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The Polite’s of A&E’s 50/50 Flip: From Wholesaling to 66-units + GOLD Marriage Advice

The way Krystal & Dedric Polite run their marriage and their business is something we could all aspire to. Sure it’s cool being on a T.V. show (A&E’s 50/50 Flip) and having a $5M real estate portfolio, but the gold nuggets I picked up in my conversation with them were about having a crystal clear vision backed by a purpose beyond themselves, their counter-culture, yet effective approach to dating that has allowed their marriage to thrive, and how they’ve managed their finance as they went from W2 to wholesaling to flipping and owning multiple businesses. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Listen in for a true behind-the-scenes look!

About Dedric & Krystal Polite

Dedric & Krystal are stars of the house-flipping reality TV show 50/50 Flip on Hulu & A&E. The Polites are rare keynote speakers, coaches & entrepreneurs who actually own & operate multiple highly profitable 7 figure businesses.

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