Guide To Google AdWords for Real Estate Investors

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Guide To Google AdWords for Real Estate Investors

What’s your biggest PPC advertising fear? Is it the cost? The potential of throwing money away? How about not having enough time to effectively manage an AdWords account?

You’re not alone. At some point, you heard that AdWords doesn’t work. But did you also hear how the ineffective account was structured? Did they mention what type of strategy they had?

AdWords does work so long as your strategy is effective. In fact, year after year it’s the second most consistent lead generation method for our Carrot members (behind organic leads). And that doesn’t count phone call leads and leads due to improperly placed conversion tracking tags.

This “Google AdWords For Real Estate Investors Guide” outlines the key actions you, as a Real Estate Professional, should take to create a Google AdWord’s campaign that gives you the best chance of success.

This guide will get you on the right track — a track that can potentially change your life as it has for Carrot member, Brian Rockwell…

adwords for real estate investors success story


AdWords for Real Estate Investors: 8 Steps Away From a Successful Campaign

  1. Plan.
  2. Do keyword research.
  3. Use your unique selling proposition (USP) to your advantage.
  4. Find your compelling offer and make it a part of your ads.
  5. Write ads that stand out from the competition.
  6. Use a high-converting landing page that is mobile responsive.
  7. Don’t forget to install your conversion tracking.
  8. Use correct campaign settings.

Step 1. Create Your Plan

First, you must design a plan for your campaign and you MUST think about ROI. Write this plan down and revisit it periodically. Successful investors plan their campaigns first, in order to minimize unnecessary spending and maximize the odds of creating a profitable, high-lead generating campaign.

  • Select the type of campaign you want to build. Is it going to be targeted toward buyers or sellers?
  • Determine your acceptable customer acquisition cost.
  • Estimate your maximum cost per click (CPC).

Max CPC = (profit per customer) x (sales conversion rate) x (1 – profit margin)

  • Estimate your Google AdWords advertising budget.
  • Finalize test advertising budget.

Budget to test keyword = (100 clicks) x (Estimated CPC)

Or, take the guesswork out of your ROI calculation and use the free Carrot ROI Tool

Google AdWords for Real Estate Investors ROI Calculator

Step 2. Perform Keyword Research

Once you have your direction plan, it’s time to research your market, intent keywords, and competition.

  • Define your target customer  Most investors likely have an idea, but newer investors might need to take the time to create a customer avatar.
  • Define your target locations — You have the opportunity to target locations down to the zip code. You can even exclude zip codes.
  • Build your initial keyword list — Use resource tools such as AdWords Keyword Planner, SEOBook, and Ubersuggest.
  • Identify keywords to block  Called negative keywords, adding these in will help block your ads from showing for the wrong searcher.
  • Sort keywords and identify customer intent keywords vs. research keywords — Research keywords might be on the edge, so be careful when choosing them. You must monitor those to make sure they’re not eating up your budget.
  • Organize your keywords into categories — For example:

Category: Sell My House
Category: We Buy Houses
Category: Sell Your House

This will help you build your ad groups around your keywords while staying organized.

  • Do some spying on your competitor’s keywords — SEMRush or SpyFu are two great tools that provide helpful information.

Step 3. Leverage Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Your unique selling proposition, or USP, is a unique advantage that you have that no one else can claim and gives your prospective clients a compelling reason to work with you. In other words, you control the conversation by answering:

Why should prospects choose to do business with you instead of a different investor?

Your USP could be based on your high level of experience. It could be a process that you have in your real estate business that is unique. It could be the credibility that you have based on how you close deals.

Whatever the case, ask yourself what it is that no one else in your market can claim the same and add it to your ads.

Not sure what your unique selling proposition is? Watch our USP Whiteboard Strategy Sketch

Step 4. Have a Persuasive Offer

There are three factors involved in the success of your AdWords campaign: your audience, your offer, and your ad copy.

Analyze your competitor’s offers but don’t copy them. Use the information you already have on your website to create your offer. For example:

  • Offers in 24 Hours
  • Cash in 7 Days
  • No Extra Fees
  • No Agents
  • Close in 14 Days

Choose your persuasive offer structure:

  • Free Quotes
  • Special Cash Offers
  • Guarantees
  • No Commissions
  • Local Investor (Not National)

Additional Considerations:

  • Fast Closing
  • The reason why you’re making the offer. Foreclosures, distressed property, divorce, etc.
  • Target Locations (your target market locations)


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Step 5. Write Ad Text (Copy) That Stands Out

Pretty simple formula. The more people click your ads, the more traffic you get, increasing the opportunity for leads.

Here’s the amount of space allotted in an AdWords Ad:

Dimensions for AdWords Text Ads

Headline 1: 30 characters
Headline 2: 30 characters
Headline 3: 30 characters
Description 1: 90 characters
Description 2: 90 characters
Display URL Path (2) 15 characters each

Display URL Examples


Ad Example #1

Ad Example #2

What you can do to increase keyword quality score, ad position, and click-through rate.

  • Use your customer intent keywords in ads to increase relevance.
  • Communicate the benefits and results of why the searcher should choose your ad. Use words like cash, fast offers, and local.
  • Include call-to-action in ads. “Sell Now”, “Contact Today!” “Don’t Wait.”

Step 6. Quality and High Converting Landing Pages That Are Mobile Responsive

Having an optimized landing page can help to increase conversion rates and decrease your cost-per-clicks. It’s also extremely important to have a Search Engine Optimized website (like Carrot) for the growth and success of your content and search marketing plans.

If you have the option, test — send traffic to different landing pages and see what performs the best.

See what it takes to create high converting real estate homepage…

Some websites, such as Carrot generated sites, have multiple landing pages. Just be sure that you’re keeping good track of your tests.

  • Make sure you have an attention-grabbing headline.
  • You don’t need to have an over-kill of navigation options. Keep what is necessary. Eliminate any distractions.
  • Be sure to have your irresistible offer, call-to-action, lead capture form, and benefits stand out.

Build your real estate credibility and/or social proof

  • Testimonials from your clients.
  • If you have any media mentions. Some investors are very active in their communities. Let searchers know who you are. Make that connection.
  • List your phone number.
  • “About” or “Our Company” page. Find out which page is… The Most Overlooked But Important Page On Your Website (Backed By Science).
  • Credibility badges (BBB, real estate associations, Veteran, etc).

credibility for adwords success

real estate investor website credibility veteran owned business

Other pages that will help build credibility

  • “Contact” page.
  • Privacy Page (required for retargeting).

Mobile Responsive and Optimized Landing Pages

So, you most likely already know that your website needs to be mobile-friendly. In fact, 52% of our motivated house seller, cash buyer, and rent to own tenant leads have been from mobile devices this year (2017). That means, if your website is not mobile optimized, you’re likely losing tens of thousands of dollars per year in leads and deals without even knowing it.

Here’s what to do:

real estate investor mobile websites

Leverage mobile — Take a tour of Carrot’s mobile responsive websites

Step 7. Don’t Forget to Install Conversion and Lead Tracking

If you’re not properly tracking your conversions, you’re almost certainly going to waste your money. In order to maximize your ROI from AdWords, you must track the sales funnel from keyword to customer.

[IMPORTANT] Install a Google AdWords conversion tracking:

Copy and paste the AdWords conversion tag on the page after the initial form signup. That page could be a thank you page or another “more information” page. Without inserting a conversion tag, you’ll be blindly managing your campaign. If properly placed, you will be able to see value information using your AdWords dashboard.

  • Set up call tracking. You can either use the AdWords call tracking feature (which will not track specific call information) or use more of a complete recording tool such as CallFire or CallRail.

Use CRM’s to track your deals:

  • Podio
  • InfusionSoft
  • SalesForce
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Google Drive Spreadsheets

Track Your KPI’s:

  • How many leads per campaign
  • How many deals per campaign
  • Deal conversion rate
  • Gross revenue per AdWords click
  • Net profit per AdWords click

Find out how to make sure your conversion tracking tag is working.

Step 8. Campaign Settings

The following recommended campaign settings are for an AdWords search campaign.

  • Use Search and disable the “Display Network” when first creating your campaign.
  • Advertise one target per campaign. If you have a buyer and a seller website, split those up and create two campaigns (one buyer and one seller).
  • Limit keywords per Ad Group to no more than 10. Always have 2-3 active ads split testing per Ad Group.
  • Start with Phrase Match and Exact Match keywords. Broad match keywords can drain your budget without attracting any leads. So, just beware of broad match keywords if you don’t have a large enough budget.
  • Negative Match obviously irrelevant keywords.
  • Choose your Location settings (target zip codes, city, or county).
  • Choose your Language.

Starting Off: Use AdWords bid estimation to manually set bids. Set your daily budget (Monthly Budget divided by 30.4 days).

Use Ad Extensions – Ad Extensions are free options that could get you higher click-through rates.

  • Call (Phone number)
  • Location (Link to your Google+ profile)
  • Sitelinks (Clickable links that can drive traffic to different pages on your site, such as your “About” page, “Testimonials” page, and “How We Buy Houses” page)

adwords for real estate investors sitelinks


  • Call-Outs (Non-Clickable points. Great for Calls-to-Action)
  • Structured Snippets (Real estate investors don’t get many options with this one, but can use the “Types” option and list out what types of houses you buy)

real estate investor adwords structured snippets

Structured Snippets

Rotate ads evenly to split test (Settings)

  • Eventually, optimize for conversions

You now have the necessary tools and knowledge to get your real estate investor AdWords campaign up and running.

Here’s the next step:

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