EP 225: How Entrepreneurs Can Prevent Burnout: A Candid Convo w/ Pace Morby of SubTo

In this special in-studio episode of the CarrotCast, I sat down with Pace Morby to dive deeper into how he operates his life and business to prevent burnout. While we recently got into the technical aspects of his business in a previous episode, today it is more about creating the reality you want for yourself and really thinking about the sort of impact you want to make.

EP 224: Marketing for Real Estate During COVID | How to Adjust Your Messaging and Budget Through the Pandemic

Back in May, I shared the data behind how COVID is affecting motivated sellers and exactly how investors should be adapting through this unpredictable market. Now, this was all on a private Zoom call with our friends at RealEstateInvestor.com. I want to share it with you because the concepts and strategies we go over are just as relevant today as they were a few months ago. When others are not willing to change with the times, this is your chance to serve people better than ever, and come out thriving.

EP 223: Real Estate Partnerships – How We Closed 70+ Deals Together and Have Never Met in Person, All Part-Time! w/ Keith Sant & Norberto Ponce

When the right partnerships are formed, the sky is the limit. Meeting someone, clicking with them, and sharing common goals with someone can take you to places you never thought possible. Working with the right partner can help you become a better version of yourself. This is true for Keith Sant and Norberto Ponce who have never met in person, yet have positively influenced each other both in life and in business. Here’s how they do it…

Ep 222 Alex Pardo Featured

EP 222: How to Navigate Your Business & Life in an Unpredictable Market w/ Alex Pardo

After 15 years wholesaling properties, Alex made a decision to step away from his business. As his coach said to him, not pursuing your talents, is robbing the future of what you are able to offer. It is important to share your gifts with the people following in our footsteps. That said, Alex is now focusing on the things that bring him joy and energy. Right now, those things are Ascent and his podcast, Flip Empire, where he dives into all things related to real estate investment.

EP 220: How to Master Your Real Estate Follow-Up with Gary Boomershine & Robert Syfert of RealEstateInvestor.com

As they say, the fortune is in the follow-up. Gary Boomershine and Robert Syfert have mastered it. From flipping properties, offering turnkey rentals, and creating some of the most robust software, these guys have done it all.

Today we will learn about their scripts, sequences, and how creating great habits have improved every aspect of their lives. If you are struggling to convert the leads you’re bringing in, this episode of the Carrotcast is for you!