Announcing the NEW online Carrot Community (Now Open to All Members!)

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I’m excited to announce Carrot Community is officially available to all members.

The Carrot Community is where you can connect and collaborate with thousands of other Carrot members, share your knowledgeand learn best practices from top Carrot members and the Carrot team.

Join the Community today!

Over the years, our Carrot members have been helping each other close more deals, have faster success in their businesses, grow their SEO rankings more effectively, and get off the marketing hamster wheel dragging them down. It’s happened at live events around the country (“Oh I’m a Carrot member too!”), in Facebook groups, CarrotCamps, BiggerPockets, and anywhere else they could connect.

We even work hard to connect members when they have a need in their local market.

But heading into 2022, with the impending economic and real estate market shifts… we knew one thing would help investors and agents thrive through these changes vs. just survive.


When you’re connected with other like-minded people, learning together, growing together, doing business together, and sharing your wins and struggles… everyone rises together.

With almost 8,000 active Carrot members worldwide, we aim to make the Carrot Community the #1 place investors and real estate agents can go to learn and grow their online marketing skills.

What is the Carrot Community all about?

The Carrot Community is meant to be a place for anything you need to help your business with Carrot:

  • Build Relationships and Network – You can network with other Carrot members, build relationships, and help each other.
  • Strategy and Coaching – You will have a community of like-minded people eager to learn from each other and share their strategies and experiences. You will also have a place for Carrot resources that will ensure you are aware of the latest strategies and are provided with the latest information and resources.
  • Technical Questions and Answers – You can post and ask questions for other members and use your expertise to answer and help others.
  • Direct access to the latest information – This will be your place for all things Carrot. The Carrot Community will have all the latest information and resource links in one place. 
  • Product Feedback – You will have a chance to provide product feedback directly to the Carrot Product Team; no middle man, no thoughts lost. 
  • Events and Webinars – A single spot to learn about upcoming webinars, coaching calls, events, and announcements.

Carrot Community is not just another “forum” — it’s an online destination for real people. It provides recognition, support, and connection when our members need it the most.

Other benefits include the following:

  • Carrot Community can help eliminate the need to spend hours doing a Google search on a topic that has more than likely been addressed in a community thread. Or better yet, you can receive the answer directly from a community member.
  • Carrot Community comes with a support system. This support may come from providing guidance and feedback or from other members. Either way, one can get the help they are looking for.
  • Carrot Community provides a platform where members can exchange information, giving everyone who participates a voice. Participation from our members will help foster and grow your business, and encouraging participation among the community will help your business strengthen its reputation and credibility.

How to access the Carrot Community

We’re inviting ALL active Carrot members into the community! There is a well-rounded mix of most of our top-performing Carrot members, newer investors or agents who want an edge, and everything in between.

Access the Carrot Community here!

Not a Carrot member yet?

Join today to unlock all the benefits we offer our members at plans as low as $69/month.

Why Carrot? It’s all about results, performance, and lead quality.

Zillow owns retail buyer searches on Google.

Loopnet owns commercial investment property searches in Google.

Carrot members own motivated house sellers in Google.

We focus on performance and results, and our members pull in more motivated house seller leads through Google searches than any other platform in the world. And if you’re looking for cash buyers, land sellers/buyers, mobile home sellers, apartment tenants, or any other type of real estate lead, we have you covered there with our top-performing lead gen websites.

Unlock benefits such as…

  • Premium Website Designs that less than 5% of Carrot websites use (helps you stand out)
  • Premium Phone Support when you just want to hop on a call vs. live chat
  • The Carrot SEO Suite with the new Keyword Explorer, our SEO Ranking Tracker, and more
  • The Premium Automated Content library with exclusive professionally written articles each month that you can schedule on your websites
  • Unlimited Tracking Links to track what’s working with your paid and social media marketing
  • 10% Discount in our marketplace

… and more.

Unlock all of these benefits and more for less than 1 direct mail blast to the same old tired list everyone else is marketing to.

See you in the community!

The Carrot Community is where we’ll be putting our best information first, where we’ll share the most cutting-edge strategies and tactics from our testing. And where our top members will be hanging out, answering questions, sharing what’s working, and learning from each other.

I’m excited to see you in the community!

Let’s build businesses of freedom and impact together in the Carrot Community.

Trevor Mauch

Trevor is the CEO of Carrot and knows a thing or two about inbound marketing and generating leads online in the real estate industry. As an investor himself, he's generated tens of thousands of real estate leads and is a leading expert in inbound marketing for investors and agents. In addition, his true passion is helping entrepreneurs grow businesses that truly help you live a life of purpose.

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