in my community, I was the perfect person to be able to create it and then distribute it.”

Judy Weniger, CEO of Weniger Group

Take Sarita Dua or Tom Flanagan who are both believers in posting helpful tidbits of content for their followers on Twitter that lead back to content on their blogs:

These agents prove that not all of your content has to be a sales pitch. Content that is clearly not a sales pitch is attractive to everyone… including those you want to sell to.


Weiniger’s Facebook account reveals how every realtor should use social media. One obvious application is posting pictures of houses that are for sale.

real estate facebook post

Because while you don’t want to be overbearing, you also don’t want to totally avoid talking about houses. People know you’re a realtor and they want to see what you have to offer. Pictures are a great way to do that.

Heck, even people who aren’t looking for a house might reconsider if they see some incredible pictures of an affordable home.

She also uses a Facebook page rather than a personal account which conveniently allows clients to review her.

Weiniger also posts fun, personable, and interesting videos of local restaurants. This video content benefits the local diner, people moving to the area looking for somewhere to eat, and — ultimately — your business.

You can even take inspiration from a real estate agent, Jim Walberg, and post quick tips for people living in the area. Because, if we’re being honest, real estate is nothing without a healthy dose of city and state pride.

Saddle up for a deeper look at Facebook Ads for Real Estate

Content Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents: What You Can (And Should) Use

Content isn’t truly content unless it gives. At its heart, content is a mode of creation that offers something to someone else before expecting anything in return.

Overall, the takeaway from Weiniger’s incredible content marketing strategy — as well as all the other examples — is your content has to meet one standard: does it add value?

Have fun with your content. Write about a local pizza shop that is making a killing. Do a video interview with your community college about its success. Create an infographic discussing how safe the local public schools are.

Whether it’s a guide for PPC or a list of popular local restaurants, your content strategy needs to first revolve around the homebuyer and home seller, not around your monetary gain.

Realtor’s who’ve found the balance between when to make a sales pitch and when to produce purely helpful content are the realtors who’re most successful.

In other words, your real estate content marketing strategy shouldn’t focus on selling yourself, but on buyers and sellers themselves, the people behind the money.

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