EP 260: The 5 Biggest Facebook Ad Mistakes + How To Get Started w/ Chad Keller – Facebook Ads Mastery Part 1

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With bandit signs, you can’t measure your reach. With Facebook ads, you can see exactly how many people saw your ad, tracking it down to the cent. 

– Chad Keller

The 5 Biggest Facebook Ad Mistakes in Real Estate + How To Get Started

What better way to kick off a series a new series on Facebook ads than with a guy who spends MILLIONS of dollars on ads? Seriously.

Through working with big companies like Dish, Macy’s, Chewy, TheChive, Sprint, and more – not to mention successfully running ads for his own investing business, Chad Keller has been testing, optimizing, and teaching others how to turn cold traffic from crappy ads into sellers that are more motivated than Tony Robbins on Red Bull.

Today, we’re looking at the most costly mistakes investors & agents make. Then, in the next 3 episodes, we’ll dive into the copy, creative, budget, targeting, and how to scale campaigns.

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Part 2: What Makes An Effective Facebook Ad? Copy & Creative That Converts!

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At Carrot, we often talk about the power of evergreen content. Providing valuable information to your readers builds credibility and trust, making you the go-to source for your target audience.

Your content needs to be created just one time but has the potential to reach buyers for years to come. But what do you do while you are building that momentum? Many savvy investors and agents will turn to Google and Facebook ads.

These ads can help you not only get leads in the door right away, but they can also help you add to your organic content as you build up your SEO. They are measurable vs. bandit signs and other forms of traditional advertising, allowing you to get down to a granular level.

Today, we are diving into the world of Facebook ads and how to use them to target your ideal client. 

The Power of the Pixel

The most important part of advertising on Facebook is putting the Facebook pixel onto your website. A pixel is “an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website.

You can use the pixel to make sure your ads are shown to the right people.” Before spending a dime on Facebook ads, be sure to set up this tool to see who is visiting your site, enabling you to define audiences for your ads. 

Targeting Your Audience

When setting up your ad campaign, there are several objectives you can choose from. Awareness, reach, traffic, engagement, lead generation, messages, and conversions to name a few.

When boosting posts, for example, these are typically just to build awareness, and may not give you the conversions you are looking for. After a potential client visits your site, you may want to refine the advertising you are showing to them. Don’t reserve the same ad, instead, show them new content that will blast their objections! 

In the past, many people utilized lead form ads to collect the interested party’s contact information then and there. And while these sorts of ads may be cheaper, getting the lead off of Facebook and onto your website, has proven to increase your conversion rates. 

The 5 Biggest Facebook Ad Mistakes People Make

  • #1 – Not having the pixel installed on the website at all/properly
  • #2 – Not understanding the goals of each campaign objective and how they are used
  • #3 – Using leads form ad units instead of the conversion objective for leads
  • #4 – How important good creatives really are
  • #5 – How to properly segment and set up audiences

I really enjoyed diving into this episode to discuss Facebook ad mistakes with Chad. Look out for episode 2 in this series where we will dive into what makes for great copy, creative, and how to create ad campaigns. And later, we will get into setting a budget, scaling, and optimizing for better results.

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