Offline to 7 Figures in 4 Years | How Grand Real Estate Investments Went From No Website to a Thriving Hybrid Real Estate Business with Carrot

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How Grand Real Estate Investments started with no website to a thriving, 7 figure business in 4 years with Carrot.

Robert Grand Testimonial

The Oregon-based real estate team uses Carrot’s training and resources to gain clients online within their community.

grand real estate investments team
grand real estate investments


  • Industry: Hybrid – Agent and Investor
  • Location: Eugene, Oregon
  • Year founded: 2012 Real Estate Agent – 2017 Real Estate Investing

Robert and Ricky Grand are hybrid real estate investors and agents in Eugene, Oregon. After finding success in the retail market in 2017, they decided to pursue investing, fueled by a desire to work on their own time and spend more time with their families.

Now, they’ve built a team that includes, for the first time in a long time; they feel clarity and peace of mind about where their business is headed.

“…I used to think aesthetically pleasing sites were mandatory. It had to look “cool”. It’s just not true. If you have the content and information people want, they will use your site. Carrot gave us the framework for our site and content, but it’s up to us to change it enough to add our uniqueness to it.

I’m 100% all in with Trevor and Carrot. They know what they are doing. Yes, they are a business with the goal to be profitable, but these guys care and are totally on our side.

Honestly, working with Trevor and his team is refreshing. I trust them and don’t second guess anything. If Carrot gives us feedback, we implement it without wondering if there is a catch.

Hope it helps to hear it from someone who is a customer. I happily spend the money to work with them.”

– Ricky Grand, Grand Real Estate Investments

The challenge: Marketing his business was difficult and produced unpredictable results.

Before joining Carrot, Robert worked as a fireman and real estate agent. Ricky worked a 60-80 hour per week job in finance. In fact, from 2012 to 2017, Robert mainly relied on word of mouth and did business with no website. That was the problem.

He was relying on unpredictable leads to come to them. That’s a hard strategy to scale.

So, after listening to a few CarrotCast episodes, he realized that to grow, they’d need a website. Carrot was one of the only companies that he truly believed in that would accomplish their goals.

They started working on their first website, trying to figure out SEO and understand online inbound marketing.

Slowly, they’ve grown their business from $100-300K to the $600K range and reached the seven-figure mark. They’ve also continued to build upon their strategy with Carrot by moving to a customized website and rebranding to GREI House Buyers, allowing them to expand business opportunities into other areas in Oregon.

That’s when they discovered the power of Carrot:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Predictable lead-flow
  • Consistent business growth, allowing him more time for the things that matter most in life

That’s precisely how they use Carrot.

The tools: Carrot features

For Ricky and Robert, Carrot is the central hub that combines all their marketing efforts. They’ve been running Facebook and Google Ads to drive traffic to their site in the short term while leveraging Carrot’s easy content marketing tools and strategy to build their Evergreen SEO for long-term lead generation.

Since they’re driving traffic from all marketing efforts to their Carrot sites, they can track performance across all campaigns and channels, giving them the clarity and comfort needed with their marketing strategy.

Here’s how the Grand Brothers are using Carrot as the hub to tie together the marketing efforts they were once doing on their own to become the authority in their area:

Training & Resources
Robert says they would be lost without all the content and resources Carrot has created and the support we’ve shared to help them build their agent and investor strategies.

Automated blogs
Carrot’s pre-written automated blog posts prevent them from having to write their blog posts. This saves them time and money, and they have become the authority in their market with their content.

Lead Manager
They send traffic from all of their marketing channels to their Carrot sites and can track the performance of their marketing campaigns. Instead of guessing, they can access leads via the leads dashboard to know exactly where the lead came from and where they can maximize their marketing efforts.

City-specific Landing Pages
They can niche down marketing with hyper-targeted city pages that allow them to beat the competition and improve SEO rankings for people searching to sell in specific locations. 

CarrotCamp is a unique mix of lifestyle, masterminding, and implementation.

The knowledge they’ve gained by meeting other entrepreneurs who share their experiences and strategies is an essential piece to their success.

“Hey Trevor and the Carrot Team,

I can’t say enough how thankful I am for the Carrot Team!

You guys are all amazing and truly care about the success of others. It is really inspiring for us to keep going with your support.

CarrotCamp was the best mastermind event I have ever been to!

The unique abilities of all the Carrot team and the willingness to answer questions to help give us more clarity in our business is amazing.

The power of the Carrot culture really hit me after arriving. I thought it was pretty great but reflecting on the environment, I’ve realized it’s truly something special.

Culture can be envisioned by one person but it’s carried out by a great team of people who truly believe in it.

I can’t wait to come back to a future CarrotCamp to connect even more with everyone as well as other great investors. Thank You!”

– Robert Grand, Grand Real Estate Investments

Personalize Website with Carrot’s Concierge Service
Robert chose to take advantage of Carrot’s concierge service to create a website that looks different than anyone else in their market. They worked with our team to dial in personalization and saved time to focus on running their business.

Scroll to see the whole Grand Real Estate Investments website…

The results:

Robert and Ricky have been successful real estate professionals. But it wasn’t until they went all-in with online marketing and began learning more through networking events and CarrotCamp. This education has helped them grow their business, hire a team, and create predictable lead flow.

“2 years ago I set out to transform my business into a more agile business. We became Investor Agents. At the time we realized more and more agents were flooding the market, which was a sign of a peak. Instead of fighting for market share as Realtors we added investing. Investing in Real Estate was our true passion anyhow. It was an easy switch.

The hard part was wading through the mass amounts of information to get us there. We found carrot and signed up. I remember thinking I just like the way these people think! I like how the team at Carrot treats me and answers questions even before I purchased anything. Now I sit here 2 years later with a small and thriving business that I feel confident about even during this time.

We are moving forward with our projects and will continue moving down this path with doing real estate listings and buyer purchases and buying to fix & rent or sell. There are a few companies that I don’t see as just a product or service I buy. I see them as part of my team. I see them this way because of how they add so much value. Thank You so much Carrot!”

– Robert Grand, Grand Real Estate Investments

Now, they know what the future of his business holds, and he knows where he wants to take it. More importantly, he knows how to take it forward.

What about you? Are you ready for consistent and predictable growth in your business? Click below to learn more!

It’s like utilizing that website as your core for everything is the key. That’s definitely the key. But it’s so simple to use. It’s not like a regular WordPress site. I love the simplicity. I know how to do everything.

Robert Grand, Grand Real Estate Investments
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