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3 Real Estate Professionals Explain How They Overcame The Limiting Beliefs That Kept Them From Success

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Overcome Limiting Beliefs

At Carrot, we have helped thousands of real estate investors and agents generate (literally) millions of leads.

It’s been an extremely exciting adventure for us and for our members.

But we’ve also learned that there’s one thing that can keep even the most effective real estate pros from achieving everything they’re capable of achieving.

And we’re not talking about a struggling market or bad employees or even a sub-par marketing strategy.

We’re talking about your mindset and overcoming your limiting beliefs.

Your mindset is like the rudder of a ship. You might have the nicest ship on the 7 seas, you might have the best crew, you might be the most effective navigator, and you might even be an excellent sailor, but without a rudder, it’s all worthless — without the ability to direct all of that potential, you’ll never get where you want to go.

And without a winner’s mindset, you’re never going to… well, win.

So we asked three real estate professionals and Carrot members what their biggest limiting beliefs were and how they overcame them — they gave us these shockingly transparent answers.


anthony beckham

1. Anthony Beckham, Founder of Beckham Group Investments LLC

“I think one of the biggest limiting beliefs I’ve had, and have heard from many others in the industry, is the reluctance to invest in themselves and their companies. I remember, in my first year, even being reluctant to spend $100 in online marketing ad spend before going forward with it.

Within 60 days, I had closed 2 deals, totaling around $10,000 in commission (the most I had ever made in a month at that point) and it was all I needed to go all-in on my business. The proof of concept is the big break-through for most people, almost like being given permission to go all in. It certainly was for me.

I went through the same reluctance when hiring. The truth is, if you are making a good hire, training them right, and helping them grow, an employee doesn’t cost you anything. They should be making you money. You should be seeing a return on them just like you would with your marketing expenses.

Additionally, I remember having doubts even about myself physically. When you think of an authority figure in real estate — a person who will help you purchase your biggest asset — you don’t typically picture a 21-year-old kid with no experience, 5’7”, with acne, and an old beat-up car. It’s crazy what you’ll come up with for reasons people may not work with you!

I quickly realized that my age and quirks may have been actually attributing to my success. As I got more reviews and past sales under my belt, I would get calls from people I had never met saying, ‘It looks like you’re a young go-getter, and that’s exactly what I’m looking for!’

If you’re a hard worker and behave as a true professional, it doesn’t matter your experience level or whether you look authoritative at first glance. I played the part, and eventually became it.”


  • Don’t be reluctant to invest in yourself and in your business. If you believe something is going to pay you back, then have some faith and make the investment.
  • You don’t have to look like a real estate agent or real estate investor to be successful. Everyone has their own style and your style will resonate with a certain market or group of people. Embrace that.
jonathan tran

2. Jonathan Tran, Founder of At Home Buyers and Partner of Norton Home Solutions & DyeNamic Home Buyers

“When my brother and I started this real estate journey, I was three months out of college with a degree in Exercise & Nutritional Science and I had little to no real working experience. I’ve still never had a full-time job. There would be nights where I would lay in bed with crushing fear and anxiety saying to myself…

  • What are you doing?
  • You can’t be successful in real estate.
  • You know absolutely nothing about business and you’ve never even owned a house!
  • You’re almost 30 and you’ve never had a full-time job, you’re going to be working for the rest of your life.

These beliefs ran through my mind almost every day for the first three months of starting our business until we got our first deal.

Obviously the first deal was a huge milestone because it really showed us we could make money. It also proved to us the tools, resources, coaching calls and courses within Carrot worked. Simply by consuming the content, actively engaging in coaching calls, volunteering for critiques, and implementing suggestions, we were able to get our first deal.

But of course, this wasn’t the end of my limiting beliefs. The leads started too slow. We stopped hearing the sweet pings of new leads and the fear, anxiety, and choking thoughts came back.

Around this same time, Trevor [The founder of Carrot] posted something about a Habit Tracker he created on a Google Sheet. My thought was that if I could implement his daily habits, maybe it would help me in our business. There were many things in the tracker that I’d never done but I was committed to using it.

After the first week of using the tracker, I could feel a shift. I had a more positive and optimistic outlook on the future and with what we were doing. I still do many of the habits today and these were 5 habits I feel made the greatest impact in changing my beliefs:

  1. Waking Up Early
  2. Meditating
  3. Gratitude Journaling
  4. Exercising
  5. Reading/Podcasts

There’s something about starting the day with discipline when you’ve consciously made the decision to get out of your warm comfortable bed (even though you’re an entrepreneur and you make your own hours you could sleep in until noon) but you chose to get up before the sun.

Then I’m completely still and put my mind in a calm place for just 10 minutes to not worry about how the day might go or the things I need to do. At this point, my mind is so calm and I write down a few things I’m grateful for and thank God for this opportunity.

I’m headed out the door thinking about how amazing it is to have all my arms and legs to be able to use every equipment in the gym. As I’m exercising I’m listening to an audiobook or podcast and for an hour I get to hear someone else talk about their belief or perspective on a topic that’s different and I start to agree with their perspective and beliefs, which shoves down my own limiting beliefs.

I know it’s cliche. People talk about morning routines and developing habits all the time, but they really do work.”


  • Getting proof of concept that something is possible (closing your first deal or signing your first contract) is an important step on the pathway to success — it gives you the permission you need to go all-in.
  • Consuming helpful resources and content is an important part of mastering your craft (check out Carrot resources).
  • How you start your day will determine your productivity and effectiveness throughout your entire day — take your morning routine seriously.

3 Resources to Crush the Year and Build Healthy Habits

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shemeika fox

3. Shemeika Fox, Founder of Fox Realty Group

“I would say that the limiting belief I have struggled with in the past, not so much anymore, or at this moment, have been that I am not better than any other agent. I do not offer any more, so why would the client hire me.

Also, those other agents are already higher producers, so there is no room for me to be successful. And finally, that there is a scarcity of business and not an abundance.

I am pleased to say that for the most part, I have overcome these beliefs. I know that my service is superior to most if not all other local agents. My marketing plan is proven to work and while the average days on the market in Santa Cruz County are hovering around 36, my average days on market is at 11 days.

Now I am not saying this out of arrogance or to be boastful. I am actually just really proud that the efforts we are implementing and by thinking outside of the box and listening to our clients’ needs and helping them achieve their goals we are seeing great success.”


  • Creating a service that you are proud of and consistently doing your best work day-in and day-out is a sure-fire way to achieve long-term success.
  • Listen to your client’s needs and help them achieve their goals; this will almost always lead to building a bigger, more sustainable business.


We really appreciated the transparency with which the 3 investors and agents within this article shared their personal challenges.

because the truth is, we all struggle.

And most of us struggle in the same way — we believe we’re not good enough, we’re not smart enough, or even that we don’t look the part.

The people who win, though, are the ones who see those disempowering thoughts for what they really are — limiting beliefs — and move forward despite them.

We hope this article encouraged you to keep moving forward — in time, you’re going to crush it if you keep doing your best work.

So what limiting beliefs do you struggle with? Let us know in the comments!

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