Ep 3: Text Message Marketing + Mindset of Managing Your Business With Daniel DiGiacomo

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CarrotCast Daniel DiGiacomo: Text Message Marketing + Mindset of Managing Your Business

“The reason I got into real estate or any other business, was so I could completely operation the whole thing in my bathrobe from the kitchen table” Daniel DiGiacomo – CEO of one of the most active real estate investment firms in Baltimore and a Carrot customer for the past 2 years.

From Zero To 100+ Deals. How Is He Doing It?

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Daniel started wholesaling houses and became one of the most successful flippers by closing more than 100 deals in his first 18 months of business.

He’s built a very successful wholesaling company in Baltimore Maryland. In 2015 they closed 117 deals and through the first quarter of 2016, they’ve closed 40 deals.

To generate deals, he uses a marketing mix of around 50% from direct mail, 40% from the web, and 10% from text message marketing. That is one of the main conversations in this CarrotCast podcast. Daniel discusses how he utilizes text message marketing and what potential pitfalls to avoid.

Also, for business owners, there can be a “trust” mental block when allowing employees to have the freedom to do their jobs. Daniel dives into how he struggled with trust and how he has been able to change his mindset when he hires and delegates employees.

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We had a chance to sit down with Daniel recently and have a CarrotCast conversation with him about… 

  • The types of deals that are currently driving his business.
  • Why he started his company and some goals moving forward in 2016.
  • Using text message marketing and what to be aware of.
  • How to create a mindset shift when hiring and delegating employees.
  • Who he is currently following in the real estate industry.

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Text Message Marketing + Mindset of Managing Your Business With Daniel DiGiacomo
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Start – 6:00 – Daniel discusses the types of deals that are currently driving his business, how he’s generating leads, and what he projects his 2016 year will look like.
6:18 – 14:37 –  Diving into the strategy behind his text message marketing.
14:40 – 25:24 – Dealing with trust and how his mindset has changed to delegating employees in order to free up his time to be able to focus on bigger projects.
25:25 – 34:30  Mindset of managing your own real estate investment company and designing a set of rules that you can carve into stone.
34:30 – Why he has been following Kevin Plank; CEO of Under Armor and Baltimore Investor.

“We haven’t had a lot of deals go sideways as a result of rules. But, we have built a stronger buyers list because of them.”

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