August 2023 Google Core Update (Now Live) 

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Google Core Algorithm Update | August 2023

August 7th – Early Signs of a Google Core Update

There is a lot of chatter about early signs of a Google Core Update in the SEO community today. There hasn’t been an official confirmation from Google, but we haven’t had a major update since April (so we are definitely overdue for one).

Here are some of the early indicators:

  • Our Sales Site has had 718 keywords jump in ranking by 10+ positions
  • We have also seen 806 keyword drop in rank by 10+ positions 
  • I’ve seen my personal website jump by 266 new keyword in the past week
  • SEO volatility trackers are going off the charts

While nothing is 100% certain, there is something going with the SERPs and has been for at least the past few days. Big swings in ranking like this usually points to a Core Update, but we can’t know for sure until Google confirms it. By some reports, the volatility has been high since July 14th!

Here’s what we are seeing on

Google core update ranking changes shown in Ahrefs.
August 2023 Google Core update rankings.
August 2023 Google Core Update affecting the SERP volatility in late July.
MazCast showing SERP volatility from the August 2023 GoogleCore Update

August 2023 Google Core Update Is Live 

The latest Google Core Update officially started rolling out on Aug. 22nd and is expected to take 2 weeks to complete.

At this time, the changes have been somewhat mild compared to other, smaller updates that have been happening over the past two months. While members are unlikely to be alarmed by any changes to their rankings at this time – that could change over the next 12 days. If anyone does reach out to you, warmly remind them that there isn’t any reactionary “fixes” that they can do to regain rankings until the next Core Update happens. Instead, they should stick to the SEO strategy that we teach in 30 Day Challenge and review the factors that contribute to EEAT.

Once the update has finished rolling out, we will update this post with aggregate data from our 7,600+ member sites on how this Core Update affected the real estate investor industry specifically! Stay tuned.

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