EP 193: How This Real Estate Agent Doubled Her Closings In A Highly-Competitive Market In Just One Year w/ Shemeika Fox

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How This Real Estate Agent Doubled Her Closings In A Highly-Competitive Market In Just One Year

Find your authentic self and go for it. Don’t be afraid to be different.

Shemeika Fox

Shemeika Fox isn’t your run-of-the-mill real estate agent. She is a strategist, who knows exactly how to position herself where people are looking. By being relentless, focused, and genuine, Shemeika has been able to DOUBLE her closings in a highly-competitive market, in just one year! 

Recently, Shemeika completed our 30 Day Challenge, which has helped her take her market authority even further. She is quickly ramping herself up to be the leading real estate expert in all of Santa Cruz!

By finding the right clients for her avatar and expressing her true personality through informative and entertaining advertising, Shemeika is creating the business and the life she has always dreamed of.

Most importantly, she is the happiest she has even been in her career.

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How This Real Estate Agent Doubled Her Closings In A Highly-Competitive Market In Just One Year w/ Shemeika Fox

Authority. You’ve heard me talk about it time and time again on this podcast, during whiteboard sessions, and maybe even on a one-on-one coaching call. The real estate industry is competitive and with changing technology and the rise of iBuyers, agents and real estate investors must find ways to set themselves apart and showcase the unique services they are able to offer their clients. 

Shemeika Fox was part of one of our recent 30-day challenges and what she is doing with her business really stood out. When the challenge first started, she was already a few steps ahead of the game as she had previously utilized our concierge service to get her website up and running. Now, she has taken what we provided and ran with it. She is creating memorable content that you aren’t going to find anywhere else. 

Generic Marketing Leads To Generic Clients

Until 2019, Shemeika was using a marketing strategy many agents use. She had a broker-powered website, a few advertised listings, standard mailers, and spent a lot of her time on the phone.

Shemeika was tired of chasing leads and wanted to position herself so that people would come to her. While she has always loved what she does, she knew that she was capable of more. She knew that her unique talent and ability could help a lot of people on their real estate journey, she just needed to learn how to attract them. 

In 2019 Shemeika asked herself who she could best help. She set an intention to reach these clients utilizing marketing that came from the heart. This led to more leads that matched her ideal client avatar, and more importantly, the ability to find true joy and fulfillment within her business. 

Making The Marketing Shift

In 2019, Shemeika got herself a Carrot website and utilized our concierge service to help her get her message across. She hired someone to help her with her marketing full-time, as well as a professional videographer to create some of the most clever and entertaining listing videos we have ever seen. 

Today, Shemeika’s website promotes the Santa Cruz community she is so passionate about, local businesses she loves, how she and her team are giving back, all while showcasing her personality and mission.

People can get to know her before they even call the office, making it much easier for her ideal clients to find her instead of the other way around. She isn’t out there, solely talking about all the houses she has for sale. She’s focusing on all of the community stuff that really pumps her up and gives her energy within her business. 

Shemeika is passionate about giving back to the community and helping other entrepreneurs in the Santa Cruz area. She co-hosts a women’s group that provides guest speakers as well as opportunities for networking. 

Getting Off The Hamster Wheel

Over the past year, Shemeika has made a clear shift in her mindset and marketing. Her focus has changed from hamster wheel marketing to content pieces that will be evergreen. She provides community information, features local businesses, and sometimes finds herself talking about subjects that have nothing to do with real estate. And while she does do listing videos, there is nothing boring or ordinary about them. 

Recently, Shemeika created a video for a listing using a spoof on the Freaky Friday movie, which featured the owner’s daughter and helped to quickly sell the house for much more than the asking price. Another recent listing featured a bee theme to showcase a bright and sunny yellow house. Shemeika’s videos are memorable, unique, and also show that she has fun in her career… something each and every one of us should be striving for! 

Join us on our next 30-day challenge! You’ll learn how to refine your marketing and find real joy in your business! 

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