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Reverse Engineering A Facebook Lead Strategy That Brought In 10,000+ Motivated Seller Leads

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Free Training: Facebook Ads For Real Estate Investors

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  • Why you need to learn this strategy & see it’s “proof of concept
  • The secret weapon all of the top investors are using to attract motivated seller leads on Facebook
  • The simple 2 part targeting hack that will help you spend less to convert more leads…
This is what Carrot members see in their accounts when they generate a lead from Facebook. They know exactly which campaign it came from and can track the person from lead to deal closed.
Tim's Facebook Leads Masterclass Testimonial
Tim O.
Kiley Newbold Facebook testimonial wholesaling marketing and finding motivated sellers consistently.
Tom Krol
Cody Hofhine Testimonial For Kiley Newbold
Cody Hofhine

I want to give a quick shoutout to Kiley and his awesome consultation skills! I have been using him for about 3 months as a consultant! Because of his solid advice, I just closed a house that should net me $23k in profits. From ONE Facebook ad! Kiley knows his stuff. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended!

Zac Wilson
Omar Testimonial For Kiley's Facebook Ad Course
Forrest McGhee FLM Testimonial

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