EP 288: How to Grow a 7-Figure Property Management Biz You Actually Enjoy w/ Chris Kennedy

It is arrogant to believe that you are the guy who will solve all the problems within your business.

– Chris Kennedy

How to Grow a 7-Figure Property Management Biz You Actually Enjoy w/ Chris Kennedy

It’s not often that we get to have a customer in-studio to tell us about their business journey.

Chris Kennedy is not only a member but also a Carrot Camper who has taken what he has learned, implemented it and created an incredible vision for his future.

We sat down to talk about his goals, his mission, what gives him energy, and what he is doing to take his business to the next level. 

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Chris Kennedy is an investor, broker, and property manager. With a robust portfolio of his own, he has been able to take what he has learned, and help others achieve the same success.

By building solid relationships with tenants, property owners, and his team, Chris has been able to carve out a very lucrative niche for himself in a highly competitive market. 

Building a Multi-Faceted Business

Chris was an investor first, then got into sales and management. Today his company also handles property management, where he spends the majority of his time. His mission is to help thousands of people through responsible real estate practices.

Currently, he is doing just that. By serving buyers, sellers, tenants, owners, and a long list of vendors, Chris is building a business that impacts more and more people each day. 

Excelling at Property Management

Most people dealing with property management don’t like it. One reason is that they are looking at it as a transaction vs. a relationship. It can be a brutal and intense job, which is exactly what Chris loves about it.

He also has found true purpose in his work, both helping tenants and fellow investors succeed in their pursuits.

His company is a steward of his client’s assets, and Chris takes great pride in this. 

The key for him has been building the right team and putting the right systems in place. Many property management companies use antiquated systems. Because of this, Chris saw a lot of opportunity in this field.

Adopting the latest and greatest technology has put him one step ahead of other managers in his area. 

In the beginning, when managing less than 100 properties, the job felt difficult. But as he grew, he was able to hire a team, implement the best software, and design the right processes.

Currently, he has around 30 clients, with a combined total of over 600 properties! 

Moving From Operations to Ownership

As founders, Chris and I can both relate to letting the day-to-day operations of the business consume your time. When you are self-employed and working solo, your income is tied to time.

But as you grow and build a team, more of your time can be dedicated to coaching, casting a vision, and working in the areas in which you make the greatest impact. You can focus on what gives you energy as opposed to the daily tasks that drain you. 

When Chris visited us at CarrotCamp, he felt as if he was drifting a bit and losing focus within his business. He expected to get tactical, learning how to build a website and get leads in the door. And while he learned quite a bit about that, he walked away with something much greater.

The clarity and vision he needed to take his business to the next level.

After CarrotCamp, Chris worked on his vision daily before sharing it with his team. Since that time the mentality, passion, and drive of his team have soared.

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