13 Changes to Differentiate Your Carrot Website in Under 10 Minutes

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Note: This article is for real estate investors and real estate agents. All of the below differentiation recommendations can be made to an AgentCarrot website or an InvestorCarrot website. 

To the lead-converting glee of Carrot members, we relentlessly prioritize conversion optimization over aesthetics. To some of you, that might seem like a bad idea.

After all, don’t the two always go hand in hand?

Not necessarily.

Crazy Egg even claims that ugly websites often convert better than their prettied-up counterparts. That’s not to say that we’re going to provide you with an ugly website that converts well, it’s simply to illustrate that, when choosing a website design platform, conversion optimization should trump website aesthetics.

Fortunately, at Carrot, you don’t have to choose between the two – on our real estate investor websites and our real estate agent websites, we’ve found the perfect balance between conversion optimization and beauty.

Here’s one of our member’s websites and their corresponding conversion rate:

Einstein Real Estate Investments – Conversion rate =  25%

But if tomorrow someone forced us to choose between giving our customers high conversion rates or designing beautiful websites, we’d immediately choose performance.

Often times, people choose a website based only on how it looks rather than how it converts, and we think that’s a massive mistake. You’re in business to make money, not just to look pretty, and, for our members, that’s what we help them do – build a sustainable and predictable business.

We’re not Wix, WordPress.com, or SquareSpace – and we’re proud of that differentiation, as are our members…

“We ran a test a few years ago and we had double the conversion on Carrot verses Lead Propellor and our custom site.”

Jason Bible, Houston House Buyers

“We have been in business for years and have always had a web presence. We switched to Carrot this month and have already seen a huge improvement in our click-through rate, but more importantly we have more leads being generated by form fills then we have ever received. And we’ve only had our new website up for 7 days!!”

Carter Steph, 1-800-2 Sell Homes

Still, if you’re looking at your Carrot website and thinking,

“Geez, this looks like every other Carrot website in my market – how can I make myself look different from the others while still maintaining the awesome conversion rate that Carrot websites provide?”

Then, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are 13 changes you can make to your Carrot website (whether you’re an agent or investor) in about 10 minutes that will differentiate your business from the others in your market without sacrificing a high conversion rate.

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Website Design Changes

1. Choose a Website Theme 2 Minutes

We have five different websites themes (or designs) for our members to choose from and we’re releasing a sixth soon that will be exclusive to Advanced Marketer members that you can see below.

All of these convert to our standards (we’ve tested each and every one thoroughly) and the one you choose should simply be a matter of preference.

Here are your options, it takes less than 60 seconds to choose a new website theme.

NEW – Aspen Design (For Advanced Marketer members)

We’re officially introducing a new, full-featured design for those of you who crave a distinguished, modern (and yes, still high-converting) website.

Aspen design

Hemlock (For Advanced Marketer members)

A more modern “angle” on our highest performing designs. Test this one to see if it inches your performance up and gives you that differentiation you’re looking for.
To learn more about changing your website theme, go here.

Oak – Accounts for 2% of Carrot member websites

A design with a striking image, clear CTA area, and amazing on mobile. It’s the default design for AgentCarrot websites.

Juniper – Accounts for 16% of Carrot member websites

Our 2nd most popular design features a centered CTA area and great mobile performance.

Cedar – Accounts for 7% of Carrot member websites

Large and striking hero image with our right-aligned CTA area, with navigation below the hero. Ideal for people with a white, transparent background logo.

Douglas – Accounts for 66% of Carrot member websites

This is the default style for all investor websites, but it takes just a few seconds to switch to one of the other ones on this page.

Madrone – Accounts for 8% of Carrot member websites

A different take on our Douglas design, just with a reimagined header design to freshen things up on mobile and desktop.

Branding Changes

2. Upload a Logo 4 Minutes

Creating a clean and reputable logo can help differentiate your website from other Carrot members and add loads of credibility. As it stands, only 36% of Carrot customers have uploaded a logo to their website.

Which means that if you do upload a logo to your Carrot website, it will help you stand out that much more.

And the more unique and reputable your logo, the more it will differentiate your website and build credibility.

Here are a few examples of Carrot members who use a logo to build credibility and differentiate their website.

Here’s a gif showing how easy it is to add a logo to your website.

To learn more about adding a logo to your website, go here.

3. Adjust Website Colors < 2 Minutes

Colors have a deceptively big impact on differentiating websites that – at their foundation – look similar. Just consider how different these Carrot websites look with the same theme, but different colors.

And the Carrot members that differentiate their website the most don’t only change the color, but they match the color of their logo to the color of their website. In other words, they create their own brand colors and then add them to their Carrot website.

And here’s a gif showing how simple it is to change the base colors of your website.

To learn more about changing the colors of your Carrot website, go here.

4. Use A Branding Icon 3 Minutes

If you don’t have the time or finances to use a custom logo on your website, no worries – you can simply use our pre-made branding icons to differentiate your website. Plus, only 8.5% of Carrot websites use branding icons, so you’ll stand out from the competition quite well.

Here’s an example of what it can look like.

And here’s a gif showing you how you can add a branding icon to your Carrot website in just a few minutes.

5. Change Button Color < 2 Minutes

Similar to the overall branding colors of your Carrot website, the button color can help differentiate your business and even increase the chance of conversions.

We found, for instance, that changing the color of the button on one of our member’s websites from black to orange increased conversions by 29.55%.

The real trick, though, isn’t to change your button color to orange, but to a color that stands out relative to the other colors on your homepage. Try to choose a color for your button that is either sparse or nowhere else on your homepage.

Something like this from House Heroes

And here’s a gif showing you how you can change the button color of your CTA.

To learn more about how to change the color of your CTA button, go here.

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Imagery Changes

6. Update Hero Section 5 Minutes

The hero section image is the quickest and biggest visual update you can make. As a Carrot member, you can also quickly and easily customize the hero image on your website. If you really want to stand out from other Carrot members, we recommend avoiding stock photos. Try using a photo that is directly from your market – something that your market will recognize and think, Okay, I’m in the right place.

Consider the look and feel of these personalized hero photos on Carrot member websites.

And here’s a gif that shows just how easy it is to add your own local image to your Carrot website.

To learn more about changing your hero image, go here.

7. Add Local Images 10 Minutes

Similar to the hero section on your website, avoid stock photos and generic images throughout the rest of your website. To build trust and credibility with your target market, try using real photos of houses in your market. Place them throughout the website to make it clear to visitors that they’re in the right spot and you’re the person to help them.

Consider how these Carrot members sprinkle personalized photos throughout their websites.

To learn more about adding images to pages of your website, go here.

8. Adjust Your Hero Form Layout 3 Minutes

As a Carrot member, you also have the ability to customize your form section with two clicks of a button (literally). We have three styles that you can easily change to, regardless of the website style you’ve selected.

Column / Stacked / Inline

Simply choose the one that best fits your brand image – each will convert well (we’ve tested them), so the choice is all yours.

To find out more about how to change your form layout with a few clicks, go here.

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Credibility Improvements

9. Add a Credibility Bar 10 Minutes

Adding credibility to your website, whether you’re a Carrot member or not, is absolutely critical for your conversion rate. Especially in the real estate industry, where every consumer is trying to work with someone that they can trust won’t deceive them.

Our option for a credibility bar is the perfect way to add that differentiating and trust-building flair that your website needs. And there are a few different ways you can use the credibility bar on your Carrot website.


Testimonial with Image

To learn more about adding a custom credibility bar to your website, go here.

10. Add Testimonials 10 Minutes

The Credibility bar isn’t the only place you can add a past customer testimonial to your website – and it’s definitely not the only place you should.

You can also add testimonials to these spots on your website to build even more trust with visitors.


Inline (Video Testimonial)

Just make sure that your testimonials have all of these elements if possible:

  1. Full name of the person.
  2. Professional title of the person.
  3. Image of the person.

To learn more about adding testimonials to your Carrot website, go here.

11. Personalize the “About” Page 10 Minutes

When people visit a real estate website, our research shows that the “About” page is the third-most visited tab. And by writing up something personal, adding biographies and pics for team members, and casting company vision, you can further differentiate your website from the competition.

For inspiration, consider the way that these Carrot members have customized their About Page.

To learn more about how to update your About Page, go here.

12. Add Badges 10 Minutes

Website badges that show what makes your company unique and different from the competition can be a great way to stand out online. Maybe it’s a website badge that says, “Veteran Owned” or one that says “100+ 5-Star Ratings.”

Here’s a few examples.

Warrior Property Solutions

Consider your Unique Selling Proposition for your business and create a badge that expresses that on your website. You’ll sell or buy stronger and faster than the competition with this and quickly differentiate yourself from other clutter online.

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Content Changes

13. Customize Content 10+ Minutes

Your website’s blog represents a phenomenal opportunity to differentiate your business from the competition. Our Content Pro and Advanced Marketer Carrot plans provide monthly content for your website, but sometimes it’s worth tweaking these blog posts to better fit your market and your business positioning.

Here are a few ways you can quickly tweak them to fit your target market better.

  1. Localize the tips and advice.
  2. Add a bit of your own advice.
  3. Add your own tone of voice to the article.

Consider Nexus Homebuyers – a Carrot member – and how they’ve customized their blog content without getting too complicated.

Content Pro members will receive 12 monthly blog posts. Advanced Marketer members will receive those same 12 plus an additional exclusive 12 blog posts every month. So if you have more money than time, another way to differentiate your Carrot blog is by upgrading your plan.


You now know how to customize your Carrot website without sacrificing aesthetics or conversion rate. Use these 13 10-minute changes to differentiate your website and stand out from the competition – even if that competition consists of other Carrot members.

Many people don’t customize their website with the above simple changes, so if you do, you have a far better chance of standing apart and cutting through the online clutter – to be seen by your target market faster and more often.

But, if you don’t have the time to make these changes on your own, then check out our Concierge Quickstart Service where we’ll do it for you.

Either way, happy customizing and happy converting.

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