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[Analysis] 10 Effective Techniques for Creating High Converting PPC for Motivated Sellers Ads 

Based on the Analysis of Over 50 Google Ads Accounts

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creating google ppc ads for motivated house sellers

When it comes to real estate investor PPC for motivated sellers campaigns, there tends to be a lot of emphasis on the quality and content of landing pages to increase conversions.

Your landing page is crazy important, but to get motivated sellers to visit your landing page, you must first persuade them to click on your ad.

The best landing page won’t do you a bit of good if a seller doesn’t get to see it. 

So how do you make your Google PPC ads stand out from the rest of the clutter on a Google search result page? 

Based on the analysis of over 50 Google Ads accounts, we identified the top 10 commonalities with the highest click-through and conversion rates. Here’s a real example of a high click-through (17.39%) high converting motivated seller ad (37.50%)

high click-through, high converting motivated seller ad

That little ad has two to three seconds to grab the house seller’s attention after their Google search.

You get a small headline and a very short amount of copy to convince the seller your site is worth visiting… and that you can solve their problem.

The better your ads perform, the more clicks you’ll get.

The Top 3 Google PPC Ads Get 2-6% click-through rates. Whereas ads 4 and below average 1-2% On A Google Search Result Page

google ads ad position click through rate

10 Techniques for Creating High Converting Motivated Sellers PPC Ads

You want to make your ads leap off the page and pull the viewer in. (Like this Carrot member did in his ads)

As quickly as possible, you need first to grab their eye; second, show them that you can likely help them, and relay a sense of credibility through the ad to make them feel great about clicking the ad to learn more.

Since you only have a few lines and seconds to relay all that, your ad headline and copy need to trigger an instant response.

Give motivated sellers a reason to click.  Here are some practical and ethical triggers I use when creating PPC Ads for Real Estate Investors.

These triggers have helped to yield an average 5% click-through rate and an 18.2% visitor-to-lead conversion rate across Carrot PPC accounts that I manage.

Use this article and our “20 Steps to Optimize Your Google PPC Campaigns” and “How to Tell If My Real Estate PPC Campaign Is Working – Setting Up Conversion Tracking” posts to hone your campaigns.

1. Ask a Question:

People naturally interact with questions. Often that sense of curiosity piques our interest, and it creates an “open loop” in our minds to want to find the answer to that question. When asking a question in your ad headline, you’re triggering this curiosity and making your ad appeal to them personally. Here are a couple of ad headline examples where I used a question:

Other examples of questions you can pose are…

  • “Did your listing expire?”
  • “Need to sell quickly?”
  • “Is Your House In ?”

You get the idea.

Get creative.

2. If Possible, Use Humor:

Sometimes, this is a little harder in the real estate market. People like to laugh. If your ad headline makes them chuckle, they associate your ad with positive emotion. This creates a more receptive message.

A way to do that may be…

“Is Your House A Total Beater?”
Sell As-Is. We’ll Pay For Repairs
Get A Fair Cash Offer Today

3. Add Credibility

Call out a BBB rating or how long you’ve been in business. Increased credibility equals increased persuasiveness of the ad overall and strengthens your brand’s quality. This can lead to a higher click-through rate.

Add Credibility to your google ads

4. Go Regional:

Depending on your campaign’s demographics, using regional triggers in your ads, such as city or state names, often pays off. Sellers will automatically relate to the area and build more trust seeing a loc ad. Couple that with a local-looking domain name or URL, and that’s even better! 

localize your google ads

5. Use Power Words:

Several keywords are known as power words. These words are proven to attract attention and sales. They include words like highest, free, fast, super, fair, now, must save, expert, local, limited, and so on.  Create a sense of urgency.

use power words in google ads

Some ways to use some of those powerful words in your ads include…

  • “Sell Your Boise House Fast”
  • “Get Your Fair Fast Cash Offer Today”
  • “Save time and money. Receive an offer today”
  • “If You Must Sell Now, We Can Help”

And so on.

Again, get creative and test things out.

6. Mention Guarantees:

Guarantees are mentioned in an ad, such as a guaranteed cash offer or a guaranteed offer in 24 hours.

Here’s a quick disclaimer, but never guarantee anything you can’t 100% confidently fulfill.

Don’t guarantee the “highest offer” in the market unless you’re ready to do that.

Don’t guarantee to “close in 7 days” if you can’t do it.


7. Use Personalization:

Similar to ads asking a question, ads that specifically address the audience are much more likely to gain attention.  Such as the title Facing Foreclosure?

Here are some other examples…

In Divorce? Sell Your House Fast
Avoid costly broker fees. Sell In 7 Days Or Less.
Receive a fast – fair cash offer today

Inherited A Boise House? Cash It Out
Trade that house for cash today.
Receive a fast-fair cash offer

Are You A Tired Landlord? 
We’re buying local rental houses
Get a fair-fast cash offer today

Get creative.

Now… with that said, if you’re going to personalize your ads, you need to make sure you’re also putting these ads in front of very targeted searches. You won’t want to serve up a “tired landlord” ad to someone searching “sell my house fast” or “we buy houses.”

But you may want to test it out to someone searching “tax consequences of selling rental property” or “selling a rental property“… and targeting it to the locations you would buy.

8. Use Benefits + Story:

Searchers are good at recognizing advertising and blocking it out. So your ads can become more effective if they have a storyline and appear less like an ad.

Also, ensure your ads sell the benefit the homeowner will get by working with you. Too many people just mention the service… “we buy houses, “… “local home buyer,” etc. But the benefit they’ll experience is what they’re after.

  • A fast sale.
  • Cash in their hands quickly.
  • Avoid agent fees.
  • Avoid stress.

You get the idea.

Some examples…

David Sold His Boise House Fast
He avoided agent fees and stress.
See how you can to today!

Sell Your House Fast-Cash
Need to Sell Fast? Close in 7-Days. We
buy houses nationwide, No Cost!

Sell Your Boise House Easily
Fair Price – No Fees – No Hassle
Any Location – Any Condition

Look at the benefits mentioned in those ads that the seller can get working with us.

  • avoiding stress
  • avoiding agents fees
  • no cost
  • sell quickly (who doesn’t want that!?)
  • no hassles
  • fair
  • I can sell my house fast and be done w/ it

Focus on the seller’s benefits, and you’ll be golden. 

9. Use Emotion and Senses:

As well as personalization, your ads can appeal to the five senses of the seller: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.  Here’s an example where they can feel the money in their hands.

google ads Use Emotion and Senses

10. Use A Strong And Clear Call To Action:

It is proven that ads achieve the highest click-through rates if they use a call to action. For example, “sell now,” “offer in 24 hours,” or “close in 7 days”… lay out the benefit they’ll get and how they’ll get that benefit with the call to action.

Strong And Clear Call To Action in google ads

Additional PPC for Motivated Sellers Ad Copy Advice to Attract Sellers Online

Attract Motivated Sellers with Powerful Ad Headlines
The ad headline is likely the utmost important element of your entire ad. It needs to grasp the reader’s attention so they will read the rest of the ad.

Include Intent Keywords 
To create higher converting headlines, include your keyword in your headline. Keywords have been proven to achieve a higher click-through rate. If a motivated seller sees the keyword they have searched for; your ad is more likely to seem relevant to them and encourage them to read on and click.

Effective PPC Ad Text to Attract Motivated Sellers
Once the reader has been drawn in with a solid headline, the rest of the ad needs to persuade them to click on the link that takes them to your landing page, ad text needs to be as relevant as possible. Try to use your target keywords in your ad text and your headline.

Fill In-Display URLs With Keywords
While your ad headline and text need to do the core job of convincing the seller to click, your display URL should support your message by logically representing your site.
For example, if your ad link takes sellers to a page residing on, the display URL should read

Use Ad Extensions

As we’ve mentioned in other PPC marketing posts on our blog, test using the ad extensions. We’ve found they can, in some cases, boost your click-through rate a lot… just make sure you have conversion tracking in place, so you know whether those extra clicks are turning into solid leads.


Getting motivated seller leads that convert through PPC or SEO is critical to your survival and growth as an investor.  

In the end, conversions are about relevancy – does what you offer to match what they’re interested in, and do you clearly and quickly show them how you can solve their specific problem?

Sometimes it takes various A/B tests to determine what works for your market. Once you find it, keep doing it.

Try these PPC marketing ad ideas out, and let us know the results! One thing you’ll find is that testing new ad copy continually is one of the best ways constantly to improve your PPC marketing results.

Get to work… and let us know what you see works well for you with your PPC ads below in the comments section! 

Brendan Holmes

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Based on the Analysis of Over 50 Google Ads Accounts

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