EP 264: 7 “Bolt-On” Income Streams from Brokerages to Bitcoin as an Agent or Investor w/ California’s Fastest-Growing Brokerage Cofounder, Oliver Graf

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If you’re gonna sell something, you might as well sell something expensive because the checks get bigger. The three most expensive things we could think of were jets, yachts, and houses. We didn’t know anything about jets or yachts, so we ended up with houses. 

Oliver Graf

7 “Bolt-On” Income Streams from Brokerages to Bitcoin as an Agent or Investor w/ California’s Fastest-Growing Brokerage Cofounder, Oliver Graf

Cofounder of Big Block Realty, Oliver Graf, has quickly helped to start and grow one of the top brokerages in the United States. Their “gym-membership” approach has shaken up the industry and attracted some of the area’s top agents to their team.

Here’s how Oliver and his team have gotten creative to become San Diego’s top brokerage, while also generating multiple streams of income. Plus a special conversation in which Trevor and Oliver discuss his strategy for Cryptocurrency.

Whether you are an agent, investor, or entrepreneur, Oliver Graf is a guy you want to know…

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This episode of the podcast was a fun one for me as we live-streamed the entire thing. Having Oliver as my guest was ideal as he has an incredible story and offers an abundance of wealth.

We were able to dive into the history of Big Block, what they’re doing differently, and how they are using creative strategies to disrupt the industry. As one of the top, fastest-growing brokerages in the nation, it’s exciting to see where Oliver and his team are heading! 

Causing Disruption

One of the many reasons why Big Block has been so successful is because of the way they run their business. Standing out wasn’t an option, it was something they knew they needed to do.

Their logo, branding colors, and commission structure are unlike anyone else in the business. They charge their agents a small flat fee each month, in turn allowing them to keep 100% of their commissions.

Big Block combines both a brick and mortar office building, with the most cutting-edge technology available. Their creative marketing has helped them to recruit agents, allowing them to franchise the business to locations outside of California. 

7 Business Ideas to Bolt Onto Your Current Business 

One of the most proven ways to build wealth is by creating multiple streams of income. You don’t want to be stuck or reliant on transactions forever. Oliver is a big fan of “bolting on” services in order to provide better service for his clients. A few of the examples he suggested include: 

  1. Owning your own brokerage if you are a high-volume agent or investor.
  2. Buy a moving truck and offer your services to clients who are buying or selling.
  3. Partner with a solar company to collect referral fees for all of the clients whom you refer and eventually buy.
  4. Start a title company. While it can be expensive to set up, it can pay off if you are high-volume.
  5. If you are a brokerage, create a transaction coordinator position and offer the services to the agents you work with.
  6. Start your own marketing business to not only serve your needs, but to also work with other agents and investors. 
  7. You could also start a photography business, offering your services to other agents and businesses in your area

If you get creative, there are many other services you can offer your clients as an agent or investor. They say, in order to grow your business, you need: more customers, you need to charge more per customer, or you need to turn your customers into repeat buyers, giving you money on more than one occasion. 

Oliver on NFTs and Cryptocurrencies

I am fascinated by NFTs and the cryptocurrency space. Recently, I was a part of a mastermind in which everyone was into crypto, and I was very much out of the loop. Oliver regularly invests in cryptocurrency and has been doing so since 2017. Many people are dismissive of currency that isn’t tangible, that is located in a world that is only digital. However, Oliver believe this is what the future will look like. He believes that in the not so distant future, people will be able to pop on their goggles and tour a home from their couch. Friends will be able to meet up in digital places, having real experiences while spending time together. 

Oliver predicts a lot of change in the next few years, both in real estate and with the rise of cryptocurrency. As far as he is concerned, we are only in the 2nd inning when it comes to crypto – it’s not too late to get your foot in the door. Start with a small investment and see how you do. Over time, you will be able to add, build, and grow your digital wallet. 

Being creative in your marketing, investment strategy, and how you run your business can pay off in big ways. What sets your business apart from the competition and how can you better serve your clients by offering them services they already need? After listening to the whole episode with Oliver, I challenge you to not only figure out which business you can bolt on to your current one but to also to get at least $100 into your crypto account!

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