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What would it be like to spy into your top competitor’s SEO dashboard to see what their best traffic-driving SEO keywords are? Discover your competitor’s best keywords, your site’s most effective keywords in Google, and find new keywords your best prospects are searching for in Google every day.

Announcing our latest Premium Feature… Carrot Keyword Explorer.

The Keyword Explorer helps you find high-intent keywords to target as part of your evergreen SEO strategy.

While Carrot has published many of the most common keywords for real estate professionals in the SEO Bible, the Keyword Explorer enables you to dig deeper to find additional keywords that people are searching for so that you can stand out from your competition online.

Keyword Explorer

The Demand for SEO Leads For Motivated House Sellers

SEO and demand for SEO leads in real estate is only increasing. The retail side of real estate has been focused on social media and YouTube for the past 5 years, and recently, this past 12 months, started talking more about SEO. This will only keep getting hotter because SEO leads are the best leads, cost less over the long term, and people are looking for new ways to get great leads without cold calling.

In the real estate investing and agent space, there are no other tools or websites that have a robust SEO suite. No one focuses on SEO as much as we do. So we’re doubling down on this feature set not just to display data but to guide our members to the right choices.

What You Get with the Keyword Explorer

The new Keyword Explorer puts SEO keyword research at your fingertips! With it, you can…

  • Instantly Find What Your Site Ranks For In Google: The lowest hanging fruit to increasing your rankings and leads is to improve the Google rankings you ALREADY have. The challenge here is most people don’t have a clue what keywords they’re actually ranking for. Instantly see what you’re ranking for, how much traffic potential there is, what % of your traffic is from that keyword, and more.
  • Discover Valuable SEO Keywords: Find the keywords that motivated house sellers and buyers in your target market to search. Find keywords related to ones already turning into great leads for you to expand your reach, find keywords in your niches, and more.
  • Spy On Your Competitors: Ever wonder what keywords your top competitors are going after? Which keywords are bringing them the most traffic to their site? Type in any URL and get instant data on the keywords their site ranks in Google for, the position, the page, how much traffic it’s likely getting, the % of their overall organic traffic that keyword is driving, and more.

How do you know what keywords you should target on your site? You can certainly target the most common phrases in your industry (e.g. “sell my house fast” or “best real estate agent in “), but those keywords are typically very competitive.

The Carrot Keyword Explorer helps you find the best high-intent keywords to target. Get into the minds of your prospects by seeing what people are searching for on Google, along with the relative traffic and difficulty of ranking for those keywords.

You can search by a phrase to find related keywords (similar to Google’s autosuggest but with a lot more data!) or type in a domain name to find out what your competitors are ranking for.

Since we want this feature to remain unique and distinguishable for high-performing investors and agents, it’s only available as part of our SEO Tools add-on for Carrot members.

How do I use it?

To use the Keyword Explorer, type in a keyword or the URL of your top SEO competitor that you know or think that people will be searching for (“find a real estate agent” or “sell my house fast”). The keyword explorer will then list keywords related to the original keyword you input. Simpler is often better when looking for ideas.

The list of related keywords will also show you the search volume for that keyword, representing the estimated number of times people search for that phrase each month.

carrot keyword explorer url example
Keyword Explorer URL Example

FIRSTHead over to the Keyword Explorer in your account and type in your own URL

SECOND: Put the keyword or URL of your top SEO competitor into the Keyword Explorer and instantly see their top SEO keywords

LAST: Grab the SEO keywords you didn’t know you’re ranking for already OR want to go after from your search, and put them in your SEO Ranking Tracker tool

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SEO Keyword Explorer | LIVE New Feature Release | Announcement and Walkthrough
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