Real Estate Content Marketing: The Evergreen Marketing Toolkit

Stuck on how to execute your real estate content marketing strategy? Let Carrot’s Content Tools fill in the blanks. Our suite of tools helps you create a consistent content marketing strategy so you can convert traffic into leads.


Seamless Integration for Effortless Editing

No need to worry about accounting for missing content updates. Auto-Locations mirror the parent page they are created from, eliminating the need to apply any new updates across multiple pages. This saves you valuable time and avoids the need to track which pages have or have not been updated.

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High Converting Landing Pages

Every time you’re ready to launch a new marketing campaign our Landing Pages are here to make it easier. Landing pages are super simple, there are no distractions and only one call-to-action which means they load fast and convert more visitors to leads.

Choose from 2-3 newly updated Landing Pages templates depending on your needs. Once you decide on your template all you need to do is add your own personal touches, select a form and a campaign tracking link and you’re ready to roll.

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Landing pages
Ai Rewrite Illustration

AI Rewrite Tool

Rewrite Your Content In Seconds

We understand that time is of the essence. That’s why our tool is built for seamless integration. Highlight the text you want to change, and our AI springs into action, offering a rewritten version that maintains the original intent while injecting new life into your words. Accept the changes with a click, or ask the AI to try again – it’s that simple. Your content can be updated quickly, allowing you to review and publish content faster than ever.

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Increase Lead Generation

Save time creating high converting landing pages and the blog posts that further support your expertise in handling a motivated seller’s niche home selling challenges. Select a niche authority and allow Carrot’s system to build an internal linking content cluster that you can update and optimize for your local market and real estate business. Members who take advantage of the Niche Authority Builder see a 26% average increase in lead generation after 30 days.

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Automate & Amplify Your Website’s Blog

No more starting with blank pages or hunting for trending topics. Writer’s block is a thing of the past. With hundreds of meticulously crafted blog posts at your fingertips, penned by expert copywriters, you’re armed with content that resonates.

Tailored to target niche-specific keywords, these articles aren’t just filler—they’re ready to be traffic magnets. Dive into a collection that allows for quick edits, ensuring that the content not only mirrors your brand voice but also effortlessly attracts and engages website visitors. It’s time to supercharge your blog strategy without the heavy lifting!

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Make Your Content Stand Out With Our Unique Content Tool

The unique content tool analyzes blog posts for unique content vs. what is published in our content packs. The brilliance behind this? It’s all about aligning with what Google treasures most: expertise and authority. Search engines prioritize and reward content that brings readers fresh perspectives and genuine value. With our Unique Content Tool, you get clarity on your content’s uniqueness and gain insights on elevating your content game, ensuring it reflects your brand and has the best chance to rank on Google.

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From YouTube Video to SEO-Boosting Written Content

While videos captivate audiences with their visual appeal, they often miss out on the SEO benefits written content enjoys. VideoPost bridges this gap. Transcribing your YouTube videos and integrating them into blog posts ensures that the valuable spoken content isn’t lost to search engines. Not only does this help your blog with expert content, but it also magnifies your reach, allowing both viewers and readers to engage with your message. With VideoPost, get the best of both worlds – video’s awesomeness and the SEO power of written content.

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