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$125,000/Month in Deals with Inbound Marketing and the Carrot System – Brian Rockwell Success Story

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Brian started his journey as a coach and a middle-school teacher. Today, he’s a top real estate investor in Dallas, Texas who’s been making well above $100,000 per month from inbound marketing (SEO and PPC) and the Carrot system.

brian rockwell texas case study

Brian Rockwell with Sell Your House DFW, a Carrot member for about 14 months as of the time he hopped on a call with us, has been crushing the Dallas/Fort Worth market online with his real estate investing/wholesaling business.

Here is a recent text message he sent directly to Carrot’s CEO, Trevor Mauch…

“6 wholesale deals this month if all goes through. $124k… 4 ppc, 1 organic, 1 Facebook retargeting. 1 has closed the other 5 are under contract with a buyer and the last one waiting on a buyer. Carrot system is still rockin'” – Brian Rockwell

Listen in or read his story as an investor, where his leads come from, and what his inbound marketing strategy is that has led to $100k of consistent deals per month.

[Case Study] From Teacher to $80k/Month Wholesaling Real Estate  w/ Brian Rockwell

In high school, a friend of Brian’s introduced him to his dad. Brian’s father owned a roofing company and a few other businesses he had founded in a grass-roots sort of way. In a word, he was an entrepreneur.

It was the first time Brian remembers being introduced to an entrepreneur of that caliber. Someone who really knew what they were doing understood how to manage money and grow a business.

Needless to say, Brian was fascinated.

And from that day forward, Brian wanted to be an entrepreneur.

As time went on, he became increasingly interested in the real estate investor niché, dreaming of the day that he’d make it big.

But, what he didn’t know at the time was that he’d have to wait 12 years until that happened.

As Brian graduated from school and joined the sect we all refer to as family life, the importance of supporting his wife and kids rose to the top of his priorities.

In an effort to do so, he became a track, football, and baseball coach and taught classes as well. In other words, he became a phenomenal generalist, something he wasn’t particularly passionate about.

I mean, of course, that he wasn’t passionate about being a generalist. The coaching and teaching he loved. He was able to inspire students and co-workers daily and encourage them to be the best version of themselves that he could possibly imagine.

Brian’s evenings, lunch breaks, and weekends, though, were filled with his dream of becoming a real estate investor and being financially free — something he wanted to do but was unsure of how to do. He would scour real estate investor resources.

Particularly, he fell in love with

For 5 years, this was his life. He dreamt of being a real estate investor and studied what that could look like in his free time. But most of his time was taken up by teaching, coaching, and family.

Eventually, Brian’s wife got a job that was capable of supporting the family, and he was free to pursue his passion.

Through a Bigger Pockets forum discussion, he found out about Carrot and went to work creating his website.

Listening to the 3LPD training that we offer here at Carrot, Brian learned about the importance of building credibility and personality with your website.

So, he took extra time to add a picture of his family on the “about” page.

Brian Rockwell Real Estate Investor

He even added a core values section to his website after researching other businesses’ core values and determining what he felt should define his business. core values

Besides these small changes to his Carrot website, he did very little. He customized some of the copy to fit his voice and added compelling testimonials.

Once his website was finished, he started marketing his new passion.

His original intention was to market his wholesaling business with traditional methods — direct mailing and what he calls “driving for dollars.” Basically, driving the streets looking for run-down houses and sending mail to those places.

He even got his first deal through traditional marketing methods, and he got a taste for success when he made $7,300.

But, as Brian mentions, “driving for dollars” wouldn’t be a sustainable marketing strategy.

As Brian grew tired of driving around every evening looking for possible clients, he knew something needed to change.

He discovered Carrot’s 3LPD training and devoted 5 hours a day for 3 weeks to the content, ingesting every soluble potential value from the modules.

Brian quickly learned that organic traffic strategies can take a long time to generate leads if you’re in a competitive market.

“I’m in Dallas, Texas,” he thought to himself, which is highly competitive.

Because of this, he turned his attention to Google Ads and learned what he knew nothing about.

His starting budget was a mere $1,200.

But after just one month of investing money into PPC, deals of value ranging between $10,000 and $20,000 started rolling in.

In his excitement, he invested more and more money into his PPC marketing.

Some might think he was too forward. But he wasn’t.

When discussing the topic, he said,

“Would you pay $3,000 to make $30,000? I don’t know about you, but I’d take that deal all day long.”

Brian’s perspective was that the more money he dumped into PPC, the more money he would make and the higher his ROI.

Brian started his journey as a coach and a middle-school teacher. Today, he’s a top real estate investor in Dallas, Texas, who’s making around $80,000 every month from his business.

He only does online lead generation — no more direct mail or “driving for dollars.”

Brian’s website is currently at the bottom of page one for his target keywords. And that’s starting to become a focus for him, but only now that he has the time and money to invest.

As he discusses his success, no one is more surprised than him as he says,

“It’s awesome because once you know the formula of how to do this, it’s just do it again and keep going and going and see how you can grow it.”

But what’s the formula?

How does someone go from a dreamer to a doer? How does a middle-school teacher become financially free through real estate investing?

Lucky for you, the answer isn’t as complicated as some people make it.

Brian boils his success down to one single solitary thing: trusting Carrot’s advice and implementing everything that they suggest.

That might sound a little sales pitchy coming from a content marketer at Carrot, but for Brian, that was exactly why he was successful.

He learned everything he could, took the recommended risks, and optimized his website with our suggestions.

The results speak for themselves.

So why not you?

Why not your business? Why not your website? Why not your family?

If Brian rose to real estate investing success from being a middle-school teacher, you can, too. Nothing makes Brian different than you except that he chose to implement everything he learned.

And oftentimes, the implementation makes the difference between someone who dreams of being an entrepreneur and someone who builds a successful business.

Brian is currently working to place his business in every city in Texas, and from there, who knows.

When you experience the kind of unexpected success that Brian enjoys, the sky’s the limit.

As a final piece of advice from the man who’s living your dream,

“Trust the system. That’s what I did. I put full trust in everything Carrot had to offer. Do your research. Be good at what you do. If you don’t have the skills, go learn new skills. Always push yourself. Always learn. At the end of the day, if you find something that you want to do, go all in 100%. Just kill it.

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  1. Love it! The step by step approach is so refreshing. All you have to do is TAKE ACTION!

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