The Most Overlooked But Important Page On Your Website (Backed By Science)

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Did you know there’s a spot on your website that 8 out of 10 real estate investors and agents neglect that may be causing your best prospects to leave your website every day?

The page that is often the 2nd most visited page on your website. The page can push someone over the edge to work with you or push them away from you only to work with your competition.

What is that page that carries so darn much weight in the overall trust and credibility of your website?

It’s your “About Page.”

Yep, that page you fly through and say, “I’ll come back to and finish later,” is possibly causing people to distrust your site and your company.

And maybe… just maybe… you may have already lost a deal because of it. 

How Much Does A Lost Deal Cost You? $5k? $10k? $20k+? 

This blog post will show you how to make sure you stop letting deals and leads slip through your fingers and lay out why that about page is so darn important (backed by science).

Ready? Awesome, let’s go!

The Science Behind The Way We Look At Websites (YES, you do this too…)

about page optimization test

Building a real estate website that performs is part are art and a lot of science.

Over the past 3 years, as we’ve grown InvestorCarrot, we’ve run hundreds and hundreds of split tests on real estate investing websites in markets all across the country, for all types of leads, to hundreds of thousands of leads for our members…

… and one thing we’ve found that is the same across every test we’ve run is this.

The about page has always been one of the top 5 most visited pages on every site…

… and it’s one of the most engaged pages on every site.

Every site. This Google Analytics screenshot proves it.

our company page google analytics

Not one. Not a few. Every site we’ve run tests on has shown us that a significant portion of the visitors flow through to the about page to learn more about that company and see if they’re a credible solution to their problem.

Below are a few heatmaps from split tests we ran on motivated seller sites from Carrot members across the country.

Plus, we’ve thrown in a heatmap from our own website just to show you it’s not a real estate specific phenomenon.

See How It’s Baked Into Our Human Psychology

Below you’ll find these heat maps that show the click pattern of the motivated house sellers on these websites. The bigger the “hotspot” and the redder, the more engagement on that link.

The cool thing is that we chose sites where their About Pages are in different locations and say different things (some say “About Us” and others “Our Company), so you know it’s not just because of the placement of the link on the site.

“Our Company” Link In The Top Navigation On The Right

our company page hotspot on heatmap

Notice the motivated sellers engaging heavily on the “About Us” page. The strong heatmap glow validates their trust or lack of trust in the company before they choose to work with them.

“Meet Our Team” Link In The Top Navigation

Similar results in a link called “Meet Our Team” at the top of the site and similar engagement on the Testimonials link. Again, this shows the visitor is working on learning more about the company behind the site to make sure they’re legit and can honestly and ethically solve their house problem.

writing an effective about page for conversion boost

Same Result For This Site With An “About Us” Link In The Main Navigation

Florida Cash Home Buyers have been utilizing Carrot well, and you see a similar result. People are diving deeper to learn about and build trust in the website before they decide to work with them to sell their house.

Carrot member website about page

The Carrot “About” Link Is Burning A Hole In Our HeatMap

how to write a good about page for your real estate website

Again, even before our members decide to work with us, they seek out information about us as a company to ensure that our values match theirs and that we’re real people behind this company.

4 Keys To Creating An Amazing About Page For Your Real Estate Site

We could show you dozens and dozens more heat maps showing the same thing, but in the end… your about page is crazy important.

So now that you know that you either need to get real with building out a GREAT about page or risk losing leads and deals let’s get to making an epic about page for your real estate investing website!

Using our Carrot about page as an example, here are 4 simple but powerful website about page ideas and examples. Hence, it’s an asset for your business rather than another forgotten “throwaway” page.

The first step, head over and open up our About page so you can follow along.

1. Let your values shine through

People want to work with people that believe in and stand for things similar to them. Don’t be shy about sharing your core values on your about page as we do here at Carrot. I can tell you firsthand that I know for a fact that some customers have joined InvestorCarrot because of our Core Values.

Display what you stand for loud and proud on your about page. Don’t hide it.

Here’s How We Did It (and you can too):

  • A short list of our Carrot Core Values and what we believe in. What do you believe in?
  • Our mission with this business… something that excites us at our core. Why are you in business?
  • Make them feel important on the page… don’t just mention them in passing. Make them stand out.
Carrot Core Values

2. Don’t just stick to stuff directly about real estate on your about page

I read so many real estate websites about pages that are just a bunch of real estate jargon and stuff that the investor thinks “validates” them in their prospect’s mind. Their 20 years of experience, 7 licenses, and just how much they “want to serve you ” may be true, but you’re not connecting with your prospects at a human level with that kind of speak.

Tell your story, what drives you, how you got started, and why you even care about helping them in the first place. Make it fun.

Here’s How We Did It (and you can too):

  • What’s your story, and how did it lead you to help the people your company best helps? It matters.
  • Talk about what you love about your business and how it relates to you being their best viable option.
  • Make it fun. Add a picture of your team and connect with people on a human level. No glamour shots here.
  • Introduce your team. Your team is important to the prospect because you’re the actual people behind the company. We added a picture of part of our team in a laid-back setting… then at the bottom of the site, you’ll see simple profiles of our whole team. It builds real connections, and they can picture themselves talking with these real people.
building story into your about page

… then at the bottom of the page are our full team profiles.


3. Write conversationally, not in 3rd person like a robot

Robots are fun, but I don’t know anyone who trusts a robot. Do you?

All kidding aside, write the way you would talk to your prospects. If you are laid back and easygoing, write that way on your website. If you are analytical and fact-based, write that way on your website… but do it conversationally. I always like to imagine myself sitting across the table from my best prospects; what would I say if they asked about us? That’s how I’d write it.

Write in the first person. If you talk in the 3rd person when you’re in front of a prospect, you’d sound like a goofball… you better believe you sound the same way if you talk in the 3rd person on your about page.

Here’s How We Did It (and you can too):

  • Write like you talk in real life. If a 5th grader can’t read it you shouldn’t write it.
  • Don’t use paragraphs that are too long. Keep things short and punchy.
  • Use “I”, “we”, “my”, and “our” rather than 3rd person speak. (unless you talk in 3rd person in real life that is…)
carrot story conversational

4. Add a call to action on your website “about page”

Here’s another great idea we tested 2 years ago that boosts performance… every darn page on your website should end with a clear call to action. Never let your website visitors get to the bottom of a page without guiding them on where to go next. This is especially true on mobile devices, where we tend not to want to scroll back up to the top of the site on our cell phones after reading a page with a good amount of content.

Put a “fast offer” form at the bottom of your about page and your phone number for them to call you to work with you. This is already built into all of our Carrot websites, by the way :-) 

Here’s How We Did It (and you can too):

  • What is the main action you want them to take? Add a button or simple link to fill out a form (or the actual form) and even a phone number at the bottom.
website about page ideas and example

So What Should You Do This Week?

Real estate is a people business; often, these transactions are among your client’s most significant financial decisions. When people are making financial decisions, they tend to research them online…

That almost always leads to the about page once a prospect gets close to working with you, and they just need a bit more verification before they do.

As you’ve seen, science has shown that your about page is a hot button, and you’ve seen some website about page ideas… have you focused enough time and energy on it?

I’d challenge everyone to take the tidbits from this blog post this week and implement at least 2 of the 4 tips. Beef up that about page and attract more of your website visitors to work with you… your wallet will thank you for it.

How many of the four “About Page” keys do you already have on your real estate investing website? Let me know in the comments section below!

For more actionable marketing tactics, check out our marketing plan strategy guide!

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