EP 218: All Radio. All Virtual. How I Used Radio Ads for Real Estate Investing to Build My Business and Lifestyle w/ Chris Arnold

Radio is old-school. Because of this, investors and agents will confuse themselves with their target demographic, avoiding radio advertising altogether. However, if you are an investor looking deals in your area, your target demographic is very likely listening to the radio! Today, we sat down with Chris Arnold to learn more about how he had relied on radio advertising to build and grow his multiple companies. Learn about what works, what to avoid, and how to build a business that offers freedom and impact.

EP 216: How Jason Pulls 50 Organic Leads Per Day + Full Strategy Breakdown for YouTube, Facebook and IG Ads w/ Jason Wardrop

Imagine pulling in over 50+ leads per day. Now imagine doing it all organically. Generating high-quality leads is more than just setting up a website or launching a campaign.

Today, Jason is giving us a full strategy breakdown, sharing with us how he is crushing it on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram Ads, and more! He will share with us the framework and the formulas so you can get out there and crush it too!