EP 322: 50 Rentals. 15X Net Worth. 1 Year w/ 28 y.o. Marco Padilla, Agent/Investor

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In this CarrotCast podcast, we’re covering:

How does a guy go from grinding 60 hours a week to 15 hours a week? How do you go from losing over $100k in 2019 to acquiring 49 rentals in 2021?

Marco Padilla, investor/agent from South Beach, will tell you. He built a wholesaling business that resulted in his “money on fire” as he describes it.

Fast forward to today, he runs his business with all VA’s, is a travel junkie, and most importantly, has found a way to focus on what gives him the most energy.

This is one heck of a comeback story. Listen in.

Mentioned in this Episode: 

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