3.25 Billion Hours of YouTube Videos are Watched Each Month. Don’t Miss Out. Use These 12 Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas Get in Front of Your Audience

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Why should you invest time in your real estate video marketing content?

Because video has completely taken over the internet. According to MechDope, there are 3.25 billion hours of video watched on YouTube each month!

Video content is the most engaging and easily consumable form of content and can be very beneficial for building your credibility and brand within your market when used correctly. 

In a world with smartphones, Facebook Live, GIF-, Vine-, and Boomerang-creation tools, the territory belongs to anyone who will have it.

And that anyone includes real estate agents and investors.

As Hubspot reports, “90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process.”

And real estate is all about helping people make BIG decisions.

That is why implementing video content in your promotion strategy is absolutely essential. Real estate experts like Tom Ferry state this as well. He even talks about the importance of videos for real estate agents on his podcast and shares some ideas of what kind of videos you can consider shooting for attracting more clients and having engaging content that everyone loves to see.

As part of your agent content strategy, we’re going to cover 12 real estate video marketing ideas that you can easily replicate, no matter where you stand in your real estate journey. The examples we provide are far from mediocre, but don’t let their quality of them discourage you. Remember, you don’t need to have videos that meet unrealistic standards.

You simply need to have videos that are high-quality for the stage you are currently at.

The worst thing you can do is allow perfectionism to get in the way of producing content. Rather than use the examples as a standard by which to measure yourself, use them as a guide for inspiration, allowing technique, idea, and cadence to inform your own videos.

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Here are 12 real estate video marketing ideas to get you started

Real Estate Video Marketing Idea #1: Home Buyer Advice Videos

The house buying process is not a simple one. At least, not for the inexperienced home buyer.

While most homebuyers have some idea of what they want in a house, they don’t know the potential dangers they face, the kind of things that improve a house’s value, or the sort of timeline they should expect when purchasing a home. But… they would like to know these things.

Short, informal videos offering advice to the homebuyer are not only helpful, but establish your brand as the expert to answer your prospect’s questions and, eventually, sell their house.

Here’s an example of some on-the-job content from Andrew Lamb Real Estate Experts.

Real Estate Video Marketing Idea #2: Home Seller Advice Videos

House sellers want to know the best way to present their house in online photos. Of course, that’s only one example of what house sellers want or need to know before moving forward.

Luckily, you have all (or most of) the answers.

In Beth Day’s video below, for instance, she uses her knowledge of what sells and what doesn’t to build a successful relationship with her potential clients.

Real Estate Video Marketing Idea #3: Real Estate Whiteboard Videos

The whiteboard video is for the coach, the person who enjoys illustrating ideas with a dry-erase marker in hand. At Carrot, whiteboard videos are one of our closest companions. Trevor Mauch, our CEO, puts these together, teaching on topics that range from optimizing your marketing budget to website design.

As an example to inspire your own, though, this is one of our favorites: Anatomy of a High Converting Real Estate Homepage.

Anatomy of a High Converting Real Estate Homepage

Real Estate Video Marketing Idea #4: Client Testimonial Videos

Most of you are probably utilizing real estate testimonials on your website, but video testimonials pack an even stronger punch. Like any well-placed and reliable endorsement, the video version offers social proof — that sense of “this worked for someone else, so it will work for me too” — to combat the prospect’s doubts.

Basically, a video testimonial is a shorter and less thorough version of a case study. But they’re just as powerful.

From real estate agent, Beverly Barnett, this video testimonial offers a relatable, authentic, and reassuring foundation upon which new clients can stand. Yours should do the same.

Here’s another testimonial example from Home By Krista.

Todd Gives Us a 5 Star Review

Real Estate Video Marketing Idea #5: Case Study Videos

Everyone loves a good story.

Not only are they powerful, but they’re also educational (and when they’re both, it’s lead generation gold). From the moment humans discovered fire, stories have inspired, evoked emotion, and driven decisions.

As a real estate agent, case studies are just that: stories of clients who have fallen in love with your passion for helping, your drive for excellent service, and the solution that you offer. A case study is simply an overflow of the customer’s excitement about who you are and what you do. Much like a fire, it’s a spark to start more fires.

Here’s an excellent example from REDX Real Estate Prospecting Solutions.

Real Estate Video Marketing Idea #6: Neighborhood Videos

From best parks to the top places to eat, what we’ve deemed Neighborhood Videos puts your city knowledge on the treadmill. As you well know, selling your city is just as, if not more, important than selling a house. If people don’t love your city, they won’t buy a house in your city.

Neighborhood videos are your way of helping prospects fall in love with wherever it is you buy and sell houses.

In StellarRealty NW’s video, Kaira West talks about bike paths, food pods, and taverns. Let this neighborhood overview video guide your own.

Real Estate Video Marketing Idea #7: Community Videos

Shemeika Fox of Fox Realty Group in Santa Cruz California does an amazing job with calling out her community by interviewing other local business owners. Use these videos to establish yourself as a friendly, interested, and involved real estate agent. Here’s one of Shemeika’s interviews with Sandy Novembre; Owner of Monarch Pilates in Santa Cruz.

Interview with Sandy; Owner of Monarch Pilates in Santa Cruz

One of the beautiful parts about content is that it builds relationships.

And while all types of content can be used as a friendly get-together, year-end review videos, in particular, are an opportunity to have some fun, be transparent about the local market’s health, and put your brand’s stamp on the coming year’s sales.

In this example, notice how RISE Realty in Utah uses its video to strengthen their brand’s voice as a friendly and knowledgeable realtor.

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Real Estate Video Marketing Idea #8: Market Update Videos

When buying or selling a home, your clients want to follow the current local real estate market, but they don’t want to put in the work.

Do your clients a favor, roll up your sleeves, and produce video updates of the housing market. Keep your presentation concise and easy-to-understand. Upload this content to your website monthly (or whenever you feature a new update) and keep an archive on your YouTube channel.

As an example, we love the personability and knowledge that McDonald Residential presents in the video below.

Seattle Real Estate Market Update | April 2021

Real Estate Video Marketing Idea #9: Tips and Tricks Videos

Tips and tricks videos can not only educate your audience but also boost your credibility within your market. Give your audience nuggets of wisdom each week or month and they’ll surely tune in for more.

Tips & Tricks: Negotiation

Real Estate Video Marketing Idea #10: Listing Videos

You’re a real estate agent. No reason to hide it.

Into your content, sprinkle an appropriate dose of house listing videos, beautifully displaying what you currently have for sale.

This example from Pienovi Properties is of high quality. But don’t let that intimidate you. It’s okay to work with what you have.

Invest in some basic editing apps, such as Filmora or iMovie. And check out Paradym visual tour. With these tools, you’ll be able to start creating your own house listing videos.

Remember, just do the best you can.

Real Estate Video Marketing Idea #11: “About Me” Videos

Especially for smaller real estate businesses, this video should replace the Company Brand Promotional Video as the front and center introductory clip to your business.

The most important thing to remember when recording your “about me” tape is that you’re not trying to sell anything… other than you. You’re not selling houses or an easy process or low rates. You’re selling a relationship. And that’s it.

People want to know who they’re working with — the real person behind the curtain of business talk. This video is your way to show them.

As inspiration, consider this professional, yet casual video made by Koki Adasi.

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Real Estate Video Marketing Idea #12: Promotional Agency Videos

If you have peanut butter, you need jelly. And if you have a real estate business, you need a promotional video.

On YouTube, this is your front and center introduction video. It’s the one that teaches prospects about what you do, who you are, and how you do it.

The example we provide tends to be formalities, but don’t be afraid to de-formalize your promotional clip. Formality has its benefits, for sure, but so does casual speak. Depending on the brand image you want to create, your video could fall either way. Overall, make sure that you are consistent with the voice you’re using and the message that the tone is sending.

Here’s the promotional video from NAN & Co. Properties where they articulate what they can offer and why anyone watching should choose them.

Your Videos Don’t Have to Be Perfect

With all these real estate video marketing examples, there are ways they could be improved. And with some of the above examples, there are LOTS of ways the video could be improved.

But we can’t forget one important thing.

Within that imperfection and lack of polish is something more sacred than any Steven Spielberg or Woody Allen blockbuster could ever produce.


The wonderful thing about video in real estate marketing is that it offers a medium to cultivate relationships. It shows more of you than any other type of content. More of the genuine you.

Videos allow people who are sitting at home a look into your life, your work, and, most importantly, you. The true, authentic, unedited you.

Because, when all’s said and done, that’s really what you’re selling: the best version of yourself that you can possibly muster.

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