12 Proven Lead Generation Ideas For Real Estate Agents

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It’s hard building a thriving and successful real estate agent business.

But, of course, there are some things that will make it a little easier.

You’ve got tons of competition (other real estate agents) to deal with. You have to make good hires as your business expands, utilize the right tools, and budget your finances effectively.

You’ve also got to consistently generates leads and make transactions.

That’s the real crux of the issue, isn’t it?

Because if you’re not consistently making transactions, then your business isn’t going to grow. If you are, on the other hand, then everything else will sort of fall into place.

So we put together this article to give you some additional ideas for generating leads for your business, in good times and bad.

Here are the 12 best lead generation ideas for real estate agents in a rapidly evolving industry to give you the tools to keep the buyers and sellers coming in:

  1. Change to a High-Converting Website
  2. Get Rankings For Long-Tail Keywords
  3. Use Incentivized Opt-In Forms
  4. Ask For Referrals
  5. Master Content Marketing
  6. Use Direct Mail
  7. Sponsor Housewarming Parties
  8. Brand Your Clothing
  9. Partner With Other Experts
  10. Attend Networking Events
  11. Run Paid Ads Consistently
  12. Advertise At Local Businesses

1. Change to a High-Converting Website

Here’s the hard truth about most website builders: they are great for… well, building a website… but they aren’t great for getting conversions necessarily.

Most website builders (like WordPress and Wix, for instance) provide you with a suite of tools to create any kind of website that you like, but they don’t provide you with guidance as to what will actually work best in your industry.

Because when someone visits your website, they are considering working with you. And it’s your job to build trust and get their contact information as quickly as possible.

At Carrot, we’ve run hundreds of split tests to determine what type of website converts the most visitors. And the best part is, all of our AgentCarrot Members get a high-converting website out of the box — just customize the copy, images, and logos however you like and you’ve got yourself an online lead generation machine for real estate agents.

Krista Mashore AgentCarrot Website

2. Get Rankings For Long-Tail Keywords

At Carrot, we spend a lot of time discussing SEO and Google rankings… that’s because we know the power of Google rankings first hand for our business and we’ve seen the impact on our member’s businesses.

If you rank on page 1 for high-value keyword phrases in your market, then most of your business’ lead gen will take care of itself.

Sure — you’ll still want to run paid ads and network within your community, but ranking in Google will give you an undeniable step up on the competition.

Here’s what we’re talking about…

When someone searches for a pertinent phrase specific to your market — “Best real estate agent in [MARKETY CITY]” or “[MARKET CITY] real estate agent”, for example — if you’re on the first page, then you have a fair chance of that person visiting your website and becoming a lead.

The higher up you are on the first page, the better your chances.

But how do you get your website to the top of the rankings?

First, you have to choose a keyword phrase with the right intent and with not too much competition.

Here are a few examples of great starter keywords for most markets…

  • Best real estate agents in [MARKETY CITY]
  • Real estate agent in [MARKET CITY]
  • Buy a home in [MARKETY CITY]
  • Sell my home in [MARKETY CITY]

If you want to get ranking even faster, then you might target longer-tail keyword phrases based on your niche or preferred market…

  • Sell my riverside home in [MARKET CITY]
  • Get best price on my home in [MARKETY CITY]
  • Want to downsize in [MARKETY CITY]

The list could go on… but you get the idea.

The next step is to create a page on your website that’s dedicated specifically to the keyword phrase that you’ve chosen.

This means that the exact phrase you chose should be in the title, meta description, and URL of your page — this will give you a better chance of ranking.

Then watch what your rankings do (you can use our Keyword Ranking Tracker if you’re a Carrot member) and adapt your strategy as needed.

If you aren’t ranking as you expected, then look at what other page-1 results are doing and try to mimic their strategy (without stealing). If you get to the first page seamlessly, then move onto other keywords and keep the momentum going!

Do this with enough keywords and, over time, your website will start pulling in traffic and leads… passively.

3. Use Incentivized Opt-In Forms

One of the most common mistakes that real estate agents make when designing their website is that they don’t have an incentivized opt-in form at the front and center of their primary pages (homepage, about page, listing pages, etc).

If you’re going to collect leads through your website, then you need an incentivized opt-in form.

What is an incentivized opt-in form?

Well first, it’s a form that’s easy for your target market to fill out. Usually, it just requires name and contact information (the fewer fields you require, the higher your conversion rate will be, usually).

The second piece is just as important, though: this form is incentivized, which means that when someone fills it out, you give them exactly what they want.

The G Team, for example, a real estate company in Roseburg Oregon, has an incentivized opt-in form on all of their property listing pages.

You could also put an opt-in form on your homepage that requires visitors to give you their email address before viewing your listings.

There are a lot of different options here, but the important thing is to make sure that your website is set up to collect leads.

Oh — and all Carrot websites come with an incentivized opt-in form baked right in. ;)

4. Ask For Referrals

Creating a consistent referral process with your past clients can be a great way to generate more leads and grow your business.

You might be surprised by how many people are willing to offer referrals once you’ve helped them and built a relationship with them.

And the best part is, leads that are referred to you have a super high close-rate of 70%.

How important are sales referrals?

So why not call some of your past clients, catch up, and ask them if they know anyone who might require your services?

Most people won’t mind you asking and many people will probably give you a referral if they know of someone who’s trying to buy or sell their home.

Worth a shot!

5. Master Content Marketing

Content marketing is an extremely powerful tool for real estate agents. Unfortunately, though, not many real estate agents consistently use content in their marketing strategy.

But that’s good news for you… if your competitors aren’t content marketing, then that’s a gap you might be able to fill!

Okay… but what is content marketing?

Well, it’s basically just creating content (video, podcast, social media posts, blog posts, etc) that attract your target market… usually by providing free value.

Let me give you an example.

At Carrot, we offer monthly blog content packages as a part of our Content Pro and Advanced Marketer member plans.

And this is what one of member’s blogs looks like just from the content they’ve received through their Carrot plan.

The coolest part, though, is that those blog posts can generate leads for your business!

You can share them on social media to attract attention and they can even rank in Google for certain phrases and pull traffic passively.

The other option is to create your own blog content. And while that can be time-consuming, at Carrot, we’ve also created a simple solution for that.

With VideoPost, you can transcribe a video you’ve recorded into a long-form blog post with the click of a button!

VideoPost Real Estate Blog Content

Here is a PERFECT example of the power of content marketing + VideoPosts.

“In this post, we’ll walk through real case studies that show you how to beat Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com in Google in your local market and scoop up traffic and leads for FREE away from the tech giants.”

—>>> How To Beat Zillow in Google With Your Real Estate Agent Website – Case Study + Guide

However you decide to do it, creating and marketing content is a great way to grow your business and generate leads over the long-term.

6. Use Direct Mail

Even though we talk a lot about digital marketing at Carrot, we can’t forget the ol’ tried-and-true direct mail marketing.

This is a great way to generate leads consistently for your business.

In fact, many of our members use digital marketing tactics and direct mail to grow their businesses.

The question is: when should you send direct mail and how often?

Most experts recommend sending direct mail consistently every single month so that you can keep lead-flow momentum.

But if you’re going to send direct mail every month… what exactly are you going to put on those mailers?

Here are some ideas.

You could do something as simple as this…

You can also send out mailers about an upcoming open house…

You could send “Just Listed!” announcements…

You could mail out to people who are currently renting a home…

Or you could send flyers that provide people with a look into your market’s current housing conditions.

Broker Judy Weiniger on Creating a Dynamite Mailer

Clearly, you have a lot of options when it comes to your direct mail campaigns. And what you send will depend largely on how creative you’re willing to get.

At the very least, we would recommend sending holiday postcards.

But a really successful direct mail strategy will depend on consistently sending mailers to connect with your community and generate leads.

One overlooked way to impress your clients, build brand awareness, and even generate leads is to sponsor a housewarming party for your clients who just purchased a new home.

Obviously you don’t want to make it too much about you, but just hosting the party will speak volumes about you and your business to the people who attend.

Plus, you can meet lots of new people in the community that you’ve never met before and maybe even get a referral or two out of it.

Just ask the new homeowners to invite anyone they like and tell them that you’ll be handling the refreshments.

At the very least, you’re going to surprise and delight your existing clients!

8. Brand Your Clothing

It might seem silly, but branding your clothing can be a great way to build awareness for your business and get people asking questions.

Heck, we even do this at Carrot with the dolls that we create for our members!


Well, partly because it’s fun. ;)

But also because we know that when someone asks one of our members why they have a Carrot doll, that’s going to launch into a discussion about the service that we offer.

You can use the same tactic by either branding your own clothing with your business name and logo and/or giving a free t-shirt or hat to people who’ve worked with you in the past.

There are lots of different websites that allow you to create custom clothing. Printful is one of the most well-known.

9. Partner With Other Experts

Let’s think for a minute.

Who else probably talks with a lot of people who are wanting to buy or sell their home?

Appraisers? Local handymen? Coffee shop workers? Real estate investors?

Anyone else you can think of?

If you could build a relationship with those people and create a two-way lead-gen street (you give them referrals and they give you referrals), that can be a really beneficial thing for your business.

So make a list of everyone you can think of who is already speaking with your target market, give ’em a call, and tell ’em what you have in mind.

You might be surprised by how many people are willing to help you out.

10. Attend Networking Events

Most communities have recurring meetups or networking events for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

These can be a great place to build relationships with other entrepreneurs in your community and create mutually beneficial partnerships.

(If there isn’t one in your community, then you might consider starting one!)

Meeting the right person to aid you with your next phase of business can really help to unlock its potential.

You never know who you’re going to meet, what opportunities will be placed on your lap, or what you’ll learn all because you attended a certain meet-up.

Plus, marketers and salespeople who spend time on social selling (building important relationships) tend to be more successful than their counterparts.

11. Run Paid Ads Consistently

At Carrot, we talk a lot about organic marketing strategies like SEO and content marketing.

And those are super important for growing your business over the long-term!

But that doesn’t mean you should ignore the power of paid advertising.

In fact, most of our members consistently use paid ads to generate leads for their businesses and they build up organic strategies over time to decrease overhead.

The best part about paid ads is that they generate leads right now… not later.

But the question is… how much money should you spend on your paid advertisements and how can you make sure that you’re going to collect a healthy ROI?

Well, we created this totally free ROI calculator so that you can enter your know-able metrics and determine your budget.

We originally created this calculator for investors but it works just as well for agents.

For example, if you typically profit $5,000 per transaction, close one transaction for every 5 leads, average $4 per click, and have a website conversion rate of 6%… then you should be willing to pay a minimum of $333 to get one deal and a maximum of $433.

This part of marketing is mostly science. Just update your ads regularly, make sure you’re targeting the right audiences, set your budget, and keep to the process.

The more consistent you are with running paid ads, the faster and more predictably your business will grow.

We’ve talked a lot about collaborating with other business owners in your community.

And that’s because, for real estate agents, that’s a really powerful strategy.

But if you want to skip the relationship-building and networking piece, you might just consider asking some local businesses if you can advertise with them.

You could pay for a spot on the local radio. You could put up flyers at local coffee shops. You could provide free mints at restaurants with a sign that says “Courtesy of [BUSINESS NAME].”

Your imagination and creativity is the limit.

The more people who see your face in the community, the more leads you’re going to naturally generate.

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The question is, how are you going to consistently generate leads as a real estate agent?

Because if you can consistently generate leads, then you can consistently do transactions and build a predictably profitable business.

And above are 12 different answers to that question.

We hope this article helps you build the business of your dreams!

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