Real Estate Testimonial Tips & Examples for 2023

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“The only way to build authority is through content.”

If you’re serious about generating leads, real estate testimonials can be a key content element because they are unbiased comments that prompt visitors to give you their contact information.


Key takeaway: 123% increase in leads for sites with personalization.

We compared a batch of our CSU member’s motivated seller sites over 6 months to see the difference in the lead count.

Now, there are, of course, other factors that play into site conversion. It’s also a great reminder that great-looking sites still need the personalization element to round out.

We compared member sites WITHOUT personalization on the homepage (no testimonials, photos of the member, etc.) and homepages CONTAINING testimonials (1-3) and a personal photo in the about section.

The result? 

PROOF: 123% increase in leads for sites with personalization!

Our most engaged members create the most content and get the most leads.

Using real estate testimonials on your site in text or video, you introduce content that will authoritatively promote your business.

Real Estate Testimonials: A Guide to Building Trust and Landing New Clients

You should be using real estate testimonials to help establish credibility and authority. Quality testimonials increase conversions because they aren’t looked upon as sales pitches. If they come across in an unbiased voice, they will build trust. You’re using real people to show success in your service.

In the end, your testimonials will convert more visitors into buyers and sellers if you use them correctly.

According to a study… “Testimonials and case studies are considered the most effective content marketing tactics.” In short, in a crowded market like today, great testimonials for real estate agents and investors formatted correctly can boost your leads and deals. They help add credibility to an untrusting world.

Additionally, as those values go vertical, many aspiring wholesalers start flipping houses, making for increasingly saturated online spaces.

But before panic sets in, breathe. It’s not as bad as it sounds… well, but it’s also an opportunity. It’s a chance to flex your real estate muscles, to stand head and shoulders above that semi-debilitating clutter, to be the solution rather than contribute to the problem.

What I will teach you will apply whether you’re an investor, buyer, seller, or agent.

I will teach you how to build credibility by leveraging testimonials that shine.

Let’s dive in!

What is a Real Estate Testimonial?

A real estate testimonial relays a story from a current to a potential client. The shorter, the better (unless you sacrifice quality). You don’t want an hour-long testimonial.

When a client has a great experience, let them share it. Get real testimonials. Potential clients experience shopping anxiety — you know, that feeling before buying something that says, “It costs too much. It’s not good enough. How do you know it’s what you want?” — and testimonials are one way of shooting down this discouraging devil.

The testimonial says, “Other people have worked with this company and had a good experience. I probably will too.”

Here are some examples from one of our member sites:

real estate testimonial examples
Example Real Estate Testimonials

Why are high-quality testimonials such a big deal?

If used correctly, testimonials for real estate agents and investors are important for website visitors (and your conversion rate).

They can…

  1. Completely eradicate concerns that prospects had about working with your business.
  2. Build immediate trust for who you are and what you do.
  3. Convince prospects to give you their information via an opt-in form or call you on the phone directly).

Consider that 88% of consumers claim that they read at least 10 reviews before deciding whether they can trust a company or not (and they have to trust you if they’re going to work with you) or that 88% of people trust online testimonials just as much as personal recommendations from a friend.

To prove just how powerful testimonials can be (at least the conversion rate side of things), Unbounce reported on an A/B test. Ideal for testing, Version A and Version B are identical save for one difference: Version B includes a testimonial above the website’s opt-in form.

testimonials increased conversions by 34%

In the end, Version B increased the conversion rate by 34%.

Let’s put that in perspective for a wholesaler’s website.

Imagine you drive 1,000 website visits every month, generating 100 leads per month on your website (a 10% conversion rate — typical for Carrot websites), and you close 1 in 25 leads. That means you’re doing about 4 deals per month at, let’s assume, $10,000 profit per deal.

Boom — you add a glowing testimonial to your website and increase your conversion rate by 34%, from 10% to 13.4%.

Now, you will get more than 130 leads per month with the same amount of traffic (1,000 website visits). And since you close 1 in 15 to 25 leads, you’ll now do more than 5 deals monthly with the same amount of website traffic.

By putting a testimonial on your website, you added $10,000 in monthly wholesale fees (from $40,000 to $50,000 per month).

And the same goes for real estate agents. You can increase your conversion rate and monthly income by adding excellent real estate testimonials to your website.

example testimonial for real estate agents

Of course, I’m not promising that you’ll get exactly those results. I’m just trying to illustrate how powerful a slight boost in your website’s conversion rate can be on your business revenue (at Carrot, we provide high-converting websites out-of-the-box for our members)… and that testimonials can help you achieve that slight, powerful boost.

But… all of this depends on using high-quality testimonials.

You Might Be Doing It Wrong

Most people have testimonials helpful in taking up website canvas, but little else.

To avoid spitting lousy devil killers, I will walk you through the four levels of a quality real estate testimonial. Unfortunately, most people are stuck in levels one and two.

Level 1: The Basic Real Estate Testimonial

creating effective real estate testimonials

The first level is your most basic testimonial:

“Hey, Mark was great to work with. – J.K.”

If a level one testimonial is on your website, it’s best to take it down. It’s not helping. There are no specifics. It doesn’t say what Mark did for you that was so great. It doesn’t say how Mark did it.

It doesn’t end there if this lack of context isn’t enough. The signature says, “J.K.,” the client’s initials. Although the testimonial is made a joke by the initials J.K. (if someone has these initials, don’t even get their testimonial…), initials, even without such inconvenient letters, are impersonal and potentially create distrust in the viewer.

A testimonial doesn’t always help your reputation. Level one testimonials, particularly, can damage it.

Level 2: Be Specific

convincing real estate testimonials

Level two is better, but still in the sad zone 😢

Do not use painfully vague real estate testimonials.

“Mark did what he said he’d do, closed on time, and I refer him to friends. – John Kennedy”

It says Mark is reliable, timely, and good enough to get a referral. Level two is getting more specific.

When a testimonial is ambiguous, it can work against building trust for your business and create unease in the prospect’s mind. If this testimonial is real, why isn’t it more specific?

Notice, also, that the testimonial used the person’s name, John Kennedy, not his initials. However, skeptics abound even with a real name and an honest, mildly-specific testimonial. The more specific, the better… and fewer critics.

Here’s a sample of a good review for a real estate investor:

“Best Decision I’ve Ever Made!!! I was in a situation where I needed to get out of my house ASAP and Colby came through for Me!!! Nobody else will ever beat his services and I’m relieved I don’t have the financial stress any longer!!! I will forever be grateful for what he did for me!!!”

But specificity isn’t all that counts toward your level. Even if your testimonial is true, you must convince people it’s true. It’s all thanks to that crowded real estate space with no shortage of lies and deceit.

Level 3: Be Real

using visual content for real estate testimonials

Unfortunately, being authentic isn’t enough in our world of “alternative facts” and reality television.

It’s tempting just to write your real estate testimonial under an alias name and throw it on your website to increase the conversion rate. It sure would take a lot less time, and it might even boost your conversion rate if you’re a great writer.

But chances are, the testimonial you’ll receive from someone who authentically loves your service will be far more powerful (and conversion-boosting) than something you throw together yourself. Plus, people can usually tell when a testimonial is fake.

You have to convince people you’re authentic.


Well, levels three and level four testimonials seem more believable simply because they include a visual and they’re a bit more specific:

“I inherited a house and couldn’t sell it, but found Mark online. I was skeptical, but their offer was fair, we closed on time, and I’d work with him again. – John Kennedy – Tampa Seller”

Viewers will look at an image or video, and immediately, the dud of a testimonial becomes impactful.

The image could be a picture of you and the prospect at the closing table or their face. It could be you shaking their hand or a short video of them discussing the process.

Your only goal is to make it real, to make it believable. Don’t forget to include a short bio for the testimonial giver; tell the viewer who’s recommending you. Even something as short as “John Kennedy, Tampa seller.”

Here is an example of a good testimonial with an image of the client and the investor:

“Thank you for all your help and walking me through the mess I got stuck with. You explained everything and went over the contract step by step; never once did your answers change. You gave us all the information we needed and we could see you were serious about what you do. If someone asks if I know who could help them, I would not hesitate to name you as a reference as you are an honest person. Once again, thank you so much.”  – Louise R. Friel

Level 4: Record Video Real Estate Testimonials

using videos for real estate testimonials

If you want to climb to the testimonial pinnacle, make a video. Record a video of the whole process of your client, recommending you, emotions, and all.

Video captures something text cannot: the human ability to communicate nonverbally. And that’s a powerful prospect.

Written Real Estate Testimonial Examples

Here are a few examples of good “real” written testimonials:

2nd Chance Investment Group

“Like many others in this unstable economy, and after looking into other organizations, such as Keep Your Home California, I exercised my options by contacting Second Chance Investment Group in Chino Hills, CA. It was the best phone call I could have made. Now I am doing better than ever – free of debt. And moving forward with a clear mind. Thanks, Ray Foster and Second Chance. Keep up the good work.” – Sheryl Brown-Pearce

Townsend Realty Group

“Townsend Realty Group has been the finest company to work with as we sell our home in Canton. We have sold several homes and have never had such a professional and compassionate company guide us through the process. Their realtors are always a phone call away and are readily available to help in any way. Their team made some great recommendations for selling our home, and they also helped us avoid pouring lots of money into getting the home ready for the market!” – Ray and Patricia Massengale

Florida Cash Home Buyers

“Thanks to all the fine people I have dealt with in the past 2 to 3 weeks. I especially like to thank Annette with the law firm. She was very helpful in processing the closing paperwork. Alejandro kept me aware of my need to show the property to various people. Thanks again to all that helped with the sale and closing.” – Glenda Skaggs

Video Real Estate Testimonial Examples

Here are a few examples of good “real” video testimonials:

We Buy Houses Jacksonville FL | Sell House Fast Testimonial
Happy seller
Feliciane Inherited Her Grandmother's House and Decided to Sell for Cash to John Medina Buys Houses!

Let me end with one final tip…

You Need to Ask Good Questions

Don’t forget to set yourself up for success at the gate. You must ask the right questions to get a high-quality real estate testimonial.

Here are some questions to ask to get POWERFUL testimonials:

  • What problem did you need to solve, and did we solve it as you expected? — You want to pull out the pain they were experiencing before working with you. What were they going through? Could they even sleep at night? What was the emotional pain like? How stressful was the situation?
  • Why did you choose to work with us? — You want to understand better what made them decide to solve their stressful situation by working with you. What was going through their head? What was the final straw that made them give you a call?
  • Why did you choose us instead of some other company? — Why not somebody else? This question will help illustrate your USP and what sets you apart from competitors in your market.
  • What was your favorite part about working with us? — Being on the other side of that stressful situation, what was the client most enjoyed most during the time they worked with you? It could be how fast you closed or how easy it was.
  • What surprised you about working with us? — Asking this question can get the client talking about the thing they loved about working with you that was the most unexpected (i.e., how you went above and beyond for them).

Elements of an Effective Real Estate Testimonial

To recap, these are the elements necessary for a killer testimonial. Check these off your list before posting.

  • Be specific
  • Be authentic
  • Be thorough
  • Emphasize benefits
  • Include a picture of a face, or better yet, record a short video
  • Short bio
  • Ask good questions

Where to Place Testimonials on Your Website

When placing testimonials on your website, a few options exist. Some investors dedicate an entire page to reviews or testimonials, while others prefer to sprinkle one or two on their homepage and other landing pages. However, it’s important to remember that buyers and sellers researching and wanting to know you better are more likely to visit your reviews page, “How it works” page, or “Our company” page.

Placing testimonials on your reviews page can be especially powerful, as this is where potential customers will go to read about the experiences of others who have used your products or services. You may also want to consider creating YouTube videos showcasing your business on your homepage and city landing pages, as this has been shown to increase search engine rankings correctly.

While you may not see many people watching these videos on your landing pages, once they are shared on your reviews page and other platforms, they can be highly effective in building trust and credibility with potential customers.

Here are a couple of examples how Carrot members use testimonials:

Kind House Buyers – Reviews Page (scroll on the image to see the full page)

kind house buyers reviews page

Simply Sold Testimonials Page (scroll on the image to see the full page)

kind house buyers reviews page

Discover the power of testimonials in boosting your credibility and conversions as two leading investors share their insights in this must-listen CarrotCast episode: “Unlocking the Practical Guide to Building Trust and Driving Conversions.”

Ultimately, Work With What You Have

Remember that threatening clutter?

Not so threatening.

Suppose you’re uncomfortable on video, email past clients the questions above and ask for their answers. Call a friend and ask them to vouch for your character if you can’t think of any clients who’d give you a testimonial.

As your business grows, you’ll get better real estate testimonials, improving your conversion rate even further. But it’s a process.

Testimonials can increase conversion rates if you use them correctly, and there are very few instances where a testimonial would hurt your conversion rate.

So work with what you have.

So embrace it; get some testimonials and add them to your website. Remember, a slight increase in conversion could mean thousands of dollars per month for your business.

Speaking of which, don’t forget to optimize your Real Estate Bio using one our templates! For more resources and real estate marketing materials, click on the link!

Trevor Mauch

Trevor is the CEO of Carrot and knows a thing or two about inbound marketing and generating leads online in the real estate industry. As an investor himself, he's generated tens of thousands of real estate leads and is a leading expert in inbound marketing for investors and agents. In addition, his true passion is helping entrepreneurs grow businesses that truly help you live a life of purpose.

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13 responses to “Real Estate Testimonial Tips & Examples for 2023

  1. I really liked the end where you discussed what questions to ask sellers. That will for sure improve my videos going forward.

    1. Gary! Excellent!!! Man this is soooo huge right now… building credibility in all of our marketing… that’ll help you stand apart credibility wise from your competitors.

      Go get ’em!

  2. Trevor- Great video, I have used a few different sources to post reviews before, and thought I already knew enough. But your video definately ran true, that we can always learn more. Thanks for the great recommendations. I look forward to making some video reviews/testimonials.

    1. Eric! Awesome, glad it helped to make your testimonials better!!!

      Hit me w/ a link to one of yours here and I’ll take a look at it and pass over some feedback. Thanks Eric!

  3. Hi Trevor,

    This was very helpful, thank you. I’m brand new, and haven’t closed a deal yet. Do you have advice for testimonials (or alternative) in this case? Would it make sense to get a general testimonial about my character, ethics etc. or just leave testimonials alone altogether until I have a happy customer (seller) that I’ve done a deal with?

    1. Candace! Awesome! Glad you liked it.

      YES YES YES. Great question… and it’s one that every business in the world has to face… because everyone has to start somewhere.

      The whole key is taking your prospects on a journey… from Problem Aware, to Solution Aware (they know their options to buy or sell), and to the Decision… but between being solution aware and making a decision they have to do something to vet and verify their options to choose the one they trust the most, they believe the most, they connect the most, and that’ll help them the most.

      As long as you’re connecting w/ them, showing you have the expertise to solve their problem (which is likely more of a mental roadblock for you right now vs. an actual roadblock), and make sure they know who you are and want to work with you… you’ll do fine.

      YES I’d go get character based testimonials from…
      – Your banker
      – Your mortgage broker
      – Insurance agent
      – Real estate agent
      – Co-workers
      – Boss / Former Boss
      – Local non-profit agency you volunteer at
      – … you get the idea.

      something like…

      “I’ve worked with Candace on several projects at “The ‘Save The Carrots’ Day Parade and Fundraiser” and she’s always amazing. Honest, trustworthy, and she does what she says she does. If you’re looking for someone with integrity, Candace is the person. I’d recommend her to anyone” – Nancy Pancy, Director: Save The Carrots Foundation

      Yep, there are other ways to build credibility as well… just going out there and showing you know your stuff. Keep it up and get that first deal done! We can help you through it… just hop on one of our weekly Carrot Coaching Calls if you’re a Carrot client and we’ve got you :-)

  4. Thanks so much Trevor! That was very helpful and makes sense. I’ve been hearing great things about Carrot practically everywhere and have witnessed the a customer (and technically in my case “non” customer service I first-hand lol)…anyway the thorough response is much appreciated and I will definitely be an actual customer quite soon :)

  5. Trevor – How do you go about securing the testimonials? Mainly, do you get it in writing that they gave you permission if you do a level 2 or 3 testimonial?

    1. Hey Allan! Great question.

      The best way to secure them is at the moment they are the happiest and seeing value from you… which is the closing table… when they’re getting their check. So you just need to work into your process at the closing table asking for a testimonial.

      But don’t just say “can I have a testimonial?”. Then it seems self serving.

      Ask them for feedback instead.

      “Hey Mrs. Seller, I’m so excited we helped you get this done and this property off your hands. We’re always looking to improve… are there any things we can do to improve the experience for others? (let them answer it verbally). Then ask… “sweet, thanks for the feedback. So, on the other side of it… what was the best part about your experience with us? (let them talk, you take mental note). Then ask more questions. “What do you feel things would be like if you didn’t find us?” “what were you most surprised about after working with us about our service?” “were there any things you were nervous about before working with us that we overcame well for you during the process?” (that question is the one that’ll yield the most gold).

      Once htey answer w/o the pressure of “doing a testimonial”… then if they said some good stuff you say…

      … “oh, man there’s lots of sellers that have similar things that hold them back from working with professional house buyers like us… the way you said that is awesome… would you mind if I ask you that question again and we record it this time? Then we can show it to other prospective clients so they don’t make the mistake of working with fly by nite operations”.

  6. Great break down and ranking of testimonial. How about getting testimonial on other sites like google?

  7. Trevor, this was a great module. The list of questions to ask is super helpful. Is there a way to link Facebook reviews or Google reviews to the site so that it accomplishes both the review goal AND the multi platform goal?

  8. Real estate testimonials to help establish credibility and authority. Quality testimonials increase conversions because they aren’t looked upon as sales pitches. If they come across in an unbiased voice they will build trust. You’re using real people to show success in your service.

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