EP 209: From Flipping Houses on The Side To Multi-Million Dollar Projects – The Importance of Being Both an Investor and an Agent w/ Aaron and Krista Farr

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From Flipping Houses on The Side To Multi-Million Dollar Projects w/ Agents Aaron and Krista Farr

Ask yourself what problem do your clients have that you can solve. Then solve it for them before they even ask.

Krista Farr

From Flipping Houses on The Side To Multi-Million Dollar Projects – The Importance of Being Both an Investor and an Agent w/ Aaron and Krista Farr 

Just 2 years ago, Aaron was casually flipping houses and Krista was involved in network marketing. Today, Aaron and Krista are a real estate powerhouse, raking in over $650k in commissions in 2019 and investing in major projects throughout Spokane. 

While most of the country is reeling from the fallout of the Coronavirus Pandemic, Aaron and Krista had their best month yet in March of 2020. By putting themselves out there, being genuine, and staying consistent, the leads are continuing to roll in despite everything going on in the world. We invite you to learn all about how they do it in this special post from our Market Leader Summit held earlier this year. 

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When things are going great, running your business is easy. But as we all deal with the effects of COVID-19, many people are seeing the flaws in their business, the flaws in their marketing, and discovering the areas in which they need improvement.

As Aaron and Krista put it, don’t be afraid to fail forward If you see an area within your business, don’t wait to make it better. Start today and keep that momentum going! 

Offering Multiple Solutions As Both an Investor and an Agent

Just two years ago, Aaron and Krista never would have imagined they would personally be involved in multi-million dollar deals. Aaron was casually flipping houses here and there and only saw himself buying a four-plex or two, not a building with 80 units. 

So how did they do it? 

By building relationships. Both Aaron and Krista credit their success to the relationships they have been able to build. See someone doing what you would like to do? Ask them out for a coffee. The relationships you build can lead you to opportunities that are beyond your wildest dreams.

By presenting your true, genuine, and trustworthy self, people will not only need to work with you, but they will want you on their team. As the industry compresses, agents should be investors, and investors should be agents. Aaron and Krista are the perfect examples of this. 

Building Authority Through Your Content

You’ve heard me talk about stacking bricks, and it has never been more important than right now. They say content is king and this couldn’t be more true. With the crazy markets, now more than ever, you need to set yourself apart as the authority in your area. By creating high-quality, high-value content, people will seek you out instead of the other way around. 

Many people are afraid to get out there and put themselves in front of the camera. But here’s the deal… you can’t be afraid! People want to see you! They want to work with someone they can relate to as well as learn from. When you are creating high-quality content, and adding value for the people viewing it, you will quickly become your local and trusted authority. 

Bringing Humanity Into Your Marketing

Where Aaron and Krista are really crushing it is in their social media. They will tell you that when they started, they weren’t great. In their words, they sucked! But today, they are actively engaging potential clients, and bringing in the majority of their leads through social media. 

Both an Investor and an Agent facebook posts

Krista handles their marketing and every day she puts out there what they are doing and why. Almost to the point of it being too much, however without that consistency, nobody is going to take you seriously. Krista doesn’t have a plan and she doesn’t use a scheduler.

She posts from the heart and that is what resonates with people. She lives in the moment, posting what is happening and how it can help people. Aaron and Krista’s post aren’t just about real estate, they post about their family, their community, and take time to promote other local businesses in their area. And with every post, the customer is the hero. Krista always strives to make it about them. 

You Don’t Need All Of The Answers

While Krista and Aaron have set lofty goals for themselves, they don’t claim to have all of the answers. Failing forward has been a big part of their success. Taking every opportunity and every mistake to learn and grow has propelled them forward tremendously. 

Like many entrepreneurs, I have struggled to get to the next level within my business. When you really want to make an impact, you have to realize that you can’t do it all. Learning to delegate and to accept the help of other people is the only way you will be able to grow. When you hit that roadblock, you can either go back to where you were 6 months ago, or you can bring in people to help.

First, you delegate tasks, then processes, then decisions, then planning and results, and finally the vision. If you want to grow your business, these are some of the most imperative steps you will need to take. 

To grow your business, especially now, find the people who inspire and motivate you and look at what they are doing. Don’t copy them, but take a page from their book and make it your own.

Don’t slow down just because the competition is. Now is the time to ramp up. What you are doing in Q1 will affect your results in Q2 and so on. Keep on hustling and keep stacking those bricks. When we all come out of this, you will be that much further along then your competition. 

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