EP 242: Diving into Member Data, Foreclosure Data, and the Real Estate Industry as a Whole Post-COVID w/ Aaron Amuchastegui

There are so many cool opportunities out there for agents and investors. Even if you aren’t both, try to think like the other so you can best serve your clients.

– Aaron Amuchastegui

Diving into Member Data, Foreclosure Data, and the Real Estate Industry as a Whole Post-COVID w/ Aaron Amuchastegui

Aaron Amuchastegui is an investor, developer, dad, husband, and the host of the Real Estate Rockstars podcast. He has bought and sold over 1,000 foreclosures and has developed his own software to help other investors do the same.

Most importantly, Aaron is a data nerd who lets math guide him in all aspects of his business.

Today, we are talking about foreclosure data, member data from our Carrot sites (our members raked in over 500,000 leads this year,) and the steps you should be taking as an agent or property investor to stand out from the pack post-COVID. 

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From time to time, Aaron and I will sit down and create content together to be shared on both of our platforms. This is such a time! I am super excited to share this episode where we will dive it to talk about member data, foreclosure data, the impacts of COVID and much more. 

Your Website = Your Authority Hub

During COVID, those agents and investors with a strong online presence have done really well. In fact, some are reporting that 2020 was their best year yet career-wise. However, those agents who were just starting out or who lacked any sort of online presence have seen their numbers drop significantly.

No longer are sellers interviewing multiple agents, looking for the right person to sell their home. Instead, they are heading to the internet, doing the research for themselves, and calling up their chosen agent to say “here, take my listing.” 

Agents and investors with informational, evergreen content are making themselves seen and becoming the local authorities in their area. Instead of relying on Facebook, Zillow, or Instagram to share content and reviews, savvy real estate professionals are making sure all of their great content is front and center on their website, where they can control 100% of the conversation.

Whenever you receive a positive review on one of the many platforms out there, make sure that it is also shared on your website. 

Asking for Testimonials Without Really Asking

The need to solidify your credibility in 2021 is going to be huge. Actively sharing testimonials from your happy clients will be one of the best ways for you to set yourself apart from the competition. However, getting testimonials that don’t sound generic isn’t always an easy feat.

Video testimonials have the most value, but most people aren’t comfortable getting in front of the camera. If they do agree to do it, their responses will likely be boring and sound just like everyone else out there.

Instead, once you have completed a successful transaction, ask your client for feedback on your service. A few questions might be… 

  • Was there anything about our service that surprised you in a good way?
  • Why did you choose to work with our company?
  • Did you have reservations before working with us and what made you get past them?
  • Is there anything you thought we couldn’t do?
  • How do you feel about everything now that the process is finished?

Once they have answered these questions, you can let them know how beneficial this information may be for those thinking about selling their home. Now is the time to ask if they would mind saying what they just told you on camera so that you can use it for your website.

The answers you will receive will be from the heart and you won’t have to worry about adding generic content to your site. 

Expanding Your Offering to Better Serve Your Current Leads

Many agents and investors who try to fit their leads into a tiny, singular box, will end up throwing most of those leads away. Agents are often looking to work with people who need to sell a house with minor repairs and who have the time to wait.

On the investor side, they make offers and when the client would be better served with a traditional listing, they simply walk away from the lead. These are thousands of leads that are being lost each year. 

As we are seeing the real estate market grow and change, the services being offered need to change with it. We are encouraging all of our customers to think about ways to serve ALL of the leads they are bringing in.

Many are utilizing the hybrid model you have heard me talk so much about. How can investors help people who would rather list and how can agents help those who need to sell right away? The answer is to offer both.

Whether you specialize in both options personally or you partner with someone to help, by offering more options and a higher level of service, you will be able to maximize all of the leads you are working so hard to bring in. 

Foreclosure Data – The Window

Right now, with everything going on the market, agents have a unique opportunity to help those who may be going into foreclosure. Before COVID, foreclosures happened quickly. Agents weren’t able to list properties and get them sold before the bank came as the process happened within a couple of weeks.

Now, foreclosures can take several months which is allowing agents to help homeowners get full-price offers for their homes. This is a finite opportunity that will cease once the foreclosure memorandums come to an end. 


One thing Aaron brought up during our call was how COVID has impacted the short-term rental industry. When all of this first started, people were canceling plans right and left. However, today, more people are seeming to prefer to stay in an Air Bnb vs. a hotel. In many cases, they are more cost-friendly and people can have a little space without having to worry about putting on a mask or social distancing when they leave their bedroom.

As such, Aaron is seeing more and more hotels falling into foreclosure. There are opportunities here to transform these old hotels into affordable, multi-family housing. 

Looking Ahead

When we look ahead to 2021, we are seeing unprecedented circumstances and opportunities. Now is not the time to take your foot off the gas. More groups of people will need your help, and it is up to you to find the best ways to serve them. 

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