EP 275: 3 Costly Mistakes Newer Investors Need to Understand w/ Brett Iwanowicz

Master communication and networking and you will master anything you put your mind to. 

– Brett Iwanowicz

3 Costly Mistakes Newer Investors Need to Understand w/ Brett Iwanowicz

Brett Iwanowicz is closing just under two deals per month on average, but it wasn’t always this way. Brett struggled with anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, and low-self esteem. It took him a long time to decide what he wanted in life and find the momentum to get him there.

Today, Brett is living life on his terms. By surrounding himself with the right people, building credibility through video, and figuring out exactly what he wants his life to look like, Brett is carving out the life of his dreams. Today, he is sharing his early mistakes so you can learn how to avoid them. 

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Brett Iwanowicz is a property wholesaler in upstate New York. His journey is not unlike many others in that he has battled insecurities, fear, and a lack of direction.

While it took him a few years to get where he wanted to be, he used his pain to propel him into new directions that gave him the ability to carve out his dream lifestyle.

Today Brett is sharing 3 of his greatest rookie mistakes and how they led him to where he is today. 

1. Understanding Your Budget

When Brett started his wholesaling business, he knew it was important to set a budget. What he didn’t know, is that when it comes to marketing, you’ll want to budget for at least a year of implementing the same technique.

Let’s say you choose direct mail, don’t dive in, feel dissatisfied with the results, and put the rest of your time, money, and energy into something else. Stay the course. Create a sustainable budget that will help you build that initial momentum. 

2. Understanding the Mind of a Seller

Successful people aren’t always the smartest, but they are always the friendliest. Once Brett realized that he didn’t need to be “smart” to get into real estate, everything changed.

What he realized, is that in order to be successful, he needed to be the nicest one. He changed his mindset and went full-steam ahead!

3. Understanding Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Brett has always struggled with numbers, which stopped him from really getting out there sooner. His fear of talking numbers kept him away from the closing table more times than he would like to admit.

He conquered this by surrounding himself with the right people, His peers taught him and put him in connection with people who can help. Once he had a little money to his name, Brett hired a coach and focused on personal development. His coach taught him how to plan and set goals. 

Finding Your Mission

Back when Carrot was first getting started, I set a lot of goals for myself and wasn’t hitting any of them. I felt defeated so put the goals away until we moved a few years later. Once I read them over, I laughed

I had hit all of those goals that had seemed too far-fetched at the time. For Brett, it took him several years to live his life by design. But he never gave up. He knew what he wanted, created a plan, and did the work. You can too. 

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