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Carrot Live Chat, Email, and Phone Support

Our customers rave about our support team. It doesn’t matter if you are a techie or not, our team is ready to help you out.

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Our support team is here and ready to help.

Getting into the backend of your website is exciting.

There are a ton of options, features, and trainings to implement. But sometimes you can’t find the right screen, or you aren’t sure why a change isn’t showing up like you think it should. No problem. We offer the Carrot live chat to help walk you through your technology hurdles. But we offer more than just live chat!

  • Carrot Live chat is offered M-F 7am-5pm pacific time
  • Email support (we try and answer all emails within 24 hours)
  • Our awesome help section full of tutorials
  • Weekly Coaching Calls where we help with strategy, SEO, and diagnose websites to improve their effectiveness
  • Trainings and services in our Marketplace to help you get the most out of your Carrot site

Premium Support To Get You The Help You Need

Get the in-depth, expert help that you need – even for the most technical issues on your website! Can’t find where to place that tracking code? No problem. Need to redirect an old piece of content? We can help with that, too!

  • Dive deep into your website, SEO, and lead gen with a 1:1 Strategy Review
  • Schedule a call with a Carrot Success Expert anytime, included in your Premium Support add-on
  • Personalized Guidance: Our product experts are here to guide you with one-on-one advice that is tailored toward YOUR goals.

I really believe in your product. Companies go to Disney for help how to run a company. Companies should be going to you guys on customer service – no one else compares! Seriously whenever I have a question, I feel like Jake is a personal assistant/my own employee!! I’m not the techiest person (yet) & he has been a huge help and has saved me so much time and headache!

Florida Coast Home Buyers

I do want to say after a year of being an InvestorCarrot customer I am extremely happy with your awesome customer service, amazing websites and I love that you continue to build a quality product…so kudos to you and your team at Investor Carrot.

Synergy Redevelopers

Your support is second to none, and I see other investors raving about their results with you guys. Your sites are so clean, and look good, to me there was no other choice than Carrot.

Imperial Real Estate & Construction

I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you guys. Your customer service is by far the best I have EVER experienced. Thank you for being true professionals.

Hernando Home Buyers

You respond quickly and if you don’t have the answer you find it and you all do it! Great customer support is what makes this company better and different then almost every other company I deal with.

EMS Investment Group

Thank you for all the help all the way around. I have told many other investors that InvestorCarrot support is incredible, sites are excellent and they are excellent to work with.

From New York

Thank you all so much!! I purchased my Carrot site the end of Sept and over the first 60 days have been able to go from a “Real Estate Hobbyist” to a legitimate “Real Estate Investing Company”. I just purchased my 6th property since launching my site.

Oklahoma Investor

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