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ChatGPT for Google Ads – 5 AI-powered Strategies for Real Estate Investors to Find Motivated Sellers

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As a real estate investor, you know that finding motivated sellers is crucial to your success. With the emergence of powerful AI tools like ChatGPT and Bard, there are now even more ways to automate your lead generation efforts and optimize your Google Ads campaigns.

In the past, automation tools were primarily focused on bid management and targeting.

However, with the latest wave of generative AI technology, you can now leverage the power of text generation to create more effective ad copy that resonates with your target audience.

Using ChatGPT for Google Ads lets you set up and optimize your accounts and save time and resources while improving your campaigns’ effectiveness. With ChatGPT, you can automate tasks such as ad creation, keyword research, and even ad testing and optimization.

Using the right keywords in your ad copy is important to attract motivated sellers. Some examples of keywords to target might include “sell my house fast,” “cash home buyer,” or “we buy houses.” Incorporating these keywords into your ad copy and using ChatGPT to generate compelling headlines and descriptions can increase your chances of connecting with motivated sellers and closing more deals.

Overall, the emergence of AI-powered tools represents a significant opportunity for real estate investors to streamline their lead generation efforts and improve the effectiveness of their Google Ads campaigns.

ChatGPT for Google Ads for Real Estate Investors

Discovering Motivated Seller Keywords with ChatGPT

As a real investor, you know the importance of finding motivated seller leads. While Google’s Keyword Planner is a helpful tool, there’s an alternative that can help you discover new keywords. ChatGPT can provide suggestions when prompted with the landing page you want to target. It can be a valuable resource to help you find the right keywords for your motivated seller lead generation strategy.

Here is an example:

To make the keyword suggestions a bit more relevant, you can ask ChatGPT to include a particular term in each one:

Using GPT for Motivated Seller Keyword Classification

When using a keyword tool like ChatGPT for your Google Ads campaigns, you may end up with a long list of suggested keywords. However, having too many keywords can make creating targeted campaigns difficult, resulting in higher Quality Scores on Google.

Splitting the list of keywords into smaller groups related to each other is important to solve this problem. This way, you can create more relevant campaigns that are more likely to convert.

Fortunately, ChatGPT is great at grouping words by relevance. It’s so accurate that you may not even need to provide category names or examples in your prompts. I initially tried to help ChatGPT understand my desired categorization by adding a category name after the first few keywords, but this was unnecessary.

Using ChatGPT to group your keywords by relevance, you can create more effective campaigns and improve your search engine rankings.

The response to this prompt was of good quality despite not providing any examples for classification.

How to Utilize GPT for Ad Creation

To set up ad groups, I already have grouped keywords and a landing page on my site. The only thing I need now are headlines and descriptions for the responsive ads. I asked ChatGPT for assistance in writing these ads.

Beware that sometimes, ChatGPT suggests ad headlines that are too long, exceeding the allowed character limits. This happens because ChatGPT doesn’t have strong mathematical abilities. Instead, it predicts the most probable text that should follow a given sequence. For instance, it recognizes that “1+1=” is typically followed by “2,” but it doesn’t perform the calculation. Instead, it looks for common patterns.

If this happens, you must adjust the characters to fit or try again.

GPT has a talent for completing the text, which means that when examples are provided in the prompt, the suggestions it generates are more accurate. This is because the suggestions follow the same pattern as the examples, which helps GPT predict what should come next in the sequence.

Utilize GPT for Optimizing Search Terms

After launching the ad groups, they will gather information about the search terms for which the ads were displayed.

This data can then be utilized for optimization purposes. However, analyzing search terms can be daunting, as there may be a vast amount of them to sift through.

To simplify this process, I requested ChatGPT to rank my ad group’s search terms according to their relevance. As ChatGPT already comprehends the concept of relevance, no further explanation was necessary. The outcome was as follows:

Here are some search terms that ChatGPT deems more relevant to real estate investors advertising to motivated sellers:

Here are some search terms that ChatGPT deems more less to real estate investors advertising to motivated sellers:

As a real estate investor, you might find it helpful to use negative keyword ideas when conducting research. One effective strategy is to focus on the terms near the bottom of the relevance list, as they are usually less relevant to the landing page you’re promoting. This can save you time and help you prioritize your efforts when busy with other marketing tasks. While it’s not a perfect solution, it can be a helpful tool in your arsenal.

How to Use ChatGPT to Optimize Your PPC Landing Pages

If you’re someone who doesn’t create landing pages, you might feel unsure about them. To help you feel more confident, use these prompts to identify intelligent landing page recommendations.

ChatGPT Prompt: “What can a person do from this page, and why would they want to do it? [Landing Page URL]”

This is a fast and basic method to assess whether the content of the page and the call to action are suitable for your potential leads.

ChatGPT Prompt: “I’m currently driving paid search traffic to this landing page [Landing Page URL]. How would you suggest improving it so that we get a better conversion rate?”

This prompt may provide you with general advice for your landing page rather than reviewing your specific URL, but it’s still valuable advice to consider.

ChatGPT Prompt: “Rewrite a headline for [Landing Page URL] that explains [unique value proposition] and includes the phrase [keyword phrase].”

This prompt can help you address an issue with landing pages where the headlines focus on attention-grabbing rather than clearly conveying the page’s purpose. By using this prompt, you can improve your landing page’s message-match sequence and create stronger content above the fold to engage your audience better.

If you don’t like what you see the first time, you can ask ChatGPT to “try again.”


As a real estate investor, staying informed about the latest automation opportunities in PPC advertising is important.

Generative AI technologies like GPT and Bard can revolutionize how you approach PPC, and incorporating them into your campaigns can help you achieve better results.

However, it’s crucial to remain vigilant and monitor the performance of your AI-powered strategies to ensure they align with your business goals. Consider implementing the techniques covered in this post in your PPC campaigns.

With AI technology rapidly changing the PPC landscape, staying ahead of the curve is essential to remain competitive as a real estate investor.

We’re here to help. You don’t have to get overwhelmed and fumble through paid ads. Here is a guide that can help you get started using Google Ads so you can be on your way to doing what you do best — closing deals.

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