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What I Learned From 1,000 Carrot Leads w/ Daniel Cabrera

Daniel has generated over 1,000 Carrot leads through his Carrot Lead Generation hub, a.k.a. website. He’s usually ranked number one in his competitive market of San Antonio, Texas. In our conversation, we talk about:

  • The first steps Daniel took in SEO in the first 90 days and first year
  • What he would do differently in his marketing if he had to start all over
  • How negotiating with his SEO leads is very different (and easier) than other lead sources
  • How Daniels’s “buy box” has evolved over the years and he’s able to make use of every lead he generates
  • What Daniel is doing to flip the stigma around wholesaling and real estate investing

Mentioned in this episode:

Brady Winder

Carrot's Content Strategist & Host of Carrot's Podcast. Loves family, music, good conversation and all things Volvo.

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