EP 282: The “Contractor Bailed on Me” Deal w/ Keith Sant | Behind the Deal

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Citations aren’t sexy, but they are important. 

– Keith Sant

The “Contractor Bailed on Me” Deal w/ Keith Sant | Behind the Deal

Keith Sant is a long-time friend of Carrot, a five-time Carrot Camper, and returning guest here on the Carrotcast.

Recently, he closed a deal that was plagued with difficulties from beginning to end. He will walk us through how he dealt with the contractors disappearing and his buyer bailing out at the last minute.

After all was said and done, Keith even walked away with a higher profit than what he was expecting. Here’s an inside look at how he did it!

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Frequently you will hear about a deal’s numbers, but you won’t hear about all of the pitfalls, surprises, or how the investor got the lead.

As our friend Keith Sant puts it, we’re not in the business of real estate; we are in the business of problem-solving. It is only when we solve the big problems that we get paid big money. 

Behind The Deal

The seller called Keith after finding his phone number via a Google search, and they were able to meet right away. The house needed some work and wasn’t in any condition for the MLS. The seller was moving and needed a fast closing.

Because they were asking about $450k, there was an inspection and a 60-day close. While the price was steep, the home had a conservative ARV of $650k. 

The Hurdle

Keith faced multiple hurdles throughout this transaction. His contractors skipped out and, at the last minute and his original buyer fell through.

With only a couple of days before the promised closing date, Keith had to call the seller and let him know about the situation and that there would be a delay. It wasn’t an easy call.

The Solution

Instead of backing out on the deal, which he could have quickly done, Keith powered through. He reached out to another potential buyer and was able to push the deal through just 3 days late.

While the seller was not happy with the delay, Keith kept his word on the deal. He knew that he had promised to solve this seller’s problem, and finding a solution was the right thing to do.

He took a smaller assignment fee to get the property sold. However, his original buyer had put down earnest money, which allowed Keith to walk away ahead. 

Spending Your Marking Dollars Wisely

When we first met Keith, he was doing a lot of bandit signs and ringless voicemails – hundreds of thousands of them.

Today, over 80% of his deals come from Carrot.

He is doing more business and spending less time because his organic leads have grown year after year. 

Additionally, Keith sets up tracking phone numbers for each marketing channel. This tells him exactly where his leads are coming from, allowing him to focus on his marketing budget better. The saying goes… Half of your marketing doesn’t work, but most people don’t know which half! 

A great benefit of your Carrot site is the ability to create campaign links. You can use these links on your Facebook ads, retargeting ads, Google My Business page, and anywhere that links to your website. Then, you will be able to track your leads to know precisely where they came from. 

Sellers Setting Appointments

A great tip Keith shared with us was his use of the Calendly app. Adding this feature to his website allows potential sellers to easily schedule their own appointment time right there on his website.

They don’t have to wait for a callback, making them less likely to jump to the next website when looking for a buyer. You can also put a link to your Calendly app in your auto-responder emails and texts. 

Since implementing this feature on his website 6 months ago – he has closed 8 deals. The people scheduling appointments are ready to sell. They are usually much more motivated than people you are cold calling. 

Tips That Work – Citations

A citation is like a business card that you put around the web. Think business directories, Google My Business, Apple Maps, and social media sites. You’ll want to fill out your business information, adding photos where applicable.

You can spend a few hours/days setting these up, you can utilize software to help you through it, or you can hire a pro. No matter how you do it, these backlinks will help you build credibility with your potential clients and with Google – thus helping you rank higher in organic search results. 

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