5 Game-Changing Steps to Generating Motivated Seller Leads Online

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How to Generate Leads in Real Estate

How do you generate more leads for your business without working more?

Heck… is that even possible?

Well, most of the successful real estate investors that we know have systems for generating leads… processes that work like clockwork day-in and day-out without any additional effort.

These investors are usually generating 50-100 or more high-quality leads per month without doing any extra work.

Does that sound too good to be true?

It’s not.

Actually, the secrets to lead generation that we’re going to teach you in this article take quite a bit of upfront work… but once the ball is rolling, you can generate tons of leads every single month on autopilot.

Ready to learn a few marketing secrets that very few investors are aware of?

Let’s do this. :)

Step #1: The Simple Formula For Lead Generation

In order to understand how to generate more leads for your business… you first have to understand the simple formula for lead generation.

That is… how is a lead generated in the first place?

Different investors will answer that question differently. Some will say that cold calling is how you generate leads, others will say direct mail, and still others will say by personally connecting with people in the community.

And none of those answers are wrong.

In fact, most successful investors we know also use direct mail and/or cold calling to generate consistent leads for their businesses.

But they also do something that very few investors don’t do.

They systematically generate leads by using the below formula…


Let’s break that down.

Traffic is when people visit your website. They might come through paid advertisements you’re running (like Facebook Ads or Google Ads) or they might come organically through a search engine (Google) or a social media site (Facebook).

Wherever they come from, one thing is for sure… you can’t generate leads on autopilot through your website if you’re not generating traffic.

Paid ads are effective at driving immediate traffic to your website, while building your organic traffic takes a little more time (but the payoff is massive) — more on organic traffic or “SEO” here shortly.

What about conversions?

A conversion is when, after visiting your website, the person takes the action that you want them to take — usually that’s filling out a form that provides you with their contact information or calling your business directly.

And voila! You have a lead.

Those are the two vital elements to generating leads.

You have to consistently drive traffic to your website and you have to consistently convert that traffic into leads for your business.

And Carrot websites have the highest conversion rate in the industry (usually between 10% and 20%).

Rent To Own Conversion Rate
A conversion rate on one Carrot member’s website.

That’s why we believe in our product so much.

We know that if someone takes their organic traffic seriously and they use Carrot to create their website, they’ll have everything they need to build a winning business.

And we’ve made it so that you can get yourself a Carrot website risk-free for 30 days over here.

As for driving consistent traffic to that website, well… that takes us to secret #2.

Step #2: The Basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is what we consider the secret sauce of a real estate investing marketing strategy.

While paid advertising can bring in leads immediately and can help your business in the short-term… SEO can build momentum and help grow your business over the long-term.

But what is SEO?

It’s really pretty simple.

When a motivated seller wants to sell their house fast for cash, many of them actually go to Google and type in the phrase “Sell my house fast in [MARKET CITY]”.

And when they do, Google shows them different websites that it thinks can help the searcher.

If I search for “Sell my house fast in Dallas”, for example, Google thinks that these websites can help me out.

Now here’s the thing: those websites are getting clicks and traffic from motivated seller every time that someone types that phrase into Google… which is more often then you’d think.

That traffic then turns into leads (so long as the investor’s website is optimized for conversion) and the investor generates deals every single month through SEO.

You can also pay to get in those search results…

And that definitely is a good idea when you’re starting out.

But it shouldn’t replace your SEO strategy.

Because more than 90% of people click on organic results before they click on paid results.

So here’s the question: how do you get Google to rank your website for a high-value keyword phrase.

Well, it’s actually pretty simple.

You just need to put the right title on your page, have a website that loads quickly, and a few other things… we have a full 16-point checklist that you can use over here!

And at Carrot, we have TONS of tools to help you.

We give you monthly SEO content, our websites have an SEO-friendly tech-stack, and we also give you the ability to track your progress on target keyword phrases and alert you to optimizations that are missing on any given page.

Carrot Keyword Ranking Tracker

SEO for real estate investors couldn’t be any easier than it is with a Carrot site. :)

Step #3: The Magic Of Conversion Optimization

Remember the formula we talked about?

Traffic + Conversion = Leads

Well… you need both traffic and conversions.

It’s no uncommon for us to see a real estate investor succeed at driving traffic to their website through paid ads or SEO… but to convert almost none of that traffic into leads.


Because their site isn’t set up to convert.

Actually, there’s a big difference between a website that’s built to convert visitors and one that… isn’t.

Let me show you what I mean.

Imagine that you search in Google for the phrase “Sell my house fast in Dallas”.

You’re probably pretty motivated — you want to sell fast for cash and you’re wondering how that’s possible.

So you click on some results in Google.

The first website you go to looks like this…

That’s not too bad, but there’s a lot of text to read on the first page… and you’re looking for a quick solution, so you leave the tab open but go to a different Google result.

The next website you visit looks like this…

Now we’re talking!

This site seems to be able to give you exactly what you want… and by just entering a few details, you can get your fair cash offer today — that’s perfect!

See the difference?

The first site doesn’t solve your problem immediately, but the second site does.

Well… that’s because the second site is a Carrot site… and we’ve ran hundreds of tests to determine what converts website visitors the best in the real estate industry. We’ve then taken what we’ve learned and baked conversion optimization into every one of our member’s sites.

That way, as a Carrot member, you start out with a high-converting site.

Most people who switch to Carrot are seeing a measly 2% or 3% conversion rate on their old site… and then get up to a 20% conversion rate on their Carrot site!

You can try Carrot risk-free for 30 days over here!

Ultimately, you need to traffic and conversions to generate consistent leads.

Carrot can help you with both. :-)

Step #4: The Difference Between Inbound Marketing & Outbound Marketing

We’ve shared a lot of different strategies on this blog for real estate lead generation: Traffic + Conversions, and I’ve told you about a bunch of great strategies for building traffic. If you haven’t read those posts, click those links to check ’em out… I’ll try not to duplicate much here.

Real estate investors can generate leads using inbound (organic) and outbound (paid) sources. In case you’re not familiar, inbound can save you 62% versus outbound marketing. Both are valid ways to generate leads.


Let me make it more simple.

“Outbound” marketing is the kind that you pay for, like Google Ads, Bing ads, and Facebook ads for real estate.

“Inbound” marketing is the kind that you earn – with good content through organic search rankings or SEO.

90 Day Action Plan For Generating Consistent Real Estate Leads

90 Day Action Plan

Get a step by step breakdown of how to leverage Carrot’s online inbound marketing platform to consistently attract sellers, buyers, tenants and other types of lead.

Inbound Marketing is All About Credibility

People have to trust you in order to do business with you, so you have to create stuff (like a website) that shows that you’re credible.

Why Credibility Matters

Our websites are written (and designed) to help you start off with high credibility right away. Once you personalize them with your information, you’re ready to start building traffic to the site.

We take credibility seriously. So, we built in an easy-to-use tool we call the Carrot Credibility Feature. Build Trust and Increase Conversions! Check it out…

Using A Credibility Bar To Boost Online Conversion Rate with Carrot

There are lots of great sources for traffic: Google, YouTube, Facebook, Craigslist, direct mail, signs… anywhere you can get in front of your target audience is a potential traffic source.

Each platform is different. That’s why we create extensive training programs as well as host coaching calls (for members), to show you exactly what you have to do, step-by-step, to build traffic to your sites.

Sometimes you get lucky and people find your site, all by themselves, but usually, it takes some work to get a site to rank on page one for a highly competitive term.

The majority of search traffic comes from page one – these keyword terms are highly competitive, so it’s super-valuable to invest in good SEO in your local market. We can help you.

4 Reasons Why You're Not Getting Real Estate Leads Online and How To Fix It

One easy way to build your rankings is to add quality content on an ongoing basis, written to help build your credibility and around critical keyword search terms that people are using across the US.

Watch This Video To Find Out How You’re Credibility Is Ranking

What's Your Credibility Score? Ranking Your Real Estate Website

Step #5: Publishing Great Content for Your Real Estate Website is Key

Our Content Pro members can click and schedule high-quality content to publish to their site without having to write at all of it.

You might be blogging but that’s either not solving the mystery or you might not have time to fully optimize your content. One easy to use content method is videoposts. You can turn your video content into SEO optimized posts in minutes.

Videoposts can be a highly effective way to bust through your time constraint roadblock.

You’ve got to get people links to your stuff. You’ve gotta reach them somewhere.

The cool thing about search marketing is that when someone types in a phrase like “how do I sell my house fast,” you know that they’ve got some urgency, some motivation – that’s what makes inbound marketing so great at getting super awesome leads.

We compiled a great resource with the top keywords that investors are using to generate leads – you can claim your free copy here. You’ll also get access to a training video that will show you how to optimize your site around some of those terms and get started right away.

Carrot's SEO Bible Download

Get Your Free SEO For Investors Keyword Bible

Attract more motivated sellers, cash buyers, tenants, note buyers and private lenders with these ‘done for you’ keywords and FREE ‘SEO Hacks’ Guide.

Get The SEO Bible Now

Listen, search marketing is only one way to get traffic to your site. There are a lot of great strategies for building traffic to your site.

Once you’ve signed up for your Carrot Membership, you have access to our Weekly Live Coaching calls – those are the best place to learn how to generate leads in real estate. You’ll join dozens of members around the country – along with some of the best minds in real estate investment – as they dive deep into the strategies and pieces of a powerful funnel for generating motivated seller leads.

You’ll learn how to build that powerful lead generation engine to take your real estate career to the next level – and it’s gonna do more than that.

Once you get into the mindset of inbound marketing, you’ll start to see how to attract even more leads – in ways that you never thought possible.

Where the Magic Starts to Happen

You might have heard about the Law of Attraction before, and maybe seen a movie called The Secret. If you’re like me, you’re more than a little skeptical. A lot of that stuff sounds like hocus-pocus, not the stuff to base a business on.

I am not trying to tell you that if you wish for leads, you’ll get ’em.

If I ask you “what’s your real estate marketing plan” and you say “wishing,” I am not going to want to help you grow your business… I’ll want to get away as quickly as possible. Don’t get me wrong, we love talking to people and helping them grow their marketing… but Carrot wants to help people who are helping themselves.

Carrot’s Marketing Plan Generator

Uncover your marketing roadblocks and get personalized tips and techniques to increase lead generation and conversion, gain momentum, and stand out in your market with this Free Marketing Plan Generator.

As the saying goes, if you’re wishing when you should be fishing, you ain’t gonna eat no fish.

Honestly, it’s one of our biggest challenges we face as a company: the mindset shift.

Listen To: Mindset Tips to Help You Motivate, Inspire, and Execute

My 3 Mindset Tips for 2018 to Help You Motivate, Inspire, and Execute This Year

See, once people truly “get it”… once they understand that they can put in the time, the energy, and the dedication to take on the core skills of internet marketing – not necessarily the details of how to generate leads in real estate, but the strategies – once they really lock in on the power of inbound marketing, they behave differently.

Because they know how to get the business to come to them.

That’s the mindset shift.

Think about it like fishing again – do you want the fish to come to you and catch ’em in a huge net, or do you wanna go out with a pole to catch ’em one at a time?

Of course, you want the net.

You want a great bait that attracts all the fish in that river right to your boat, and then you wanna scoop ’em up with the biggest net around.

When a lot of people start out to generate leads, they are approaching it from a “transactional” perspective – they want to buy something that sends the leads to them.

That’s outbound marketing: just pay for an ad to make the phone ring.

With inbound marketing, you create awesome content that introduces your audience to the business. They find you by searching for a solution – maybe on Facebook, on YouTube, on Google… there are a lot of places where people are looking, right now, today.

Those motivated leads are going to go to someone. They’re great leads.

If you set yourself up right, those leads will come to you.

At the core of it, you’ve gotta have an awesome website that converts – or else you’ll get the traffic, but it won’t become a lead. That’s no good.

If you build a solid lead generation engine for your real estate business, you’ll have leads for life

It’s a big goal, but don’t be intimated.

I’ll leave you with some proof…

Tyler Ford has been getting 2x more motivated seller leads with Carrot than he did with his old site. The Carrot tools and content has helped him stand out in my crowded market.

Here’s his story… Tyler Almost Quit Real Estate After 20 Years – That is, Until He Made these 8 Changes.

Download Tyler’s Free SEO strategy for Real Estate e-Book!

SEO strategy for real estate

We’ll help you get there! Let us know if you have questions.

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