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real estate marketing during covid-19

We published our first Coronavirus update covering what you can do to prepare, how to make sure to protect yourselves, your business, your family, your livelihood, but also how to set yourself up for success coming out of this time.

Today’s post is more tactical. We’re going to cover exactly what content you should be creating right now, every single day, every single week as an agent or as an investor to really win.

Not just win in your market, but become the trusted voice during this time of concern.

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What Can You Do NOW To Stand Out and Build Authority?

What can you do over the coming weeks and months in order to stand out, in order to thrive during this period?

When we really talk about building authority, it’s about being an expert in something that a lot of people know you’re an expert in.

One of the biggest things that you can do is be a trusted, honest voice in your market, a voice of reason, a voice of expertise, a voice that people know, like, and trust around a topic.

If you’re going to be hunkering down right now and saying, “I’m going to wait and see” or if you’re pulling back your marketing budget, then what’s going to happen when things go back to normal?

Well, what’s going to happen is those agents or those investors that chose to step into marketing, that chose to step into putting out more content, that didn’t say,

“I’m going to see. I’m going to pull back and wait this out,”

Those ones are going to be winning because they’re going to be gobbling up and be in a vacuum of the attention in the market.

Unless you’re really financially in a bind, you should not be canceling one of the most important and highest value things you could be possibly doing right now.

You should be putting out content so visitors have a place to go to see your message. They can learn about you. That can build trust and credibility, and they can help you win in this market and outside of it.

That goes for all of your other real estate marketing as well.

Creating A Content Marketing Process

content marketing process

I want you to write down these things that you can be doing for content.

First, start at the minimum, a weekly update to the market through the rest of the entire Coronavirus crisis.

You need to be putting out a consistent weekly piece of content to your market. For example, we’re going to be creating content about how this is unfolding, the conversations I’m having with investors and agents, what you can do to thrive through this, and other mindset topics.

Putting minds at ease is going to be really, really important. You’re going to see me deploying that throughout this Coronavirus crisis.

I want you guys doing the same thing. It can be a podcast if you have a podcast. It could be a video. If you’re comfortable on Facebook, I would do a video on your cell phone, upload it to YouTube and upload it to Facebook.

The topics that you’ll want to focus on should be sub 10 minutes. If you can make it under five, great, but make it sub 10, and just give them an update.

Something like…

“Hey. Here’s how we’re doing in the market right now. Here’s what we see. Here are some concerns we see. Here are some things that you can do as a client in order to wade through these, and here are some good positive notes, some good positive messages for you as my client base to hear from.”

If you’re an investor, I’d put it on an update and say…

πŸ“œ Example Copy

“Hey, this is Trevor with XYZ Home Buyers. Now, there’s a lot going on right now in the market, and I want to make sure that you as a home seller or an investment property buyer are really caught up to date on how this is impacting home values, on how this is impacting you being able to sell a home or buy investment properties. One thing that we saw in this past week is all four of the major iBuyers stopped buying homes. Now, what does that mean to you as a home seller? Well, it means that number one, you have fewer options.

“Also, it really does show the commitment level that these tech giants have to our community. They’re not committed at all unless they can make a buck. As far as us, we’ve been in this market for a long time. We live here, we know the market really well. We are not going away. We’re going to be here throughout the whole crisis. We’re going to be here to help as many of you home sellers as possible during the crisis. Those that want to kind of wait it out, awesome. We’re going to be there for you as well.”

Now as an agent, it could be…

πŸ“œ Example Copy

“Hey, this is Trevor with XYZ Realty, and this is your weekly update on the coronavirus and COVID-19 and really how it’s impacting our community here in Roseburg. Now, the first thing is a lot of people are asking is now still a good time to sell or buy a house? Well, last week I had about the normal amount of showings. There were a couple of buyers that wanted to wait and see until after this is over. I respect their decision, but here’s one thing that you should be looking at if you’re a buyer. If you’re a buyer, this type of a market right here is where there’s likely going to be a little bit less competition, which means you might be able to get a slightly better deal during this time period than waiting it out.

“After it’s all done, we predict that there’s going to be kind of a pop in demand. After the stay at home orders are lifted and after our lives kind of get back to normal, we’re probably going to get back into a high demand phase, which means you might be paying more for that same property if you wait it out, or you might miss the opportunity to get that property. Now if you’re a seller, is this a good time to sell? It is. Now, we’re not doing open houses right now because of the stay at home order, but what we’ve done is we’ve found some really creative solutions on how to use the internet to better showcase your home.

“During this time, there’s a lot of people at home looking on the internet. There are tons of people still searching for properties, so you can actually have less clutter in the market with your property and deliver all the content over the internet. We can then do virtual open houses through Zoom like we’ve done successfully with other properties. Do not wait it out or continue to stick it out, and we’re going to help serve you through this.”

You could also give updates on the community...

πŸ“œ Example Copy

“Hey, this is Trevor with XYZ Realty or XYZ Home Buyers. As you know, we have a stay at home order here in Oregon. What does that mean to you as a community member of Roseburg? Well, here’s what it means, and here are some of the things that are open.

Here are some of the things that are closed. You know what? We really want to make sure that everyone’s still supporting the local businesses, the local businesses, the restaurants that now are getting their business cut by 30-40%.

Let’s still support them. Go and do takeout. Go and buy meals for other people. How do we support these businesses that we know, love and cherish, so they are still going to be here when everything is done?”

Or, you can talk about some of the things that are coming out from Congress about the stimulus package.

πŸ“œ Example Copy

“Hey, if you are watching this and you’re a local business owner or you know somebody who is and you’ve got a job from a local business owner, which is probably all of you, you’re going to want to watch this. There was recently a $4 trillion stimulus package that came out for those impacted by Coronavirus, and let me walk you through what some of those things are.

The loan program, the this, the that. You know what? Even though we as a real estate agent or we as an investor, that’s not our business, we want to be a great service to you throughout this, because we’re all in this together. We are all community. We are all Roseburg, and we just appreciate you guys. If we can help you, if you have a home that needs sold or if you have a home that needs to be purchased, hit us up, but for now we’re here as your neighbor.”

iBuyers Are Dropping Out…

Get started putting out that weekly update content now and begin to work in more of the dropping iBuyers.

You only have a very short window of time when you can be the leader in your market on this content, so I would do a five to eight-minute video. Add it to YouTube and Facebook and maybe put a couple of bucks in ads behind it on Facebook. I usually only do about $20 to $25 to boost the post for four or five days and see the results.

Then, take that same video and upload it to Carrot using our VideoPost feature. The VideoPost feature takes your YouTube videos and turns the entire video into a written article.

That way you can get better indexed on Google. You can now have the content in multiple spots and start to attract people through Google search as well.

Here is a content idea for the iBuyer’s dropping…

Subject: All four iBuyers… Opendoor, Offerpad, Zillow, Redfin, have all stopped buying properties

Title it something like: “Opendoor stops buying in Phoenix, Arizona – Five Reasons Why and What Cash Buyers Are Still Buying in Arizona”

Description: You might be asking why that is. Well, the main reason is that their business model does not work well when home values are not going up. Their margins are so razor-thin. So, right now a lot of the iBuyers are actually backing out of their transactions, because they usually don’t put any earnest money down on their offers, and they’re backing out of their transactions.”

Then it might read like…

πŸ“œ Example Copy

“Hey, this is Trevor with XYZ Home Buyers, XYZ Realty, whatever you are, agent or investor, here in Phoenix, and you may have heard that the major technology backed iBuyers like Opendoor and Offerpad and Zillow, they’ve recently pulled out of a lot of transactions. They’ve recently stopped buying in this market.

Now, it might be a temporary reprieve until the Coronavirus stuff is over, but what we are finding is because they’re not tied to our community, because they’re not invested in our communities like us local operators are, they’re backing out of transactions. They’re not putting earnest money down on transactions.

As you’re trying to sell your home, always, always, always work with a buyer who is going to put earnest money down in your property. They’re going to be more serious, and they are going to have a higher likelihood of buying your house.”

Other Content Ideas

If you’re an investor and you have private lenders, you need to be communicating heavily with your lenders right now.

Some of the lenders are pulling out of transactions. Wherever I see any transactions not happening right now, it’s usually because the lending source pulled back, and usually that lending source that pulled back is a private lender.

It’s not usually your government-backed Fannie or Freddie loans. Those things are still closing. It’s usually the ones where it’s that individual who has a bunch of cash, and they’re going, “Hey, it might be a little risky for me to put this $150K in now. Let me wait two weeks just to kind of see what’s going on and then I’ll do it.”

We are seeing some of our members report that some of their transactions are not closing because of that reason. It’s a minority, but it’s happening.

So, what can you do to be proactive and ensuring your investors, your lenders are confident, but also in building relationships and having a stronger portfolio of private lenders behind you outside of this?

I would put together a three to five, three to six slide deck.

google Slides

Go to Google Slides, pull up a slide deck and make it really simple.

The opening slide is COVID-19, how XYZ, your company name, is coping with the situation and the opportunities we see coming out of it.

Slide #2 is essentially a rundown of a few bullet points of what is going on.

  • Here’s what we see.
  • Here are transactions that are still closing.
  • Here’s the timeframe that we see things happening.

Those types of things.

Slide #3 then is exactly how you’re protecting their investment and how are you protecting your private lenders? Talk about that for a couple of minutes.

Slide #4 covers the opportunities that you see in the market ahead as things start to calm down.

How are you preparing for great investment opportunities and how should they do the same thing?

Then slide #5 is your contact information. “If you want to chat this through, Mr. and Mrs. Lender, we’d love to connect with you and chat with you and see what you’re looking at, how are you looking at the market, and how we can collaborate?”

Go to, it’s a free tool that you can use to do screen recording videos. Pull up that slide deck and record for about eight to 10 minutes.

Talk through that slide deck and send them that Loom video and say,

“Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Lender. I hope you’re faring well during these crazy times. I wanted to give you a quick update on what we see in the market with COVID-19, with the coronavirus and opportunities that we see. Hopefully, this is some value for you. If you have any questions, just let us know.”

Create Positive Content ❀️

I would put out positive, uplifting content. Share good stories. Share good stories of humanity. Talk about mindset shifts. Help people yank themselves out of negativity.

If you start putting those out right now, you’re going to be getting ahead of the authority building arc. You’re going to be getting ahead of your competition. You’re going to be building yourself as the trusted expert, the trusted source, and then when this all comes out, you’re going to be way ahead positioning-wise, trust-wise, credibility-wise than anyone else in your market.

Facebook Ads

Then what you do is you take some of that ad spend and you put it behind this. Go to Facebook and put $20 behind that as a boost and boost it up to your market or to your target.

Use that Facebook boost to get your message out to your retargeting audience, and if you’re an agent to your entire market area, those niches, those zip codes, things like that.


Okay, so let me recap that for you.

1. Start to communicate more often. Put out a weekly update related around your market, your community to your people. Put it on Facebook, put on YouTube, and put it on a video post on Carrot. Then share that puppy up on Facebook once again and boost that up with a $20 or $30 boost ad that’ll last a week.

2. Put out positive content. Be a lot more positive on social media, on Instagram. Put out things that help people learn meditation steps or share positive resources, share positive quotes, things like that.

3. Talk about the iBuyers. If you’re in a market where there’s a lot of iBuyers, all four of them, as of the time I’m recording this stopped buying. I predict that’ll be a two to four-week window, and then some will start to come in. Talk about that. Put out videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram and Carrot. It’s the same video, you just deploy it to different spots. Bump that up with the $20 or $30 boost to your market and talk about why did Opendoor, Offerpad, Zillow stop buying? Here are the three reasons, and here are the investors that are still buying in the market or how you can still sell.

4. Creat content that communicates to lenders. If you’re a realtor, this still applies as well. If you have lenders that traditionally fund your clients’ deals, whether it’s a traditional lender or a hard money lender or private money lender, I’d be reaching out to all of them with an update. Put their minds at ease about your buyers, about your sellers. Put their mind at ease about where you see the market going outside of this, and you’re likely going to get even more referrals outside of this because you’re seen as a trusted expert.

5. The last thing I’ll wrap it up with is a video. You don’t need to create a video for Instagram, a video for Facebook, and a video for Carrot. It’s the same video.

It should be between three and eight minutes. Then upload it to YouTube and take that YouTube URL and create a VideoPost within your Carrot content. Our system automatically takes your video and creates a written article.

Share that article on Facebook and boost that with a $20 or $30 boost for a five to seven-day window with your retargeting audience and/or in your primary zip codes.

Do this weekly, if not more, and you guys are going to thrive.

If you’re not a Carrot member yet, go to Unlock the video post feature that’s going to turn your videos into written articles to help get found on Google.

Start to double down on building authority. If you’re going to pull back during this phase, your income will also have a massive pullback in four, eight, 12 weeks.

Carrot Authority Builder

Your income is a lagging indicator of the marketing that you’re doing, so if you’re going to cut your marketing now, just know that your income is going to be cut in four, six, eight weeks.

You need to be doubling down on your marketing right now. You need to be making sure you’re getting out more content than ever. Become a trusted source. Don’t just be an expert, be an authority.

Keep an eye out and ear out for our next update on how you guys can thrive. We’ll be looking at ways that you can get more leads. I’m going to be talking about data that we’re seeing in our system right now.

There’s still a ton of people that are out there trying to buy homes and sell homes. We’re only seeing a slight pullback, about a 10% pullback in searches over the last two weeks. I’m going to tell you about some insanely good data.

We’ll take a look at exactly what we’re seeing conversion rate-wise and why you should not stop your marketing. Do not stop your pay per click marketing, even if you’re seeing a lower conversion rate.

There’s still about the same amount of people doing the searches, a lower conversion, which means people still have the problem, they’re just in the stay at home orders, and they might not know what they should be doing next.

They might not know… “Shoot, I don’t want to put in my information on this site or call back in this thing because I can’t move right now. I can’t physically go out of my home, so I’m going to wait it out.”

You need to be really ramping up that content. Ramp up your retargeting sequence because all those people are still hitting your websites.

The conversion rate’s gone down because they’re waiting it out because they’re in the stay at home order states, but if you’re hitting them back with the content on Facebook or Google Ads and staying in front of them, you’re now going to be that trusted source when they’re ready to sell in four weeks, in six weeks, in eight weeks, or in two weeks.

But if you’re waiting it out and you cut your ad spend down, it’s going to be somebody else that got in front of them, that retargeted back authority building content that is going to win that deal because you pulled back today.

Conversion rates today are not something you should be paying attention to. Pay attention to how many people are landing on your site right now. There’s still the same amount of people landing on your websites, which means you need to be delivering them back trust-building content for when they’re ready to take action in two to four weeks.

Double down on your marketing right now. We’re going to help you do that. Let’s fight this together!

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Trevor is the CEO of Carrot and knows a thing or two about inbound marketing and generating leads online in the real estate industry. As an investor himself, he's generated tens of thousands of real estate leads and is a leading expert in inbound marketing for investors and agents. In addition, his true passion is helping entrepreneurs grow businesses that truly help you live a life of purpose.

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