EP 223: Real Estate Partnerships – How We Closed 70+ Deals Together and Have Never Met in Person, All Part-Time! w/ Keith Sant & Norberto Ponce

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We Closed 70+ Deals and Have Never Met in Person, All Part Time! w/ Keith Sant & Norberto Ponce

Happiness isn’t really reaching your goal, it is the pursuit of the goal. You have to find the joy.

– Norberto Ponce

Real Estate Partnerships: 70+ Deals w/out Meeting in Person, All Part-TIme! w/ Keith Sant & Norberto Ponce

When the right real estate partnerships are formed, the sky is the limit. Meeting someone, clicking with them, and sharing common goals with someone can take you to places you never thought possible.

Working with the right partner can help you become a better version of yourself. This is true for Keith and Norberto who have never met in person, yet have positively influenced each other both in life and in business. Here’s how they do it… 

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For so many real estate entrepreneurs out there, myself included, we tend to try to do everything on our own. It can be tough to compromise, especially if you have spent sleepless nights growing your business and working on your vision.

However, we are all human and we have our own strengths and weaknesses. When you find the right real estate partnerships, they will compliment what you have already done, helping you master the areas in which you lack. 

Less Volume, Less Time, More Money

In the case of Norberto and Keith, Norberto is the one getting out there and talking to people, while Keith is making more of the magic happen behind the scenes. He handles the marketing, Carrot website, and Facebook advertising for real estate, while Norberto is talking to as many people as he can.

Keith lives in Washington and Norberto in Texas. They have never met face to face, but have been able to form a partnership that perfectly compliments each person’s unique abilities. 

When you find the right partner, you’ll be able to save time, money, and having to learn things the hard way. Their experiences, opinion, and feedback will help you to make smarter and more profitable decisions.

You will be able to get more accomplished in less time while having more doors open to you both figuratively and literally.

Today, instead of just flipping houses, Keith and Norberto are investing in quads, apartment buildings, development land, and mobile home parks. While they may be doing fewer deals in recent months then they had in the past, the deals they are doing are big ones. 

Remembering Why You Do It

When Keith first started in this business, he was working 16 hour days. While this taught him a lot, he realized that it wasn’t how he wanted to spend his time.

By partnering with Norberto and taking on different types of deals, Keith is now able to work part-time, spending the rest of his time with his fiancee and doing the things he loves.

His late nights and sheer persistence have paid off for him in major ways. 

Norberto is not involved in real estate full-time either. In fact, is is a police office on South Padre Island. Putting on the uniform makes him feel like a super-hero.

It brings him satisfaction and fullfillment that isn’t found in other lines of work. That said, real estate has allowed him to provide for his family and live life on his terms. He has a few non-negotiables.

No work on Sunday and the mornings are dedicated to working out with his family. Keeping family first and remembering why he is doing it has made him happier and more successful than ever. 

Bonus Ninja Tips

Make It Official

Norberto had a great tip I wanted to share with you and that is to reach out to people using official looking envelopes. Norberto will use a Fedex envelope to drop a letter on someone’s porch regarding their property.

Most people will open a FedEx sitting at their door, whereas a regular letter can get looked over pretty easily. 

Build Credibility

Testimonials can be huge when it comes to building credibility. Don’t just get a few and stop. Every time you have a successful transaction and a happy client, ask them for a review.

You can lead them to the BBB, Google, Facebook, or all of the above. You can even offer an incentive such as a Starbucks card for an honest review of your services. 

Before and after photos are another way to build credibility. Don’t be afraid to give out the address so people can drive by and see what you have done for themselves. When people see that it is real, they will know that you are real too. 

Build Relationships

Talk to as many people as you can and let them know what you do and how you can help.

Talk to pizza delivery drivers, the UPS man, and people who see a lot of houses during their average day.

You can leverage these relationships and offer a referral fee for houses they tell you about that meet your criteria. 

The partnership formed between Keith and Norberto is ideal. They are both dedicated to what they do, while also being able to remember what is really important in life.

They have ford a dynamic partnership that is crushing it on all levels and I can’t wait to see them here at CarrotCamp, where they will finally meet face to face, in just a few weeks. 

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