EP 273: How to Create A Follow-Up Machine That Sells While You Sleep in 4 Steps with Mark Skowron

Engage first, extract later.

Mark Skowron

How to Create A Follow-Up Machine That Sells While You Sleep in 4 Steps with Mark Skowron

What message are you sending to your prospective leads? How are you connecting, building trust, and following up?

Mark Skowron is an investor and agent who uses carefully crafted copy to close an extra deal each and every month.

Today we will talk about sequencing, frequency of contact, and what you can say to build instant trust and rapport. Most importantly, you will learn how to turn a small investment of your time upfront, into a potential $240k per year in extra profits. 

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Mark Skowron spoke at a recent CarrotCamp, and I was blown away by his creative use of copy. He approaches his investment business in a unique way, building relationships through genuine, carefully crafted content.

When looking at Mark’s auto-response sequence, you aren’t going to find the same generic stuff that you see from the average investor. Instead, you will see a mixture of social proof, testimonials, lifestyle, and maybe a few pictures of his pugs. 

What Mark has built requires a bit of work upfront, but now runs on its own. His automated email sequences lead to an extra deal per month, resulting in thousands of dollars in additional revenue. Here are 4 of the things Mark includes in his copy that lead to deals. 

4 “Musts” to Include for Better Copywriting

#1 – Social Proof and Testimonials

You’ve likely heard us talk about adding testimonials to your Carrot site. Whether they are written or in video form, you’ll want to try to get a positive review from every client you work with. Including these in your copy, on your website, and on social media is a great way to build trust and rapport.

Setting up profiles to help build social proof will help to establish credibility. Make sure you have somewhere you can send your clients to – Google, Porch.com, and the BBB are all great ideas. 

#2 – A Connection Piece

When creating his sequence for follow-up texts or emails, he isn’t hammering the seller with sales information, offer numbers or the same generic jargon we hear all of the time. Instead, he will use a lot of connection pieces – stories, anecdotes, and situations that his target reader will be able to relate to.

You can use pictures of your dogs, share information from your church, or talk about working out. Whatever you are into, don’t be afraid to share it! 

#3 – Teamwork and Cause

Another way to build connection and trust is by highlighting members of your team or causes you support. You can talk about a contractor you work with or a local charity you support.

Sharing these personal aspects of your life and business will help people to better get to know you and what you are all about. You will be seen as a real person as opposed to another faceless buyer who simply wants to “buy your house.” 

#4 – Fear of Loss

You can’t buy every house you see. Let your sellers know that you only have a certain amount of time/funds and need to get an answer right away. There are other houses out there, and it’s important that the seller knows that could miss out on your offer if they don’t act right away.

The sense of urgency, combined with the fear of loss, will help your seller more quickly make the decision that will be of the greatest benefit to them in the long run. 

Pattern Interruption

In addition to the 4 types of content listed above, Mark also recommends throwing some pieces in there that will disrupt usual thought patterns.

This could be an unexpected joke, a surprising fact, or a bold statement that will cause the reader to look twice. Sprinkle a few of these pieces into your automated sequence grab attention and get people thinking. 

Knowing Your Audience

When creating any piece of content, you’ll want to get yourself into the conversation that is happening in a seller’s head. Who is this buyer? Can they really close? What will they do for me? Your content should address these questions rather than going on and on about what you can do.

Figure out who you are trying to reach, and provide the answers that they are looking for. Build relationships, get to know them and be the solution your clients need.

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