EP 378: Buyers List Hacks & JV Strategies for $650k in Profits w/ Wholesaling Duo Martin & Lyne

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About this episode:

This creative powerhouse of a couple is crushing it when building a sustainable investing business. Through their unconventional & creative methods, they’re very efficiently closing multiple deals a month. If you’re looking for better, faster ways to find serious buyers & joint venture partners that trust you, this episode is for you. I found their approach to the business refreshing. I hope you do too.

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Mentioned in this Episode:

Martin’s Instagram: @ItsMartinMei

Lyne’s Instagram: @LyneSaighi

Meily Property Solutions Instagram: @MeilyPropertySolutions

Proofly.io for higher conversion

Matterport for 3d photos of houses

Martin & Lyne’s Carrot website

About Martin & Lyne: Martin and Lyne are two Canadians that left their lives behind in Montreal to invest in New Brunswick full-time in March 2021 after witnessing the significant cash flow potential there.

With an integrated marketing strategy to source leads, they have done over 40 off-market property acquisitions in just over a year, focusing on wholesaling, BRRRRs, and JVs.

Now expanded to a team of 16 and has become one of the top producers of off-market opportunities on the east coast, they are working on building a 7-figure wholesale business.

They are also working on leveling up their 40+ door portfolio to multi-family and commercial assets.

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